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9 February 2015

Patchwork Online Game

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Well, this game is not really called Patchwork Online Game even though they should have. Instead it’s called Cover Color Game. The only thing I can think off while playing it it PATCHWORK. It’s neat little online puzzle game. The first couple of puzzles are way too easy but it …

28 January 2015

Epic Rail Online Game

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Did you dream as a kid to become a train conductor? Your dream job didn’t work out? And you maybe are a little bit happy about it but still got the itch to control trains? Here is the game for you, EPIC RAIL! You have different tasks and try not …

11 January 2015

Invert Selection Online Puzzle Game

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As a photographer I work a lot of time with Photoshop and I do select and invert selection constantly. So this game got me thinking the same when when I work on photos. Play this game to kill some time or to relax. It’s very soothing as long as you …

20 December 2014

Axon Sprout Game

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You need to be alert and have a very fast clicky fingery for the Axon Sprout game. Try to hit up as many protein bubbles other than white in a row and sprout super fast into the sky. Beautiful and simple game for the entire family.
Play it here: Axon
–Want to …

11 December 2014

Play Marble Temple

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Collect jewels and put the marble right into the hole. This fun free online game is like a mini golf game with a mystical touch. Place the marble, click and aim and soon you will be the master of this skill game with tons of different levels.
Play it here: Marble …

27 November 2014

Give Up Online Game!

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I’m not trying to tell you to give up on life! But I’m trying to tell you to play this awesome Jump and Run game I just added to the Random Good Games collection. The game keeps asking you to finally press the Give Up Button. Don’t do it though!!! …

24 November 2014

Tower Defense Game: Kingdom Rush

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I haven’t posted a game in a while and honestly thought that the time of browser games are over since most game developers are flocking to produce games for mobile devices. Well, I was wrong! Kingdom Rush is a superb game, which is also available as a download for Android …

8 December 2012

Zoomballoons – Online Game

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Bloody Zombies! Now they are attacking the human race via Hot Air Balloons! WTF! Is this for real. Apparently it’s not … since it’s a game! Duh. Now! No reason to freak out here my friends. Wipe the foam off your face. Or people might thing you already caught the …

11 November 2012

Unfreeze Me! Online Game

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Who would ever freeze Twitter Birds into little ice cubes. Such a cruel thing to do. But maybe it’s someone paying back for Twitter downtime time! By The Way .. are you following Random Good Stuff already on Twitter? If not … Feel Free! Now back to the birds in …

31 October 2012

Hepex–New Online Game

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This game is awesome and really gets your brain going. It starts off super easy and above game board is nothing compared to the ones I saw further on playing Hepex! This puzzles game wants you to color in tiles by running your mouse over them. But there are certain …

25 September 2012

Rabbit Save World

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Chubby rabbit, I know you are hungry. Please give me a break though! What you want more radishes …please! Come one .. please watch your weight! Otherwise the evil people from the PETA are coming and taking you away from me. Accusing me that I didn’t take proper care of …

23 July 2012

Carnage–Free Online Racing Game

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This game is the only time when drunk driving is encouraged. Well only via this game and of course only when you are old enough to do so. This game feels like a solid real video game. But it’s all free and you can play via your computer. Fun speed, …

16 July 2012

Black Box Online Game

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This game is a huge exception! Normally I would never blog about a game which I can’t embed on our the Random Good Stuff Games Page (which has now over 600 free games) but I really love this game and had a blast playing it. Here is an other catch …

2 July 2012

Chain Saw Master Online Game

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No! This game has nothing to do with some strange Korean Gore movie (which seems like the most favorite genre in Korea right now, saw some crazy shit since we are here) but more with gears, physics and logic thinking. You have to lay the chain around the gears, so …

18 June 2012

Regrebluli – Awesome Online Game

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Don’t be a bully and play Regrebluli and not because of some kind of punishment but because this game is so stylish and fun. Sprinkle a little Tron, good old PONG and you got yourself an online game wouldn’t like to stop for at least an hour. So what are …

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