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2 April 2012

Blowing CD Bubbles

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Now at least your old CDs have a new purpose. Not sure when it was the last time I listened a CD. Everything I own and listen too is digital. I really would like to try out spotify, since to me that makes the most sense buying music online. Buying …

31 March 2012

Attract Birds With a Sweet Beak

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This idea makes it also a very easy DIY project!
Birdseed is fine for most of your flock, but if you want to attract birds with a sweet beak–like orange-loving orioles–you’re going to have to bring their favorite treats to the feeder. Use this sculptural copper feeder to entice discerning birdies, …

28 March 2012

Salty Sounds

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We have seen the visualization of sound many many times but it never ever gets old. It could watch these kind of video all day long especially when you are .. well you know what I mean. I would like to place a metal plate on some parts of the …

24 March 2012

Melt Metal With Your Pure Hands

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This is the coolest anti stress toy ever. Also good for when you are trying to stop smoking. You will be melting metal in your hands all day without even thinking about lighting one of those smoke sticks up. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW!
99.99% Pure Gallium Metal in 10 gram quantity. …

23 March 2012

Construction Toy Safer And Clean Uper

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Not fair. Where was this when I was a kid? Cleaning up Legos was always such a pain!
Lay-N-Go lets your LEGO builder bring their collection anywhere in the house and clean it up in less than a minute. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! Lay-N-Go is an activity …

18 March 2012

Pickpocket Preventing Shorts

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Knock on wood but we haven’t gotten anything stolen so far during our travels. But we got scammed just recently. But will talk about it soon on our Travel Blog.
These are the shorts that secure valuables with up to three levels of protection while traveling. The two front pockets have …

18 March 2012

Learn Awesome Magic Tricks

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I was really into magic when I was a kid and I was convinced I had magical powers if I would just believe in it enough. My parents gave me one of those magic kits. And I soon realized that magic has nothing to do with powers but with practicing …

15 March 2012

Dude! What Are You Looking At Net?

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Hunting for bargains or pretty ladies? Well, either way … you just look fly! We have been in Sri Lanka in some pretty hefty mosquito areas. We needed a net several spots to sleep in peace but these blood sucking beasts somehow still gut in. We also used so far …

12 March 2012

The Phone Vibrator

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Do you remember the story of a lady traveling with a dildo in her checked luggage? When she got to the hotel she found a note from one of the security people to have fun. Hmm, so discreet it’s almost charming. Now with this phone without number you can travel …

11 March 2012

Escape Preventing Dog Collar

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Little bastard, challenge accepted!
This is the patented harness that prevents puppies or small adult dogs from escaping fenced-in areas. The device slips on a dog like a common harness, but its integrated rigid 10 1/2"-long cross-bar spans well beyond the width of the pet, preventing it from slipping out between …

10 March 2012

Fork/Knife Combo Tool

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Hey .. where is the spoon. Almost perfect for our travels!
And here’s what makes this Hobo Knife so lovely. First, it’s not bulky – the fork and knife are very refined looking, yet super strong. Also, we really loved the rose-wood handles; they give the Hobo Knife a sense of …

4 March 2012

Extreme Chiropractitioner

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All these hours I spend in front of the computer hacking. Getting a sore back and neck in the name of Random Good Stuff. The recent Ayurveda Spa Treatment I just recently got was nice but nothing for the long run. That Chiro Dude has to crack me in. BUT …

2 March 2012

7 ways to get a crying baby to sleep

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If you believe it or not but I have several years of childcare experience. My kids weren’t that small but assuming we will ever adopt a child I’m prepared. But learning all kind of tricks from other and finding out how they deal with kids and babies in certain situation …

26 February 2012

Have You Been Tagged? Want to Remove it?

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Have you been tagged and you are hating it? Well then you can apply this tag remover. All naturally and stuff. And sorry if I lured you in thinking that you can remove social media tags .. this one is just for your skin!
Naturally aid any skin ailments. Natural liquid …

9 February 2012

Strawberry Pincher

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Pinch that nasty green stuff away!
There’s a reason why this fruit is one of the world’s favorites. The little green leaves can be plucked swiftly and reliably with Bea. The fruit stays firm and whole and can be prepared straightaway for serving up delicious deserts – and scoring! What would …

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