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20 March 2012

Emergency UFO Landing Statue

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Your neighbors are going to be like WOAH!
It’s been tough to see an alien spacecraft up close – until now! This exclusive sizeable, extra-terrestrial statement piece will come down for a crash landing in your own private Roswell! Sculpted with a mysterious otherworldly quality from its portal windows to its …

18 March 2012

Pickpocket Preventing Shorts

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Knock on wood but we haven’t gotten anything stolen so far during our travels. But we got scammed just recently. But will talk about it soon on our Travel Blog.
These are the shorts that secure valuables with up to three levels of protection while traveling. The two front pockets have …

15 March 2012

How To Draw Bugs Bunny?

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When I was just a little dude I was dreaming of becoming a cartoonist drawing cute characters and all. But very soon I realized that I didn’t have any talent in drawing cartoon characters. Which is good because these days most cartoons are animated and someone holding a pencil with …

12 March 2012

The Monstrous Wine Bottle Opener

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Now seeing this machinery and that guy working it I wish they would use some extra steam. After a wine of plenty of red wine consumption that guy working the machine will increase his left arm muscles to a state it will raise some eye brows here and there. Might …

1 March 2012

Bizarre Magnetic Jewelry

Post Thumbnail of Bizarre Magnetic Jewelry

Now I call this one a spend pile of dough! Wondering if people could do an easy DIY version of these magnetic earring pins!
Jewelry designer Akiko Oue’s super mag_net_ic earrings are now available for overseas purchase. Using a magnet to pick up small pieces of metal is an act we …

29 February 2012

Digger – The Mechanical Paperweight

Post Thumbnail of Digger – The Mechanical Paperweight

Hey, stop playing with your digger and get back to work!
Bulldoze through tasks with this chrome-plated work machine, designed to help you move tough assignments right off your desk. German designer Herve Houplan’s executive Desktop Digger gets to the bottom of paper piles with a magnetic shovel for stowing paperclips …

28 February 2012

Rainbow Pencils + Cloud Eraser

Post Thumbnail of Rainbow Pencils + Cloud Eraser

More colors in the office makes your pappy face happy! Or give them to your kids and tell them that they are their personal school homework lucky charm. If they do their math work with those pencils everything will be correct! NOT! Oh well … parents don’t even listen to …

21 February 2012

Paper Eyelashes

Post Thumbnail of Paper Eyelashes

Eye catcher and everyone on top of it thinks you are a fairy. Blink Blink Butterfly!
Inspired by the art of Chinese paper cutting and 19th century French silk bobbin lace, these incredibly intricate paper lash extensions blend elements of traditional culture with contemporary design. Think of them as unique designer …

20 February 2012

Bar Cowboy Gadget

Post Thumbnail of Bar Cowboy Gadget

Hey beer cowboy, not trying to pick a fight here. You are in a great advantage all hands free and stuff.
Beer Holster Arms You With A Cold Brew! Strap on the beer holster for a secure, hands-free way to keep your 12-oz. beverage can or bottle within reach when grilling, …

18 February 2012

Wolf Warrior Puzzle

Post Thumbnail of Wolf Warrior Puzzle

The Howling Wolf T-Shirts got so popular that at times you couldn’t even find one if you wanted to buy one. Let me take it even further with the Wolf Warrior Puzzle which ads awesomeness to every room once you are done with the puzzle. Now, how many wolves can …

12 February 2012

Alien Cookie Jar

Post Thumbnail of Alien Cookie Jar

Aliens go Om Nom Nom! Looks cool in every apartment and adds instant retro to your place.
Nobody would even dare to steal cookies from our UFO Cookie Jar?  Theses outer space creatures are keeping your cookies safe in their spaceship!  The alien’s eyes even light up to ward off any …

11 February 2012

Row Boat Salad Bowl

Post Thumbnail of Row Boat Salad Bowl

Hey salad, where are you rowing to? I need to stuff my mouth with your leaves!
This extraordinary dish is sure to create a splash at your next dinner. The silver-plated bowl takes the familiar form of a rowboat, complete with "wooden" planks engraved along its hull. The boats oars are …

10 February 2012

Play Food: Candy Dragon

Post Thumbnail of Play Food: Candy Dragon

For several reasons I thought I have to post this video. Well one is … as you know we are now in Sri Lanka (and having an incredible time, this island is a true paradise) and people here eat with hands. This makes me feel like a kid again. Here …

9 February 2012

Strawberry Pincher

Post Thumbnail of Strawberry Pincher

Pinch that nasty green stuff away!
There’s a reason why this fruit is one of the world’s favorites. The little green leaves can be plucked swiftly and reliably with Bea. The fruit stays firm and whole and can be prepared straightaway for serving up delicious deserts – and scoring! What would …

7 February 2012

Douchy Or Not: Panda Cape?

Post Thumbnail of Douchy Or Not: Panda Cape?

Now, if I would see someone walking around in the streets with this on… it’s panda hunting season!
This will not fool the pandas in the habitat at the zoo. They’ll be all, "Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?" But It is freaking adorable. The hood features two little panda ears: black …

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