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6 May 2012

Boy Catches His First Fish Ever

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Kid your career is all set you will be the most famous fishermen. The show “The Deadliest Catch” will give you a contract and you will have to take part of you want or not. And when you are a full grown man .. Moby Dick’s of the world seas …

25 April 2012

Chocolate Scented Smart-Phone Case

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Hey! Stop eating my phone!
But the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case just doesn’t smell like chocolate, it actually looks like chocolate. Ok, so it looks like chocolate if it passed through the head of a cartoonist, but that’s ok. The chocolate bar on the back of the Chocolate Scented iPhone …

8 April 2012

Smiley Face Jewellery

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Let’s put a smile on that hand! (without knives pleases!) These rings will put also a lot of smiles on other people’s faces!
Signs is a collection of silver rings, based on the emoticons and punctuation marks so common in today’s communication. What can be more iconic of our age than …

29 March 2012

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

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Because they barely have any calories. That’s why you can eat tons of them .. em, I think I didn’t think this one through!
Create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches lickety-split! Simply stamp the press into a cookie, scoop in some ice cream, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the …

17 March 2012

Zombie Bottle Opener

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Anything Zombie makes a cool gift .. ANYTIME! So no matter what you buy if it’s Zombie (Zombie Tampons, Zombie Hair Dryer or even a Zombie Deep Fryer) the person receiving it will be always psyched. Unless it’s a real alive dead Zombie going after it’s brains. Not a good …

13 March 2012

USB Memory Stick Wants To Be a Big Boy Hard Drive

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It’s so cute I want to adopt it. This little tiny 8GB Flash Drive dressed up especially for Halloween (well kind of early little friend) to mime a big fat Hard Drive. And I must admit his costume is succeeding. He just looks like one of those big guys. And …

10 March 2012

Otter Grooming

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This otter made my day. So cute, so fluffy and yes I want one as a pet. For him I would even move to a lake and help him build a otter dam. Not sure if those even exist but I would do anything for this cute little guy. If …

25 February 2012

Elephant Tongue Touch

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The highlight of our stay in Sri Lanka was definitely our visit to the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela. It wasn’t easy to go around the waiters who are on your back for tips the whole time but we managed to get very close to this little fellow. At one point …

13 February 2012

Blue Puppy Stapler

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Why would you ever want a blue puppy stapler? Well, because you can. This way you can have a doggy with you in the office and you don’t get into trouble by your boss. No need to feed, taking him out on walk … just slam (crush) his head to …

19 January 2012

Real Earworm – Headphones

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Listen to music until the worms come out of your ears. Having an earworm is fun the first day but when you are stuck for one single song in your head it will give you headaches and you can’t concentrate and think about anything else. Earworm songs are normally high …

6 January 2012

Is Blackmailing Children Allowed?

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Everyone should have different opinions on how to raise a child, what’s all ok in one family is a big NO NO in others. Even worse is when befriended couple with kids is criticizing the other couple on how they raise their children. This equals WAR! Now this dad plays …

3 January 2012

Cat DIY Latch Hook Art Portrait

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You know .. for those cold and lonely winter months.
Finally, an adorable kitty carpet you can put on your wall! Jealous, floor? You should be! Lionel Richie already got people dancing on the ceiling… soon, you’ll have nothing left! Flooded with memories of latch hooking for …

28 December 2011

Your Phone Can Be Snoopy’s House

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Plug it an Snoopy will be with you where ever your phone is!
Snoopy’s adorable earphone jack accessory has finally been released! Not only will it prevent an earphone jack from getting dust, it will also make a perfect decoration for your smartphone. Choose from 2 different …

22 December 2011

Monkey Dishwasher

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Triple A ecological dishwasher. It only costs 1 monkey! Done ….. Some might say it’s animal slavery but the only thing I see being chained up are these pots. The monkey is free to leave at any time. And it looks like it’s even getting a kick out of it. …

11 December 2011

Baby Bat

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Mommy got too stressed and didn’t want to take care of this little guy. Good thin the Bat Sanctuary took him in and in this footage you can see how they are examination him for the first time Awwww how cute right. But please don’t get rabies and munch on …

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