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3 June 2011

Your Personal Bamboo Tiki Bar

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Dude … if you serve behind a Tiki Bar at least take your shirt off!
This is the genuine bamboo tiki bar that provides a weatherproof, outdoor station for storing and serving spirits to guests. Recalling the Polynesian beach bars renowned for serving fruity, rum-based cocktails, the bar is made from …

10 May 2011

Giveaway: Awesome Bamboo Cutting Board from Freschetta

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Somehow it made it’s round that I’m addicted to pizza and my addiction even has grown within the 3 month of our time in Buenos Aires, the city of …

2 May 2011

Aphrodisiac Restaurant

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This is the strangest and most funny restaurant menu I’ve ever read. I would never go to a restaurant like this and it really makes me wonder who would. What am I talking about? Well … let me translate for you… these are actual dishes from this erotic restaurant in …

27 April 2011

Look Twice Real Egg Surprise

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Kinky Japanese Surprise Eggs for Men

Too bad this doesn’t continue to the smallest egg possible. The only egg surprises I knew were rotten eggs, hidden Easter eggs (especially stepping on them while trying to find them), Kinder Egg Surprise and my mother’s eye balls. What? Wait? No! This is a …

15 April 2011

Buy Exclusive Wine from Argentina Online

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Hmm wine from Argentina! Since we set foot in Buenos Aires I have no idea how many bottles of Malbec we killed. Since we love wine but have no idea what we are really have too link for in a wine we thought we should do a wine tasting here. …

13 April 2011

Pot for the lazy Cook

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High cooking with this self stirring pot for lazy cooks. But come on? How lazy can you be?
This is the electric cooker that automatically stirs ingredients, leaving you free to prepare other parts of the meal. A spatula integrated into the bottom of the pot rotates autonomously as food cooks, …

11 April 2011

You want to take a bite of this Camera: CHOCOLATE

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Why just for the ladies!
Ladies gather around! Your iPhone may be great, but it certainly isn’t as cute as this keychain chocolate camera from Fuuvi Japan. With a 0.3 megapixel CMOS lens and a built-in rechargeable battery and built-in memory, the chocolate camera will take retro looking images as well …

8 April 2011

Barfy Burger

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Argentina is world famous for its incredible meats, especially for their steaks. But not every meet you encounter here in Buenos Aires you can wolf down. So the other day we went shopping and spotted Barfy Burger and at first thought this must be joke.  Turns it wasn’t! You can …

28 March 2011

Battery Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Shake out some energy with these stylish Salt and Pepper Shakers. Can be easily re-charged by opening the lid and pouring in more Salt or Pepper. Super easy and not even close to be cheesy.

Salt and pepper shakers shaped like D-cell batteries
See-thru "power indicator" shows how much salt and …

28 March 2011

Two Shots of Vodka

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Not sure what I should think about her mixing my cocktails. If I’m in a bar and I have to pay for my drinks and I actually see how much Vodka she is pouring and I’m prepared to drink slow … cool, double thumbs up for her. But If I’m …

23 March 2011

Shark Bite Oven Mittens

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You like to eat cookies and sharks like to eat your hand.
Dun dun… dun dun… dun dun … lookout!… Your cupcakes are overcooking!  Hopefully your cupcakes will not meet the same fate as your arm!  Maybe next time you sould pay more attention to the scary theme music that you …

19 March 2011

OMG – Rabbit in my Salad

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WTF – there is a rabbit in my salad. OH – em! Wrong .. in that case may I server you some lettuche?
Keep it green with our Rabbit Ear Salad Servers! Mix your salad together and keep the servers in the bowl for a great rabbit in the salad illusion! …

15 March 2011

Huge Home Beer Bar

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The real deal way to store beer at home. Always full, please! That’s how I like it.
The 4 door glass fronted model from Gamko’s Eco-Line range of bottle coolers offers a high capacity chilled storage space for undercounter use. Featuring a low power output, this bottle cooler helps you have …

8 March 2011

Curly Fry Cutter

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And I thought the potatoes grow curly!
No more time-consuming and hazardous slicing with a knife — simply place your potato or other vegetable inside the Curly Fry Cutter and turn the crank. The threaded rod makes slicing easier, and the Curly Fry Cutter’s closed design keeps fingers safe while minimizing …

2 March 2011

Happy Gay Time: Hand-Blown Beer Boot Glass

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Ready for the Summer hit of 2011? Here it is – The Beer Boot song! First time I paid attention to the Beer Boot Glass was when we visited the Schnitzel Shack in Savannah. Das Boot! What kind of beer is that? And this!!!! Dance – DANCE I SAID!
Das Booooot! …

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