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27 August 2012

Star Wars Death Star Tea Bag

Post Thumbnail of Star Wars Death Star Tea Bag

The taste of the dark sided universe!
What’s the big difference between the two leaders? Tea, of course. Earl Grey. Hot. If only Vader could sit down and wrap his black gloves around a steaming mug of bergamot-scented tea, then he could get to the bottom of all his anger and …

23 August 2012

Magic Red Scarf Dance

Post Thumbnail of Magic Red Scarf Dance

Yes, still alive! We drove 3 days out west to our next 91 Day Travel Blog location which is Idaho. What a road trip! Best part of the journey was a visit to the Yellowstone Park. We had 4 hours there! CRAZY! We could easily have spend full 3 month …

17 August 2012

Circus Letter Lights

Post Thumbnail of Circus Letter Lights

Love how they look. But they are kind of pricey!
Now you can celebrate the power of font and letter whilst youlight up your room with this hand-made 60cm tall Circus Letter Light, (plugs straight into a240v socket). It’s beautifully hand-made from powder coated aluminium by the same letter-artists that created …

15 August 2012

Airplane Window Picture Frame

Post Thumbnail of Airplane Window Picture Frame

Fear of flying? No problem? Add airplane travel flair to any room!
There’s something relaxing about gazing out the window of a plane flying to far off places.  It gives you a chance to take a break from the everyday. Now you can get that feeling in your own home, plus, …

8 August 2012

DIY Classic Lamp Set

Post Thumbnail of DIY Classic Lamp Set

Flame Boosting lamp if you are installing the wrong bulb!
They’re made of wood, and designed to be built yourself. You don’t need tools, but needle-nose pliers and a phillips head screwdriver certainly help. There’s no sawing or gluing, no hammering, and you don’t have to be an electrician (though it …

23 July 2012

Shwing Wings For Your Chucks

Post Thumbnail of Shwing Wings For Your Chucks

Because you deserve it! Wonder if you can run faster with those shoe wings.
You can make your old shoes look new and your new shoes look cooler than everyone else’s!  So stop searching for crazy and ridiculous shoe laces to spice up your tennis shoes because our Shwings are the …

13 July 2012

Full Body Muscle Suit

Post Thumbnail of Full Body Muscle Suit

Well, if you are looking to stick out from the crowd! That’s for you!
Covering the body head to toe, the Morphsuit has a zip at the back allowing you to fully disguise yourself and hide from the shame of it all. The zip finishes at the top of the head …

2 July 2012

Thermometer paper

Post Thumbnail of Thermometer paper

Look at that smart leave! It knows when it’s cold or hot! Super Kudos!!
Designer Hideyuki Kumagai must be a fan of the autumn since he has come up with the best way to tell the temperature we’ve ever seen. The Leaf looks exactly like its name suggests but it’s far …

29 June 2012

Pirate Clock

Post Thumbnail of Pirate Clock

Have you ever asked a pirate what time it is? Answer is always Arrrgh! I wonder as in … man it’s already so late, don’t bother me or my stomach hurts from drinking all that liquor. Love pirates? Planning a pirate party or you just think that skulls are just …

25 June 2012

Lab Test Game (Puzzle in Style)

Post Thumbnail of Lab Test Game (Puzzle in Style)

I would never us them to puzzle with them … just to decorate an apartment in the new future.
The premise sounds simple enough: take the wooden particle apart and then try to rebuild it without sneaking a peek at the solution. But watch out, recognizing spatial relationships and spotting the …

16 June 2012


Post Thumbnail of Robamacop

The cool thing is .. we will be in the US during the election for our Travel Blog. In case you missed it we will be in staying in Idaho for 3 month.
Rambo and Robocop. Two 80s action icons. They both had their own ways of handling problems, which definitely …

12 June 2012

Safe Kitchen Timer

Post Thumbnail of Safe Kitchen Timer

My kitchen is my treasure!
A professional thief like Parker deserves an appropriately-themed kitchen timer, don’t you think? The Safe Kitchen Timer looks just like locking mechanism of a traditional, combination-style safe. Of course, Parker was cracking these when she was just a little girl, but it’s the thought that counts. …

4 June 2012

Green Grass Flip Flops – Must Have This Summer!

Post Thumbnail of Green Grass Flip Flops – Must Have This Summer!

They look super comfy!
Love the feeling of bare feet on freshly mowed grass?  These grass flip flops can give you that feeling anytime, anywhere. With a quiet nod to the "down under" culture that brought the first flip flops to the world, KUSA takes the everyday flip flop and adds …

28 May 2012

Zombie Hat

Post Thumbnail of Zombie Hat

Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

19 May 2012

Foldable Electronic Bike

Post Thumbnail of Foldable Electronic Bike

ALMOST fits in a regular handbag .. almost!
This is the electric bicycle that folds in half, ideal for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. Folding around its integrated battery compartment, its front half collapses against its rear half while its front unifork folds into the frame, creating a …

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