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6 July 2012

Make Your Own Pizza Cone

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Pizza as real on the go finger food? Yes! It’s possible. Taken the idea of an ice cream cone and bringing it to a next new level. The Pizza Cone! Filled with Cheese … I say it again with Cheese and anything else you like. I would add one drop …

26 June 2012

Single Cup Java Maker (DRIP)

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Need those .. esp. good for when we are traveling … kind of sick of instant coffee!
The Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker is perfect for making a solo cup of delicious hot coffee. Simply scoop a your favorite grounds into the large BPA-free chamber, pour over preheated filtered water at …

26 June 2012

Cutting Connecting Bagel Rings

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Ready for a Mathematically Correct Breakfast? Let me think? When was the last time I had a bagel … probably over 5 month ago! And that cutting sound of that bagel makes my mouth water … DROOLING all over the places. I can’t help it. And I would stuff that …

18 June 2012

Brew Your Own Brew at Home with your Personal Microbrewery

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I want this for Christmas! Please .. SANTA!!!
This is the automated brewing system used in professional microbreweries, scaled for the home brewmeister. Available exclusively from Hammacher Schlemmer, this Heat Exchange Recycling Mash (HERM) system creates a refreshing lager, a spirited Hefe-weizen, or a full-bodied stout by simply entering a recipe …

26 May 2012

The Beast Fist Beer Koozie

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Show who is the Boss in the house! This giant Koozie ( BTW what is Koozie for a word anyways? Koozie just doesn’t sound very em bossy at all!) It kind of reminds me of the HULK fists! So beer is finished and a slam on the table will get …

26 May 2012

Michael Jackson Cotton Candy Man

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Who would have ever guessed that making cotton candy can you get laid. This dude is a creative, a talented dancer (maybe doesn’t have the looks) and is raking in a lot of dough. This equals into being super successful and being a interesting person. Which equals getting laid every …

17 May 2012

Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter

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Let’s put a smile on that sausage!
These cute bento and cooking tools will turn simple mini wiener hot dogs into cute Hello Kitties. There are two different styles included, one is just the Hello Kitty face, while the other is a Hello Kitty face with a heart. Fits wieners sized …

16 May 2012

How To Cook Bacon Perfectly?!

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Even the worst cooked bacon is good bacon, that’s what my mother always says! But if you add some water you will have the perfectly cooked bacon. Nothing burned, juicy and perfectly crispy. I mean just listen to that sound when the bacon cook fantastico takes a bite of the …

6 May 2012

Picnic Wine Glass Holders

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Picnic and great wine is always a challenge but not with those grounded wine/champagne glass holders.
Nothing puts a damper on a picnic more than spilling your wine!  Our Steady Sticks help your wine glasses stay put while you are enjoying the outdoors and a vintage Bordeaux.  SteadySticks are ready when …

20 April 2012

Think About It! Bacon In Bacon Gravy

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Thought about and I like it. Want it NOW!
Made by seasoned ham-wranglers J&D’s, this baconated wonderstuff works just like regular gravy granules, except that with Bacon Gravy you get the added pizzazz of bacon in themeaty mix – although you probably guessed that already. Just pour hot water over a …

11 April 2012

Bacon Marmalade

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It’s that easy … all of a sudden Bacon looks really healthy!
Bacon Jam is made with love by Kay, a woman who knows her jams, jellies, and bacon. It’s a combination of bacon, onion, garlic, honey, maple syrup, coffee, and spices. Sweet and savory, Bacon Jam is delicious on toast, …

7 April 2012

The Flameless Grill Smoker

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Smoke it up there … BBQ Time is right around the corner!
This is the only wood chip smoker box that generates flavor-enhancing smoke without producing flames, resulting in more concentrated, robust flavor. Eight s-shaped vents on the lid of the oval cylindrical smoker allow just enough oxygen to produce smoke …

2 April 2012

Boobie Creamer

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For the coffee and tea drinking babies! Haha! Well more like silly grown ups being super attached to their mommies! This gag gift will make people either gag or laugh or both with will most likely will result into uncontrollable puking. So tea time could turn into a whole different …

29 March 2012

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

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Because they barely have any calories. That’s why you can eat tons of them .. em, I think I didn’t think this one through!
Create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches lickety-split! Simply stamp the press into a cookie, scoop in some ice cream, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the …

22 March 2012

Giant Easter Egg

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Bad idea if you are looking forward to the beach season 2012!
Standing 40cm high and 30cm at its widest part, the Giant Easter Egg is an incredible way to spoil your loved ones, or yourself (we won’t judge). The thick, hollow, milk chocolate is decorated with a drizzle of white …

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