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17 January 2012

Make Your Own Zombie Action Figure

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Create your personal freak Zombie! Why not?
Each DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit is chock full of parts. You’ll get 3 whole bodies plus some extra replacement limbs (in varying degree of decomposition). Put together the figures you want, mix and match the included clothes, and then paint ‘em up! …

13 January 2012

Pet Earthquake Bag

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This is just crazy, especially considering the price for $438! Man! I do understand that Japan is frequently hit by earthquakes and that you have to leave your home in an emergency in seconds and that you don’t have a lot of time to think about what to take with …

6 January 2012

Car Bubbles

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I don’t drive my cars, I just stick them in a bubble!
The CarCapsule is a clear vinyl bubble that seals your car, truck, boat or motorcycle away from the elements and keeps it looking fresh and new. Dust, dirt, moisture and insects are locked out, but a built-in fan circulates …

6 January 2012

Good Sponge – Bad Sponge

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Look at this, a sponge set with split personalities! Reminds me a little bit of the Ass/Face Towel.
To wipe out germs you have to sink to their level. Perforated shelves direct water away from the other sponge. The stainless steel Spongester banishes bacteria with two shelves to separate your …

4 January 2012

Boxer Shorts For Travel Bloggers

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Because when you travel everything is possible. I especially like that they are smell and em you know what resistant!
It’s hard to get excited by practical underwear, but once you experience these travel boxers from SeV you’ll change your mind. The boxers feature two outer pockets. The front (3 in. …

1 January 2012

Cozy Earbuds

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It’s winter after all. Don’t let your earbuds freeze even a second.
It’s amazing how a great song can knit the elements of words and music into something that warms your heart. Now, you can knit together the elements of yarn and electronics to create a handcrafted way of carrying your …

30 December 2011

How to Promote your Not Free eBook?

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We turned now our last year of traveling into 4 separate Travel eBooks. So from each past 3 month stays (Savannah, Oviedo, Buenos Aires, Bolivia) we produced books available now as Mobi, PDF file and available as an eBook on Kindle. That’s all good but how do you get people …

26 December 2011

What To Do With Unwanted Gifts?

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How was Christmas? Got cool products, everything you ever dreamed of? Good for you but most of the people are not so fortunate. Now if you look at the picture above it’s a sports car lighter and ashtray I think it’s incredibly cool but for most it would be a …

22 December 2011

Bed Bug Cocoon

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Thanks to our travels we are sleeping in all kinds of different beds, the bed bug cocoon does look cozy but not sure if I’m a cocoon kind of guy.
This portable sleeping cocoon is made specially woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs. The sleeping cocoon’s tightly wound polyester …

20 December 2011

Never Burn To Death Again

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This magical substance ( Ghostbuster Slime?) as you can see prevents you to get burned. Applied on your pure skin with a pointed fire torch you won’t get harmed. What does this mean for us humans? I will be taking a bucket of that stuff with me anywhere I go. …

19 December 2011

Fermentation Pot aka Sauerkraut Maker

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Eating Sauerkraut with Ribs on New Year’s Eve is a tradition in Germany. Supposed to bring luck, health and money. Better getting brewing on that Sauerkraut with that pot!
This 10 liter (2.5 gallon) fermentation pot is beautifully hand crafted in Poland and is essential for pickling and making sauerkraut. Made …

10 December 2011

Never Miss a Flight Again with the Scootercase

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Need this! Not too much would fit but would make our travels easier.
his is the only suitcase that conveys a rider on an integrated scooter. Ideal for easy transport within airports, the case has two 4 1/4" diam. in-line skate wheels built into the bottom while its fold-out, non-slip footboard …

30 November 2011

Home Hair Removing Threader

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Couple of years ago I took a video of a video showing off this hair removal system from a window display of a beauty salon in New York’s china town. The owner was not willing to share the secrets of it and ran out, screaming … shushing me away! Well, …

25 November 2011

Click And Shop Black Friday

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This post is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction
Last year I was in the US for Black Friday, the big mission was to buy a laptop with Mike and we had great success. We got a great machine for only $350 !!! But running around on Black Friday especially with …

17 November 2011

Free Movie Stats

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Do you remember our move recommendation site Criticker? It’s still booming and getting more and more popular. And we are adding more features and fixing up the site every single day. We just added stats to the movie information pages and displaying couple of stats you might find interesting. Now …

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