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15 February 2015

Using A Makeup App On A Baby

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Have you seen one of those makeup apps? They are already creepy when applied on grownups but this person on Reddit used the app on his newborn son. To say the least it’s extremely creepy. Let’s take it a bit further. Just imagine that kid grows up always wearing Google …

12 February 2015

Body Part Candles

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You better hurry and get yourself a nice body part candle set before the candle season part one of 2015 is over. I haven’t explored ETSY enough in the past but this will change now. Got some good ETSY findings? Let me know but in the meantime while waiting for …

11 February 2015

Handicorn – The One Of A Kind

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Handicorns are rare and none of them are the same. They come in all kinds of different shapes, some are hairy, some are not but they are all lovable.

Hands are boring. Getting more worn-out and wrinkly by the minute. And sadly no amount of tattoos, nail polish or hilarious double-jointedness …

10 February 2015

1.5 Million Balloons In Cleveland

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That’s what I don’t understand about fundraiser. Why not safe the money and put it into the cause you’re raising money for? Not to mention all the waste! AND wasted time! With a work force like that they could have built a pyramid in a day. Oh .. it’s from …

9 February 2015

Your Personal Handheld 3D Printer

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I can’t wait to 3D print my first car.

This is the only pen that creates three-dimensional plastic drawings. Instead of releasing ink, this pen extrudes warm thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, allowing you to create three-dimensional freehand drawings. Artists can download blueprints of a 6″-tall Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, …

9 February 2015

Patchwork Online Game

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Well, this game is not really called Patchwork Online Game even though they should have. Instead it’s called Cover Color Game. The only thing I can think off while playing it it PATCHWORK. It’s neat little online puzzle game. The first couple of puzzles are way too easy but it …

8 February 2015

The Real Angry Bird

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He finally got rid of his wife. Poor guy, he now has this Angry Bird on his back! Watch the video below. It’s hilarious.

Peaches was owned by a couple that eventually got a divorce and of course, I’m sure there was a few disagreements. Peaches now mimicks a couple arguing, …

5 February 2015

Mini Clip Tool

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Double Agents male and female listen up! This could get you out of many dangerous situations. Just Clip into your hair and be prepared for almost every double agent situation, dangerous or not. It can even function as a candle. See link!!!

Screw drivers, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, …

28 January 2015

Epic Rail Online Game

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Did you dream as a kid to become a train conductor? Your dream job didn’t work out? And you maybe are a little bit happy about it but still got the itch to control trains? Here is the game for you, EPIC RAIL! You have different tasks and try not …

26 January 2015

Hot Pepper Bath Powder

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Have you ever touched your private parts after cutting hot chili peppers? It’s not a fun business at all. Out of my own experience dunk it in milk. It’s the only thing which works! Let’s hope this powder bath doesn’t have the same effect.

Here’s a new way for you to …

26 January 2015

Little Storm In Australia

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What kind of awesome forest is this. Huge trees and palm trees in between. I want to take pictures there. But people be warned, driving around the Australian brush during a storm is dangerous. Nothing bad happened in this video but, well see for yourself.
–1001 Movies You Must See Before …

25 January 2015

Owl Cafe In Tokyo

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I’m not sure what caused the whole owl hype in Tokyo but there seems to be an owl cafe in almost every bigger neighborhood. Maybe it’s because of all the Harry Potter Movies. The owls very all cute and stuff and they also had a full grown eagle (which totally …

24 January 2015

The Lunch Whistle

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Don’t be surprised if the entire neighborhood is going to show up.

Summoning children home for the evening or guests to supper without the uncouth clattering of klaxons common to cowboy encampments, it is ideal for adding whimsy to a porch, lakehouse deck, or recreation area. Generating a safe 120 dB …

21 January 2015

The Insane Beehive Firework Festival In Taiwan

Post Thumbnail of The Insane Beehive Firework Festival In Taiwan

This is the craziest firework related video I have ever seen. It’s part of the Beehive Firework in Taiwan. And I want to go! NOW!!! I’m no stranger to really intense fireworks since we chose to live in Valencia, Spain. For example Street Mascleta, Color Mascleta, Beach Mascleta, La Desperta …

19 January 2015

DimeMond = The Diamond In A Dime

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This would make a very nice tip in a restaurant. The waiter would be at first like .. HE .. Cheap Butt! But then he/she realizes it. This real US currency has been legally altered with permission of the US Mint. DimeMond was designed in 2004 by artists Tobias Wong …

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