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20 February 2012

Bar Cowboy Gadget

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Hey beer cowboy, not trying to pick a fight here. You are in a great advantage all hands free and stuff.
Beer Holster Arms You With A Cold Brew! Strap on the beer holster for a secure, hands-free way to keep your 12-oz. beverage can or bottle within reach when grilling, …

18 February 2012

Wolf Warrior Puzzle

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The Howling Wolf T-Shirts got so popular that at times you couldn’t even find one if you wanted to buy one. Let me take it even further with the Wolf Warrior Puzzle which ads awesomeness to every room once you are done with the puzzle. Now, how many wolves can …

12 February 2012

Alien Cookie Jar

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Aliens go Om Nom Nom! Looks cool in every apartment and adds instant retro to your place.
Nobody would even dare to steal cookies from our UFO Cookie Jar?  Theses outer space creatures are keeping your cookies safe in their spaceship!  The alien’s eyes even light up to ward off any …

11 February 2012

Row Boat Salad Bowl

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Hey salad, where are you rowing to? I need to stuff my mouth with your leaves!
This extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The silver-plated bowl takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with "wooden" planks engraved along its hull. The boats oars are …

10 February 2012

Play Food: Candy Dragon

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For several reasons I thought I have to post this video. Well one is … as you know we are now in Sri Lanka (and having an incredible time, this island is a true paradise) and people here eat with hands. This makes me feel like a kid again. Here …

9 February 2012

Strawberry Pincher

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Pinch that nasty green stuff away!
There’s a reason why this fruit is one of the world’s favorites. The little green leaves can be plucked swiftly and reliably with Bea. The fruit stays firm and whole and can be prepared straightaway for serving up delicious deserts – and scoring! What would …

7 February 2012

Douchy Or Not: Panda Cape?

Post Thumbnail of Douchy Or Not: Panda Cape?

Now, if I would see someone walking around in the streets with this on… it’s panda hunting season!
This will not fool the pandas in the habitat at the zoo. They’ll be all, "Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?" But It is freaking adorable. The hood features two little panda ears: black …

3 February 2012

Balloon Animal Bookends

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Squeaky and cute – invite these rather strange bookends into your library. They are house trained, don’t eat much and are a great conversations starter. They don’t  only look good between your books but also great in your shelf in your room, kitchen or on your dashboard in your car. …

18 January 2012

Mittens of Love

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Love in the winter can be so cozy.
This ingenious (and just a bit ridiculous) woollen mitten hastwo hand holes – one for you and one for your other half. Just slip it on and the pair of you can walk around in even the chilliest of weathers with your hands …

18 January 2012

Tape Art Installation

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Ever got whipped by some measuring tape? No? Well you can now go to this modern exhibit of fine handy craft art.
Rows of motorised measuring tapes record the amount of time that visitors stay in the installation. As a computerised tracking system detects the presence of a person, the closest …

17 January 2012

Make Your Own Zombie Action Figure

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Create your personal freak Zombie! Why not?
Each DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit is chock full of parts. You’ll get 3 whole bodies plus some extra replacement limbs (in varying degree of decomposition). Put together the figures you want, mix and match the included clothes, and then paint ‘em up! …

13 January 2012

Pet Earthquake Bag

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This is just crazy, especially considering the price for $438! Man! I do understand that Japan is frequently hit by earthquakes and that you have to leave your home in an emergency in seconds and that you don’t have a lot of time to think about what to take with …

11 January 2012

Star Trek Door Chime

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You will have tons of geeks out of your neighborhood ringing it just for the fun of it. The big questions is why we are getting all so shaky about gadgets we have seen like 20 years ago. When I was like 5 years old all the gadgets from Star …

10 January 2012


Post Thumbnail of Epicycle

I would be too nervous to find the right and correct way to sit on it, otherwise ouch!
This is the stationary bicycle that uses an epicyclic transmission system that provides magnetic resistance for intensive spinning workouts. Inspired by 19th-century monowheels, its 36" diameter flywheel is driven by a chainring system …

6 January 2012

Car Bubbles

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I don’t drive my cars, I just stick them in a bubble!
The CarCapsule is a clear vinyl bubble that seals your car, truck, boat or motorcycle away from the elements and keeps it looking fresh and new. Dust, dirt, moisture and insects are locked out, but a built-in fan circulates …

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