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29 March 2012

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press

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Because they barely have any calories. That’s why you can eat tons of them .. em, I think I didn’t think this one through!
Create professional-looking, mini ice cream sandwiches lickety-split! Simply stamp the press into a cookie, scoop in some ice cream, stamp another cookie layer and then swirl the …

22 March 2012

Giant Easter Egg

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Bad idea if you are looking forward to the beach season 2012!
Standing 40cm high and 30cm at its widest part, the Giant Easter Egg is an incredible way to spoil your loved ones, or yourself (we won’t judge). The thick, hollow, milk chocolate is decorated with a drizzle of white …

14 March 2012

Super Fast Apple Peeling

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I call this a super fast and talented Apple Peeler. Not wasting too much apple on the peel. I bet and I’m pretty sure he is a wonderful and fast potato peeler as well. Now what did he do with the apple. Sad thing is we will never find out. …

5 March 2012

The Froth Maker – Not Talking About the Fab!

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What’s even more important than using good coffee? Well of course the froth for you Cappuccino or Latte.
The Capresso froth PRO produces perfectly frothed milk, steamed milk, perfect for cappuccinos, café lattes and delicious hot chocolates…automatically. Makes delicious hot or cold milk froth instantly. Two unique frothing disks deliver maximum …

2 March 2012

Cheap Mixed Drink Dispenser

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I don’t see why this shouldn’t work with Rum and Coke for example.
One touch pour means no lifting Auto Magic Tap™ drink dispenser replaces a hard to remove twist-off bottle cap, with a universal, one-touch activated suction tap that pours beverages directly into glasses, eliminating the need to lift heavy …

29 February 2012

The Story of Sushi

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Let handcrafted dolls tell you the story of Sushi in this fun, cute and hungry making vimeo video. I refused to eat Sushi, didn’t get the point and thought it was kind of gross. Then couple of years ago when I was in Shanghai for a photo job I found …

26 February 2012

My First Burger-Less Cheeseburger

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I would love share one weird food moment I had here in Sri Lanka. Well, we are here over 3 weeks now and we normally always eat local stuff like curries, Chinese are very common. But after 3 weeks I felt like having a burger. Which now taught me to …

21 January 2012

Wine Fountain Glass

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Will make the wine taste better? Probably not but it looks awfully fun.
Hold the glistening display of the Trevi Fountain of Rome in the palm of your hand with our contemporary self aerating wine glass. This wine accessory features an innovative inner wine aerating platform that eliminates the need for …

29 December 2011

Bubbly Bacon Soda

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Instead of coffee with your greasy breakfast! WIN!
This soda was cleverly crafted to not only taste like bacon, but be something you would actually want to drink! (Unlike the other sodas.) And if you like the Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops, then you will love this soda! It?s a mad …

19 December 2011

Chocolate Tools – Wrenchy

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Las week we went for our first long road trip since we have been on Sicily. We went to the fantastic town of Syracuse stayed over night and then went to the baroque gem Noto. We only have been gone out of Palermo for 36 hours but the amount of …

19 December 2011

Fermentation Pot aka Sauerkraut Maker

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Eating Sauerkraut with Ribs on New Year’s Eve is a tradition in Germany. Supposed to bring luck, health and money. Better getting brewing on that Sauerkraut with that pot!
This 10 liter (2.5 gallon) fermentation pot is beautifully hand crafted in Poland and is essential for pickling and making sauerkraut. Made …

15 December 2011

Freakin’ Brandy Pipe

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May I hold your brandy pipe? Sluuuuuuurrp!
Presented in a foam lined gift box, this unique liqueur glass makes an ideal gift for anyone that appreciates a stronger drink. Based on the original sipper glasses from the 17th century, the Brandy Pipe follows traditional glass making techniques to help drinkers get …

12 December 2011

Glowing Bugs Candy

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Yes, it’s fake but you can fool many people with it!
This is such a cool candy, we can’t stop showing it to people. It’s really part magic trick, and it really blows people’s minds when we show it to them. Each package contains a bunch of little gummy larva-shaped bugs …

29 November 2011

Really Strange Candy from Japan

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Where are currently in the process of deciding where we are heading next for our Travel Blog and after watching this video it just plain has to be Japan. I don’t know what it is, poisonous or how it tastes but …

29 November 2011

Fat Feast: The 360 Grill

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Best part, the deep fryer in the middle. Perfect for Tailgating!!! But wish they would have made the grill area a bit wider.
Our Blacktop 360 Grill Fryer is a deep fryer, infrared grill, griddle and integrated warming plate all in one! The unique shape of our Blacktop 360 makes cooking …

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