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19 May 2012

Foldable Electronic Bike

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ALMOST fits in a regular handbag .. almost!
This is the electric bicycle that folds in half, ideal for commutes and storage at work or an apartment. Folding around its integrated battery compartment, its front half collapses against its rear half while its front unifork folds into the frame, creating a …

14 May 2012

Glasses Digital Camera (Hurry Before Google Glasses Come)

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Doochy or not! I want it!
Cameras these days define you and your style. So if you’re a fashionista then you will want a camera that reflects the rest of your garb. Enter the Fuuvi Megane Eye Glasses, a digital camera that doubles as a pair of fashion glasses (megane) and …

7 May 2012

Individual Pizza Slice Plates

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But what about about these huge family sized pizza. Would they fit?
Considering serving that special slice on an all-purpose plate? Fuggedaboutit! This triangular stoneware plate comes at that piece of pie from the right angle. Whether you’re devoted to deep-dish or the New York slice, this three-sided dish is designed …

5 May 2012

Free Your Books! No Shelf Needed!

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Nice way to keep and display books.
The Book Binder frees books from the traditional shelves and bookcases – while also holding your books together. Two end pieces of lacquered wood or raw oak are fastened with an elastic band. So books or magazines can stand freely wherever your please. The …

1 May 2012

The Retro Arcade Ponchos

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Wood Laughing Stock!
Turn yourself into a video gaming ghost with our classic Retro Arcade Poncho!  Not only will these great ponchos keep you dry and mud-free, but they’re totally cool looking too!  Great for festivals, outdoor concerts, camping or really just anything outdoors where you could experience some unwanted precipitation. …

19 April 2012

Kids Batman Raincoat *Cool!

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Not fair! What about adult sizes? HELLO! Also available as superman (including a cape, of course)
Superhero raincoats are made from all natural rubber and waterproof polyurethane on the outside with a soft, 100% cotton lining. In addition, a detachable cape make it easy to clean off the grime from a …

17 April 2012

Drunk And Wasted Wine Glasses

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After couple of glasses exchange the regular wine glasses with these tipsy ones!
You know that moment on a pleasant evening with friends, when the room starts to feel a little more relaxed, the conversation a little more entertaining, and your worries a bit farther away? Well, these tipsy wine glasses …

16 April 2012

The Real Deal Typewriter Keyboard For PC, iPads and Macs

Post Thumbnail of The Real Deal Typewriter Keyboard For PC, iPads and Macs

I posted about a typewriter thingy for iPads not too long ago but this one is the real deal.
The thrill of using a typewriter may be passing from memory, but Jack Zylkin’s groundbreaking innovation brings this mechanical marvel out of retirement and offers a nod to its influence on the …

13 April 2012

Magical Rainbow Clouds

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So today on the Friday the 13th is also the Sri Linkan New Years Day. Which to me just seems way too bizarre. I’m just not in the mood to celebrate New Year’s day twice a year. Especially since the Sri Lankan New Year doesn’t have a count down. It …

13 April 2012

OMG Diamond Necklace Pendant

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This is pretty cool but I rather would like to have a OMFG one.

OMG Diamond Pendant in .925 Sterling Silver
A fun diamond pendant featuring the popular OMG (Oh My God) acronym. 10 diamonds accent the initial pendant crafted in solid .925 sterling silver. The pendant measures 15mm x 25mm. Well …

8 April 2012

Smiley Face Jewellery

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Let’s put a smile on that hand! (without knives pleases!) These rings will put also a lot of smiles on other people’s faces!
Signs is a collection of silver rings, based on the emoticons and punctuation marks so common in today’s communication. What can be more iconic of our age than …

31 March 2012

Attract Birds With a Sweet Beak

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This idea makes it also a very easy DIY project!
Birdseed is fine for most of your flock, but if you want to attract birds with a sweet beak–like orange-loving orioles–you’re going to have to bring their favorite treats to the feeder. Use this sculptural copper feeder to entice discerning birdies, …

29 March 2012

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

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Because they barely have any calories. That’s why you can eat tons of them .. em, I think I didn’t think this one through!
Create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches lickety-split! Simply stamp the press into a cookie, scoop in some ice cream, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the …

28 March 2012

Fancy Cable Minder

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So fancy I want to wear it as jewelry! So geeky, so cool!
Those USB cables that power your devices have an annoying habit of falling behind your desk. Trying to fish them back up and making them stay put is a task in futility. You want them tidy, but those …

20 March 2012

Emergency UFO Landing Statue

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Your neighbors are going to be like WOAH!
It’s been tough to see an alien spacecraft up close – until now! This exclusive sizeable, extra-terrestrial statement piece will come down for a crash landing in your own private Roswell! Sculpted with a mysterious otherworldly quality from its portal windows to its …

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