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17 May 2012

The Korean English Lesson

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Get down on your knees and learn some English. Over two weeks now in Korea, learning some Korean basics so we can at least order food we are able to digest. I bet I have said similar things to Koreans. Ha! But this video really made my day. I haven’t …

14 May 2012

Space Attack Totally Bejewelled

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Nope! You don’t have to control these tiny spaceships and shoot your enemies. You only have to click of same colored jewels on the left hand side and the this game does the rest. Collecting these groups will give the funds to buy spaceship. They are grouped under tiers and …

14 May 2012

A Fly As A Pet? Epic!

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Let’s just say, I’m totally freaked out! Didn’t know that flies have elephant like trunk tool. Well, I did knew but was not thinking about it. Now I’m totally freaked out and went on a fly killing spree! Oh, wait! No! Look how cute that fly is giving paw and …

10 May 2012

Genitals Hand Soap

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Maybe I didn’t but washing your hands is important no matter what you touched!
Where you put your hands is none of our business.  We become concerned when you involve other people, though.  Handshakes, high-fives and thumb wars are dangerous unless the #1 After-Genital-Contact Hand Soap has been used.  Maybe you …

9 May 2012

Sleepy Ice Cream Battle

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The urge for licking that ice cream cone wins. Even though this guy is totally passed from giving it all at the playground he has to lick it. Now parents watch out because the sugar rush will hit. I doesn’t look like it right now but trust me it will …

7 May 2012

Fruit Swordsman Typing

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Typing with all 10 fingers is essential these days. I thought I was a somewhat fast writer but when we checked in at the airport in Seoul for our connection flight to Busan I then realized what it really means to type fast. Man, that woman checking us in was …

4 May 2012

Boy Mopping

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So, what’s wrong with me! Every time I go shopping I never see stuff like this. What am I doing wrong? Shopping in the wrong hoods, wrong time of the day/night. We just have to hope that Granny Coolz never by …

1 May 2012

Hamburger Sweater And Other Musings

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This is a sweater everyone wants! This is the sweater people will start to munch on your and this will be the sweater you want to wear while going next time to your local fast food joint. Now is there is a detergant with hamburger smell/flavor? This would add little …

1 May 2012

The Weird Swim Moment

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Hello from Kuala Lumpur Airport. We left Sri Lanka now after 3 month of excessive traveling behind. During our time we stayed mostly on budget places, guesthouses or homestays. So for our last night we rented this awesome apartment in Colombo. What a treat! We basically relaxed, caught up with …

25 April 2012

My New Favorite Toy: Mini Pocket Desktop Canons

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These tiny desktops are not just awesome, they are super awesome. And a 100% guarantee to shoot out both of my eyes! Or someone else’s. But I don’t care and I want to buy a whole army of these canons. Set them up and shot everything which comes near them. …

23 April 2012

2 Year Old DJ Got Some Talent

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This is clearly child labor but I’m happy that this little (cool) dude is not working the late nights shifts in the clubs. I honestly can’t believe how much rhythm he has and great timing for beats and all ( you can hear I’m real DJ critic!) Ok now, without …

21 April 2012

RomeoGOGO Boy

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Too me that princess looks more like a minging minger. And some of the levels are way too easy and the soundtrack  super annoying. But there are tons of levels and it’s all together entertaining, well close enough. Now they gave couple of tools as well. You can blow bubbles …

20 April 2012

Creepy Lovebirds

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I don’t even have an idea if those two birds are even lovebirds but I know one thing for sure. They totally creep me out. And what is with that other bird’s lovespasms. Man, at first I was like awww that is so sweet and cute and couple seconds later …

18 April 2012

Black Toothpaste

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Not sure what’s more gross, the black toothpaste or that nail!
Despite being a black colored toothpaste, it won’t leave your teeth stained black, but actually make them cleaner due to one of its primary ingredients, charcoal. Why charcoal? Because of its amazing absorption properties, it is used for many soaps …

18 April 2012

The Cat Bridge Of Terror

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I always wanted to blog this following sentence. This cat is some kind of pussy! For real! Just watch this video. But I do give that cat some credit. Perfect example of easy problem solving. That cat evaluated the situation. Gave …

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