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20 November 2011

Fingerprint Espresso Machine Slave

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Every office worldwide has to have one including our mobile home office!
This is the espresso machine that scans your fingertip to identify and make your preferred coffee drink. Simply place your finger on the biometric scanner to program the kind of drink, amount of coffee, and strength-the machine will make …

10 November 2011

Chocolate Kebab

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Today we were running around near the Palermo train station to find the bus going to the small town/city of Bagheria. That was very stressful but this Chocolate Kebab caught my attention even though it was just out of the corner of my eye. I’m a huge fan of Döner …

1 November 2011

Robot Tea Infuser

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Hope this fellow doesn’t get rusty over the winter season.
The Robot Tea Infuser is made of stainless steel. Pop open his chest compartment and load it with your favorite loose leaf tea. Close it up and he’s ready for an invigorating dip in your hot tub mug of scalding hot …

31 October 2011

Make Brownies in only 10 Minutes

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Do you love yourself some brownies? Do only like the Do It Yourself Kind but your are strapped on time? Then this brownie maker (who would ever guessed this exists) is for you. Enjoy your perfect desert with this 6 bar brownie maker from Smart Planet. Speedy design allows for …

29 October 2011

Army Of Soldier Party Picks

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This is kind of war I like …. unarm these solders ….mumpf mumpf mumpf! This is another neat party product. Stage fights among the meatballs with these little soldiers. The Food Fighters Party Picks come 12 in a pack, green and grey. And when all the soldiers are dead. No …

29 October 2011

Quick Way To Cook Spaghetti

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We had some incredible Pasta while being here in Palermo but I wonder what Italians would say about this way of cooking pasta. I do love the idea of saving time and energy by cooking spaghetti this way and I will try it out TODAY! This maybe will change my …

25 October 2011

Beer Bottle Capper

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I would just cap air. All day long!
You’re bubbling with excitement over your special home brew of beer or soda, but there is no better way to top it off than with this easy-to-use bottle capper. The leverage created by the special two-handed design allows you, with little effort, to …

1 September 2011

Zombie Treat: Giant Gummy Brain

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But only for good behaved zombies! You behave you get a treat!
Guaranteed to give anyone the heebie jeebies, this life-sized(ish) cranium makes a brilliant centrepiece at your Halloween party, or tasty accessory to a zombie outfit. Crammed with more calories than we care to think about, this bubblegum-flavoured behemoth weighs …

22 August 2011

The Ultimate Spaghetti Fork

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Coolest invention of the day and Inventor Bob is the coolest personality I have seen so far on Youtube today. Yummy pasta which is normally hard to control (especially when on a caffeine high) stringy pasta. Best thing about this invention, no batteries are needed. It works with a hand …

21 August 2011

Your Baby Can Be An Artist Too

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Cook messy food and sell the art pieces here. You will be rich in no time and once grown up your little artist can chose between the fanciest colleges.
Every meal is a masterpiece with this clever cotton bib, designed as a canvas for artful spills, stains and dribbles. Printed with …

11 August 2011

Travel Kettle

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This must be one of the most handy trekking – hiking gadgets you can get your hands on.
This incredible piece of kit is not only sturdy enough to boil and serve up to 1.1 litres (almost 2 pints) of water at a time, but it’ll also pack flatter than a …

8 August 2011

Peelable Ice Cream Popcicle

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If you believe it or not, this is a peelable popcicle. At first you take a small bite from the top, then your can peel down the four sites before you can suck on that juicy, yummy lucking ice treat. As far as I can tell from the the pics, …

5 August 2011

Canned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

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Just for the yummies even if they don’t look like it, honestly.
A Candwich Canned Sandwich is one tasty DIY treat, just waiting for you to crack it open. When you pop the top of your Candwich Canned Sandwich, you’ll hear an audible hiss of magic, and out will spill the …

28 July 2011

Finger Picker Snacking Help

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I need 10 for each finger – YES! Snack time is one!!!
Just pickin!  Who needs old-fashioned full sized utensils?  Not us!  Just slip on one of theses finger picks and you’re ready to hit the hors d’oeuvres!  Even with a plate in one hand and glass in the other, you’re …

6 June 2011


Post Thumbnail of Mutatoes

Check out these Hungry-Beasts. This Germany Artist from Berlin is collecting mutated fruits and vegetable from the farmer markets. The question now is, are the veggies we are used to look at the mutations or the rare findings in the video the normal standard. This makes me totally confused and …

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