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26 January 2015

Hot Pepper Bath Powder

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Have you ever touched your private parts after cutting hot chili peppers? It’s not a fun business at all. Out of my own experience dunk it in milk. It’s the only thing which works! Let’s hope this powder bath doesn’t have the same effect.

Here’s a new way for you to …

25 January 2015

Animal Bottoms For Ladies

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Sorry if the title disappointed you. But will turn on a geek or two.

A bear, a panda, and a cat… no, not the beginning of a joke; these are the animals that decorate the back of these panties. One animal per pair. And because animals need to hear what’s going …

24 January 2015

The Lunch Whistle

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Don’t be surprised if the entire neighborhood is going to show up.

Summoning children home for the evening or guests to supper without the uncouth clattering of klaxons common to cowboy encampments, it is ideal for adding whimsy to a porch, lakehouse deck, or recreation area. Generating a safe 120 dB …

22 January 2015

The Soup Monster Called Nessie Ladle

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The cutest ladle ever! You have to see it to believe it, especially with lake monsters. And in this case it’s such a real and cute sight.

Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie! Diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use,
a legendary time …

20 January 2015

LED Under Bed Nightlights

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With motion sensor. I want one of those in every single room! They look awesome.

These are the motion-sensing night lights that activate when you step out of bed. Ideal for safely illuminating the way to a bathroom, telephone, or doorway without disturbing a sleeping spouse or stubbing your toe, the …

19 January 2015

DimeMond = The Diamond In A Dime

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This would make a very nice tip in a restaurant. The waiter would be at first like .. HE .. Cheap Butt! But then he/she realizes it. This real US currency has been legally altered with permission of the US Mint. DimeMond was designed in 2004 by artists Tobias Wong …

18 January 2015

The Dog Mullet

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Your dog is not hip enough? Add a mullet!

Let your dog celebrate his freedom, with the Mullet on the Go, Dog Mullet! Yeah man! he’ll be rocking the Andre Agassi look circa 1990’s on the court, with the attitude of an American free spirit that would make Leonard Skynard proud! …

16 January 2015

Retro Arcade Wristwatch

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Forget Smart Watches! This will get you the attention.

Its face enclosed by a miniature cabinet that bears all the nostalgic design elements of its full-sized forebears (including a non-functioning joystick), this watch pays homage to the space battle games that once lined the walls of arcade parlors.
Continue Reading: Arcade Wristwatch
-Watches …

14 January 2015

Big Teeth Dog Toy

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You throw the ball and in return you will receive the Lulz!

It may be far fetched… but we think if they could your pup would be showing you their pearly whites all the time! You know they’re smiling at you with that happy tail wagging! Alas, …

13 January 2015

Drink Only Rainbow Cocktails

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The cocktail layering tool is called “Final Touch” emm! The way it makes cocktails look and if the do taste good it won’t be my last! I think once you go Rainbow you can never go back. It looks like it would take practice and time but seeing the end …

12 January 2015

I Lost My Heart To The Rollie Eggmaster

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The moment I watched the video (see below) I was sold. I knew I absoluetely need my very own Rollie Eggmaster. The egg rolls are a fine thing but you can do so much more with it. Emm, hello pancakes on a stick. And I love that you can make …

11 January 2015

Wifi Kettle

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For a moment I thought this kettle fills itself up with water … oh well. Still pretty cool!

Perfect for making your wake-up coffee or your ‘just-got-home-from-work cuppa’, the iKettle comes with a soft touch rubber handle, a filtered spout and an auto shut-off function with boil dry protection. Easy to …

9 January 2015

Selfie Toaster

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My guess is it doesn’t have to be a picture of a face … hmmm interesting!

A subject‘s full facial details are converted into twin stainless steel inserts, allowing its heating elements to brown light or dark likenesses of the subject onto one side of toast, removing any question as to …

6 January 2015

Stress Mushroom

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This hand motion releases a lot of stress but not in connection with a plastic mushroom, I think. But releasing stress either way is a good thing!

Twist them, stretch them, pound them on the desk. Embrace Japan’s favourite anger management solution and let these soothing shrooms ease the rage caused …

3 January 2015

The Oral – B Triumph 5000 Electronic Toothbrush

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So this toothbrush was my big present for Christmas 2014. Which was a big surprise. Never thought I need or wanted one and at the first moment when I unwrapped it I was like: Hmm, ok! Guess my teeth need better cleaning.
So after over a week of using the toothbrush …

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