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11 April 2011

Baron Bob Winners

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Thank you everyone for taking part in the Baron Bob Giveaway! The 3 lucky Winners have been chosen. Congratulations to following Random Good Readers:



Christy Long

You are soon in possession of the things you wanted most from the Baron Bob under $10 bin. Isn’t that exciting? For everyone who didn’t have …

13 September 2010

Lastminute Auction FANs … listen up, please!

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Our bargain hunter site Lastminute Auction has been now online for over a half decade and it still provides the one purpose … finding great deals on eBay. Thousands of users are visiting our site every day. They would not come back if they don’t find great deals.
So we …

15 July 2010

Thinkgeek $10 Off $40 Order Coupon Code

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My favorite online store ThinkGeek got in touch with me and asked if they could offer a special coupon code for my readers. Emm .. most certainly especially if it’s an offer like this.
Take off 10 bucks on your $40+ orders!!! This is an incredible offer and only valid to …

24 June 2010

World Cup Skype Talk Free Month Offer

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Skype knows how to celebrate – yesterday was a crazy day! First we went out to watch the USA – Algeria in a bar. They only had a webcast and the game was 10 minutes behind the actual time. So we kept refreshing the results on the iPhone. Then …

7 May 2010

Best Prices on Car Rentals – Worldwide

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Have you ever heard of a Car Rental Broker? I haven’t until couple of month ago. At first I was very very skeptical but I’ve rented with Decode Car Hire twice now and it was excellent? Why, because after combing the entire internet for the best car rental deal they …

20 December 2009

Only Today – Save 39% on Canon Rebel XS

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This is an incredible deal and only available today!!!! Save 260 bucks!!!!
For perfect photos, fast and simple, there’s nothing better than Canon’s new EOS Rebel XS. With powerful features including a 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, Canon’s DIGIC III processor, fast shooting and more, it’s a digital powerhouse. With simple, easy-to-use …

27 November 2009

Good Morning Black Friday

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Photo credit: TW Collins
Belly Filled? Ready to do some shopping? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving is ready to rumble?
I scanned couple of websites find you some good deals and bargains for Black Friday. But first off:
Lastminute Auction:

The site evil people shop for gifts for even more evil …

23 November 2009

$3 Amazon Mp3s with this Code

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There is nothing better than a great deal or two right before Black Friday.
Amazon gives you free music!
Link: Click here to enter code and for more info
[via: Wayne Schulz]
– Star Wars Sleeping Bag

9 November 2009

Walmart – The DVD Price Slasher

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Every time I walk into a Walmart it takes my breath away. I’m just not used to these dimensions and you have to change your way of shopping. You better don’t remember you forgot to buy milk while standing at the check out. It will set you back 30 minutes …

24 May 2009

Travel Service via Twitter

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Don’t you hate to spend hours on the internet looking for the best deals for flights, Hotels, Hostels and rental cars? It can get very frustrating.
In my few years I’ve traveled a lot – Asia, Europe and I have been to most US cities. I lived in Boston and …

28 January 2009

New Lastminute Auction

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It took a while but we finally managed to give Lastminute Auction a smoother new look and couple of simple new features.
What’s New?

Registration – Starting now, you can create a free account at Lastminute Auction. Registration takes about 10 seconds, and is completely free. We don’t ask for any sensitive …

30 December 2008

So Cheap – So Evil: Laptops 80% Off

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A store in Moscow advertised these super cheap Laptops but didn’t mention that they only offered 10 of them. In that case I would have just stepped kindly aside watched, took pictures and even a video. A little less evil but more crazy was the Media Markt opening in Germany …

23 November 2008

Cheapest Car in the World

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This tiny cheap car is called "People’s Car" which picks up where Volkswagen failed (which means car for the masses) – since a the price for a Volkswagen is usually above the prices of cars in same class. But I guess quality has it’s price and to be honest I …

4 August 2008

Save Money With Buxr

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High gas prices suck – I don’t own a car but I totally agree. It kind of takes the joy out of everything. Cutting back on eating out, summer vacations and buying little gadgets here and there.
One of the ways to cope with that is keeping your eyes open for …

18 July 2008

Cheap HD Camcorder with 12 Mega Pixels

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UPDATE: I just bought this SUPER CHEAP HD CAMCORDER (much better)

Since we moved to Valencia I have been taking tons of videos for our Valencia Blog – but it’s getting really frustrating just recording with my little Exilim. I like the size of it but as you can see here, …

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