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21 January 2013

Forever Alone Bust

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I’m in tears!
our massive library houses hundreds of leather-bound books, warmly lit by your fireplace. On the mantle, just below a painting of you in a velvet robe, is a series of ivory busts. Among them: Shakespeare, Bach, Lincoln, Athena, Einstein, and one you’ve recently added. It will have been …

15 January 2013

The Shoe Shoe Slip

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This totally confuses me … what’s the point then to even wear shoes????
These are the shoe shields that slip over footwear, keeping shoes clean when used outdoors or keeping floors clean when used indoors. Made from lightweight EVA foam, the shields protect slippers or dress shoes when retrieving the paper …

8 December 2012

Zoomballoons – Online Game

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Bloody Zombies! Now they are attacking the human race via Hot Air Balloons! WTF! Is this for real. Apparently it’s not … since it’s a game! Duh. Now! No reason to freak out here my friends. Wipe the foam off your face. Or people might thing you already caught the …

6 December 2012

Miniature Cooking From Japan

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I have seen many weird things from Japan since hunting for content for Random Good Stuff on the internet. But this is truly bizarre. I just don’t get the point of it. Why put so much effort into producing tiny dishes you can’t even eat? Maybe to show off your …

27 November 2012

Fail Squirrel

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I got this video from my brother in Germany. Yes, this is how squirrels look like in Germany. Red with fuzzy ear tops. He said that little dude was terrorizing his balcony for the last 5 month. Looks like that fuzzy fellow is preparing for the cold winter month in …

11 November 2012

Unfreeze Me! Online Game

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Who would ever freeze Twitter Birds into little ice cubes. Such a cruel thing to do. But maybe it’s someone paying back for Twitter downtime time! By The Way .. are you following Random Good Stuff already on Twitter? If not … Feel Free! Now back to the birds in …

4 November 2012

Nympho Cat And Other Musings

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Watch out for those Nympho cats? They are vicious! An even more vicious animal we encountered while visiting Idaho … COUGARS. Once they lay an eye on you across the bar they will attack. No doubt about that. Not sure how many attacks we had to dodge but let me …

31 October 2012

Hepex–New Online Game

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This game is awesome and really gets your brain going. It starts off super easy and above game board is nothing compared to the ones I saw further on playing Hepex! This puzzles game wants you to color in tiles by running your mouse over them. But there are certain …

6 October 2012

Brain Candle

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Great for hunting ideas!
This hand-sculpted brain candle is suspended in gel wax, so it looks just like a laboratory specimen. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like formaldehyde. Actually, it doesn’t smell like anything since we couldn’t agree on what brains should smell like. Pop off the lid, light it up, and …

30 September 2012

Can I Be Your Qwirkle All Night Long?

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This game is awesome!!! We bought it couple of weeks ago. It does look kind of childish and way too easy but this game rocks! Look at the picture above and you will get the basic idea. It’s a color and shape matching game. A little bit like UNO and …

25 September 2012

Rabbit Save World

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Chubby rabbit, I know you are hungry. Please give me a break though! What you want more radishes …please! Come one .. please watch your weight! Otherwise the evil people from the PETA are coming and taking you away from me. Accusing me that I didn’t take proper care of …

23 September 2012

Melty Gif And Other Musings

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Yummy chocolate .. I love it dark and bitter. Melted I like it as well, especially when I can dip Ice Cream into it. YUMMY yet again! Now if that GIF doesn’t get you get up from the computer to hunt down something chocolaty I don’t know. You can’t be …

17 September 2012

Baby Face Of The Month

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I don’t know what it is but this face! This little boy has such a unique and mature face! Can’t stop staring at it and I know if I don’t stop staring it will haunt me for the rest of my …

13 September 2012

Pregnant Keychain

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A subtle way to break the news at the office of example!
Keychains don’t get much stranger than this Pregnant Woman Keychain. It’s a torso of a pregnant woman’s body with a little fetus floating around inside her protruding belly. (curled up in that fetal position, we can’t tell if it’s …

13 September 2012

Before After Make-Up

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As a dude I’m honestly not paying to much attention to Make-Up. As a photographer a little more. Have a some make-up to reduce shiny foreheads and stuff, but that’s all and wouldn’t like to add anything else when I take portraits. But the pictures in this post are real …

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