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5 September 2013

Only in Amsterdam: Tricycle Stunt In The Red Light District

Post Thumbnail of Only in Amsterdam: Tricycle Stunt In The Red Light District

I was … well I’m still in Amsterdam (plane leaves this afternoon) and I must admit this city is incredible. Love the canals, the people and the fact that you can enjoy weed. Not saying that I smoke or anything like that but well I’m just saying.
Amsterdam now is …

4 March 2013

Elephant Doing The Moonwalker

Post Thumbnail of Elephant Doing The Moonwalker

Ok! I have to admit that I enhanced this video a tiny but. But the right moves were already right there. I took this video today on our very last day in Valencia. Tomorrow we are flying over to Istanbul for our next 91 Days but had to go back …

19 February 2013

Trapped Dog Gif And Other Musings

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Trapped like a Wackeldackel. What would you do in it’s situation. Let it all loose and fall in the bucket of very wet water? Scream for help or hang out like a messed up poodle dog? Now imagine this tub filled with hungry Piranha! Evil ! Evil! I know but …

28 January 2013

LSD Horsey In New York City

Post Thumbnail of LSD Horsey In New York City

Not done yet with all the New York posts (to be honest there is one more coming up) but I had to share with you this installation I found at the NBC store. This pink tiny horsey with Kirby riding on top of it, just hanging out under this HUUUUGE, …

24 January 2013

Underpants Sucker

Post Thumbnail of Underpants Sucker

Minty Fresh! Yeah right! Good thing they are not worn underpants suckers aka lollipops. This would make me honestly gag and puke up a little. I know there is a fetish for it but let me tell you! If it comes down to it you can dip that sucker into …

21 January 2013

Forever Alone Bust

Post Thumbnail of Forever Alone Bust

I’m in tears!
our massive library houses hundreds of leather-bound books, warmly lit by your fireplace. On the mantle, just below a painting of you in a velvet robe, is a series of ivory busts. Among them: Shakespeare, Bach, Lincoln, Athena, Einstein, and one you’ve recently added. It will have been …

15 January 2013

The Shoe Shoe Slip

Post Thumbnail of The Shoe Shoe Slip

This totally confuses me … what’s the point then to even wear shoes????
These are the shoe shields that slip over footwear, keeping shoes clean when used outdoors or keeping floors clean when used indoors. Made from lightweight EVA foam, the shields protect slippers or dress shoes when retrieving the paper …

15 January 2013

Bent Boy Gif And Other Musings

Post Thumbnail of Bent Boy Gif And Other Musings

DUDE .. ouch! Your knees! I hope your health insurance is never going to find out about your extreme Limbo Moves! They might going to increase your monthly fee or kick out all together. Yeah, you are laughing now but don’t come running when no insurance want to insure you. …

8 December 2012

Zoomballoons – Online Game

Post Thumbnail of Zoomballoons – Online Game

Bloody Zombies! Now they are attacking the human race via Hot Air Balloons! WTF! Is this for real. Apparently it’s not … since it’s a game! Duh. Now! No reason to freak out here my friends. Wipe the foam off your face. Or people might thing you already caught the …

6 December 2012

Give The Gift Of An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Post Thumbnail of Give The Gift Of An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Why not! Howling Wolf Shirt and Big Face Bear Fashion already went super popular. Next will be those rather not so tasteful Christmas Sweaters. Wow..! Look at the sweaters below. The deer are ready for some jolly pokin’! What would be your reaction if you would get a sweater like …

6 December 2012

Miniature Cooking From Japan

Post Thumbnail of Miniature Cooking From Japan

I have seen many weird things from Japan since hunting for content for Random Good Stuff on the internet. But this is truly bizarre. I just don’t get the point of it. Why put so much effort into producing tiny dishes you can’t even eat? Maybe to show off your …

27 November 2012

Fail Squirrel

Post Thumbnail of Fail Squirrel

I got this video from my brother in Germany. Yes, this is how squirrels look like in Germany. Red with fuzzy ear tops. He said that little dude was terrorizing his balcony for the last 5 month. Looks like that fuzzy fellow is preparing for the cold winter month in …

11 November 2012

Unfreeze Me! Online Game

Post Thumbnail of Unfreeze Me! Online Game

Who would ever freeze Twitter Birds into little ice cubes. Such a cruel thing to do. But maybe it’s someone paying back for Twitter downtime time! By The Way .. are you following Random Good Stuff already on Twitter? If not … Feel Free! Now back to the birds in …

4 November 2012

Nympho Cat And Other Musings

Post Thumbnail of Nympho Cat And Other Musings

Watch out for those Nympho cats? They are vicious! An even more vicious animal we encountered while visiting Idaho … COUGARS. Once they lay an eye on you across the bar they will attack. No doubt about that. Not sure how many attacks we had to dodge but let me …

31 October 2012

Hepex–New Online Game

Post Thumbnail of Hepex–New Online Game

This game is awesome and really gets your brain going. It starts off super easy and above game board is nothing compared to the ones I saw further on playing Hepex! This puzzles game wants you to color in tiles by running your mouse over them. But there are certain …

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