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29 April 2016

BB-8 Floor Lamp

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BB-8 is the driving merchandise bait due to the recent Star Wars movie. And I’m not surprised. It’s just so darn cute. So why not decorate your house with this beauty?

This BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp stands 28 1/2″ tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that’s …

9 December 2015

Piggy Bookends

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Don’t be a pig and read more books!

Beatifully crafted from resin and pewter, the Pig Bookends are perfect for organizing your favorite cookbooks, or as a decorative item anywhere in your home.
Enjoy as a sculpture, or separate the pig in half and reveal realistic slices of “ham” in the cross-sections. …

15 February 2015

Yummy Cake Origami Paper

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Craving cake and still on a diet? Well here is the solution. You can even play pretend eating once your cake shop is all folded up.

Learn how to make beautiful cakes, out of paper? Yes, skip the whole cooking step altogether by making cakes through the art of origami. The …

13 February 2015

Solar Powered Wave Pope

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I must say that I usually don’t care what the Pope has to say but the current Pope Francis is one of kind. He is shaking things up at the Vatican. Now to give that guy some respect I would even go so far to get myself a wavy, solar …

12 February 2015

Capybaras Love Hot Springs

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I just learned a lot in just 2 minutes. Capybara love hot springs and people actually keep them as giant hamster pets at their homes. You can never leave them alone if you own one since they have intense separation anxiety, due to their herd instinct. Amazing looking beasts and …

11 February 2015

Handicorn – The One Of A Kind

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Handicorns are rare and none of them are the same. They come in all kinds of different shapes, some are hairy, some are not but they are all lovable.

Hands are boring. Getting more worn-out and wrinkly by the minute. And sadly no amount of tattoos, nail polish or hilarious double-jointedness …

8 February 2015

The Real Angry Bird

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He finally got rid of his wife. Poor guy, he now has this Angry Bird on his back! Watch the video below. It’s hilarious.

Peaches was owned by a couple that eventually got a divorce and of course, I’m sure there was a few disagreements. Peaches now mimicks a couple arguing, …

25 January 2015

Animal Bottoms For Ladies

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Sorry if the title disappointed you. But will turn on a geek or two.

A bear, a panda, and a cat… no, not the beginning of a joke; these are the animals that decorate the back of these panties. One animal per pair. And because animals need to hear what’s going …

22 January 2015

The Soup Monster Called Nessie Ladle

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The cutest ladle ever! You have to see it to believe it, especially with lake monsters. And in this case it’s such a real and cute sight.

Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie! Diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use,
a legendary time …

18 January 2015

Tokyo Cappuccino Latte Art. Today: Cute Panda

Post Thumbnail of Tokyo Cappuccino Latte Art. Today: Cute Panda

During our time in Tokyo we noticed that EVERYTHING IS CUTE. Well, at least strange. For example how people are dressed, candy, or here is an entire post dedicated to… why is Tokyo so Cute?!
Because everything is so cruel? No we didn’t think so. It’s just adorable. Now sit back …

12 January 2015

Holding A Puffin

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Puffins are such a unique looking bird and we saw tons of them during our time in Iceland. They are absolutely gorgeous and as we found out even cuddly. We didn’t believe our eyes when we got introduced to the house puffin of the Aquarium on Heimaey Island.
Read all …

25 November 2014

Cat Drinking From Faucet

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Yes, I got a new hobby! Photography cats, ever since I started to photograph these soft pawed beasts in Istanbul I’m kind of addicted to take cat photos. So I started this blog called: Daily Cat Istanbul. But even after leaving Istanbul I took pictures of street cats. So of …

24 November 2014

Super Cute Ladybug Contact Lenses Container

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If Mike wouldn’t have gotten his Lasik Operation in Korea this would be under the Christmas tree for him this year.

Sure you could be boring and use the contact lens case that came with your cleaning solution. But you’re NOT boring! Our adorable contact lens case with ladybugs on …

19 November 2014

Cafe Latte Foam Builder

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I always wondered who they are creating these super cute milk foam beasts!

A big trend in Japan recently has been so-called “latte art”, where local baristas conjure up cute sculptures out of the foam on the top of a coffee. Now you can enjoy a similar drink without acquiring the …

21 January 2013

Bouncy Lamb

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But where is Bee? Bee where are you. Until you realize that Bee behaves like a dog but is a Lamb! Baby lamb in that case! Heartwarming and it is very cute. But for some reason this made me think of our visit to the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival …

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