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25 November 2014

Cat Drinking From Faucet

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Yes, I got a new hobby! Photography cats, ever since I started to photograph these soft pawed beasts in Istanbul I’m kind of addicted to take cat photos. So I started this blog called: Daily Cat Istanbul. But even after leaving Istanbul I took pictures of street cats. So of …

24 November 2014

Super Cute Ladybug Contact Lenses Container

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If Mike wouldn’t have gotten his Lasik Operation in Korea this would be under the Christmas tree for him this year.

Sure you could be boring and use the contact lens case that came with your cleaning solution. But you’re NOT boring! Our adorable contact lens case with ladybugs on …

19 November 2014

Cafe Latte Foam Builder

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I always wondered who they are creating these super cute milk foam beasts!

A big trend in Japan recently has been so-called “latte art”, where local baristas conjure up cute sculptures out of the foam on the top of a coffee. Now you can enjoy a similar drink without acquiring the …

21 January 2013

Bouncy Lamb

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But where is Bee? Bee where are you. Until you realize that Bee behaves like a dog but is a Lamb! Baby lamb in that case! Heartwarming and it is very cute. But for some reason this made me think of our visit to the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival …

13 January 2013

Doggy Dogs In Germany

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I don’t even know where to start with this video! I took this one when we were visiting family and friends this December! I used to be a dog owner (sniff) and I loved how you could take your dog almost everywhere with you in Germany. Restaurants, pubs, trains, trams, …

6 November 2012

This Squirrel Feeder Will Make Your Day

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Who needs a TV with this Big Head Squirrel Feeder? Wonder how it looks like when other animals stick their heads in.
Nutty-looking feeder makes squirrels appear to have a hilariously huge head, so you can feed them AND humiliate them at the same time! Fill the inside with feed and …

2 November 2012

Toasty Toast Hand Warmer

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This melts my heart and not my hands!
Keyboards these days can get really cold. Whether you’re typing up a memo in the office, or finishing that overdue assignment in class; typing can be a chilly business. But you don’t have to be a survivalist to …

2 November 2012

Frank’s Hair Trick

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Meet Frank and watch him how he does is crazy hair wig wobble trick. I’m pretty sure that this is his real hair but I’m wondering who is the lucky one he is trying to impress. I wish I would have such strong locks. I did blog not too long …

17 September 2012

Baby Face Of The Month

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I don’t know what it is but this face! This little boy has such a unique and mature face! Can’t stop staring at it and I know if I don’t stop staring it will haunt me for the rest of my …

29 August 2012

Twin Baby ROCK

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I especially love how they look at each other when the Daddy starts playing his guitar! Are baby really this cool! Only have seen the super cute kind but none of them did do crazy stuff like those two little ones in the video. Can you teach baby to do …

19 July 2012

Brain Eating Zombie Clock

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The Pirate Clock I just recently featured on Random Good Stuff was pretty cool but this brain eating Zombie clock is something else. Eating brains at first seems weird but brain is actually used in some sausages in Germany, well at least they used to. It’s called Gelbwurst which translates …

19 July 2012

Hand Feeding a Dragonfly

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Watch it until the end .. that dragonfly really gets a kick out of it munching the ants like this. That Video got uploaded over a week ago and now I’m wondering if that Dragonfly is still alive, flew away or died. Yes! Mother nature can be so cruel. I …

11 July 2012

Kitten Riding The Turtle Express

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Cute little kitten! You are so cute and clever but you better put on the seatbelt before the police catches you or you have an accident. And it’s important to learn early to follow the law and all. We surely don’t want to scrape off some Kittensauce from the busy …

16 June 2012

Booger Boy!

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Little boy you probably you won’t be able to understand that this video probably just changed your life. You will be Booger Boy for the rest of your life! You will be invited to talk shows to do your Booger thing. Don’t be a shamed because you will be rich …

5 June 2012

Meet me at the Carrot Party

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And yes you are invited too. And besides .. carrots are super good for you. Here are just some health benefits of eating carrots .. apparently beta-carotene will reduce the risk of different types of cancer, lung cancer in particular. This should be already enough reasons to much a carrot …

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