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6 October 2012

Brain Candle

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Great for hunting ideas!
This hand-sculpted brain candle is suspended in gel wax, so it looks just like a laboratory specimen. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like formaldehyde. Actually, it doesn’t smell like anything since we couldn’t agree on what brains should smell like. Pop off the lid, light it up, and …

30 September 2012

Can I Be Your Qwirkle All Night Long?

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This game is awesome!!! We bought it couple of weeks ago. It does look kind of childish and way too easy but this game rocks! Look at the picture above and you will get the basic idea. It’s a color and shape matching game. A little bit like UNO and …

25 September 2012

Rabbit Save World

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Chubby rabbit, I know you are hungry. Please give me a break though! What you want more radishes …please! Come one .. please watch your weight! Otherwise the evil people from the PETA are coming and taking you away from me. Accusing me that I didn’t take proper care of …

23 September 2012

Melty Gif And Other Musings

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Yummy chocolate .. I love it dark and bitter. Melted I like it as well, especially when I can dip Ice Cream into it. YUMMY yet again! Now if that GIF doesn’t get you get up from the computer to hunt down something chocolaty I don’t know. You can’t be …

17 September 2012

Baby Face Of The Month

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I don’t know what it is but this face! This little boy has such a unique and mature face! Can’t stop staring at it and I know if I don’t stop staring it will haunt me for the rest of my …

13 September 2012

Pregnant Keychain

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A subtle way to break the news at the office of example!
Keychains don’t get much stranger than this Pregnant Woman Keychain. It’s a torso of a pregnant woman’s body with a little fetus floating around inside her protruding belly. (curled up in that fetal position, we can’t tell if it’s …

13 September 2012

Before After Make-Up

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As a dude I’m honestly not paying to much attention to Make-Up. As a photographer a little more. Have a some make-up to reduce shiny foreheads and stuff, but that’s all and wouldn’t like to add anything else when I take portraits. But the pictures in this post are real …

31 July 2012

Crazy Butt K-Pop Video

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Be warned! This video and song will fry your brain! And if you are planning to watch it more than one time … well don’t be surprised to to find out that you might harm yourself so much, that a doctor might declare you as clinical dead. We just published …

25 July 2012

Putty Skin Dude

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Watching this video totally freaks me out. Makes me uncomfortable and I just wanted to slide my head back into my turtle shell. By all means he can make himself shut up by pulling his neck skin over his lips. Woah! Woah! Woah! Now there are other people claiming to …

23 July 2012

Carnage–Free Online Racing Game

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This game is the only time when drunk driving is encouraged. Well only via this game and of course only when you are old enough to do so. This game feels like a solid real video game. But it’s all free and you can play via your computer. Fun speed, …

18 July 2012

Drain Pet Restroom

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When doggy gotsto piss it gotsto piss. GREAT JOB!
This is the pet restroom with an integrated cover and drain that eliminates the worry of spills when emptying. Its mat is made of porous PVC turf that covers a plastic frame which allows liquid to drain into the included 1-gallon tray …

16 July 2012

Black Box Online Game

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This game is a huge exception! Normally I would never blog about a game which I can’t embed on our the Random Good Stuff Games Page (which has now over 600 free games) but I really love this game and had a blast playing it. Here is an other catch …

2 July 2012

Chain Saw Master Online Game

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No! This game has nothing to do with some strange Korean Gore movie (which seems like the most favorite genre in Korea right now, saw some crazy shit since we are here) but more with gears, physics and logic thinking. You have to lay the chain around the gears, so …

30 June 2012

Snow Kitty Gif And Other Musings

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Minimum contact with snow is the goal and that kitty know how to do it. Bouncy, bouncy through the snow! And next we will see that cat walk over water as well. So much talent and skill. LIL Lion Doggy you will see below almost made it getting featured in …

28 June 2012

Museum With Optical Illusions

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I would have never thought going to a Trick Eye Museum can be so much fun. We didn’t expect much but we had in incredible blast. Good thing that nobody else was around, so we could just let it all loose! Yupp, mid 30ies here and we didn’t give a …

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