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2 January 2012

Best Firework of 2012

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Yes indeed, the title of being the best Firework of 2012 already have been awarded to the people in Dubai. That amazing firework was shot from the highest building of the world ( Burj Khalifa ) in Dubai. I’m a sucker for Fireworks and here are couple of them I …

7 November 2011

Possibly NSFW: Big Bad Wolf

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No, this has nothing to do with possessed werewolves going on a hunt of fresh flesh. Well, on second thought maybe this does describes this video very well. But honestly someone approaching me with a huge bulge like this I would rather thing he has a inguinal hernia and don’t …

10 December 2010

Free your Balls–NSFW

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One word: NICE! Sacfree gives you extra private freedom. But why not Dicfree? I mean if it’s swinging, let it sweing ALL free. Also I think it’s kind of not fair. Just imagine a cold winter month and the only thing getting a breeze or the family treasures. They just …

7 November 2010

Alien Penis Out of Control

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Funky Zeit with aliens – NICE as Brüno would say it. Never knew that Aliens would be that dangly and so bushy. Come on Alien Boy cut back that bush and tie a knot in it. Here on earth with have different rules concerning body ethics. Yes, to present yourself …

21 October 2010

Breasts or Button? NSFW

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What kind of viewer / reader are you? Breasts or video button viewer. I have to admit that my eyes are focused on the animated button attached to pink dresses which are covering huuuuge boobs. Even though that hipster is not really my type at all BUT .. the song.. …

18 October 2010

Where are the Ladies on Chat Roulette?

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 NSFW         3 comments

Paid review to pay server costs – paid for my voice, the opinion is mine!
Thanks to Chat Roulette I had couple of great laughs – I never used Chat Roulette before but the Chat Roulette compilations are the best (which is your favorite compilation on youtube?).
In case you don’t want …

7 October 2010

Gross: The Poop Tube

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Please someone tell me this is not for real and it’s joke. There is no way that someone is selling a “poop” tube? Am I the only one who things this is wrong. But on the second thought … it would be nice doing business while standing up, it’s just …

25 June 2010

Happy Birthday Singing G-String aka Random Good String

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 NSFW         No comments

Yes – you heard it right. Singing G-String. Please take a shower first before you let your G-String sing for me. Thank you! AND no .. I’m not going to search that “hidden” button.
Sizzling sweet treat for you & the birthday guy/girl, no matter who’s wearing it! …

12 June 2010

HOT Cop Porn

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Everything the street got to offer – just plain Hot!
– HOT Auction

7 June 2010

NSFW: Surra de Bunda – “Sexy” new dance from Brazil

Post Thumbnail of NSFW: Surra de Bunda - “Sexy” new dance from Brazil

Surra Bunda the new hip dance which translates into ass licking would send my to a instant mental knock out when danced with me. I mean – I don’t want any ass in my face! SORRY. I prefer this – less intimidating!!!

[via: gawker – buzzfeed – Slog]
– Ass Licking Bargains

27 May 2010

NSFW: Count Cockula

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This vampire SUCKS!
Count Cockula’s Vampire mouth opening isn’t for the faint of heart. This exclusive Undead pale sleeve color is made from the same patented Real Feel Super Skin material that’s made Fleshlight the #1 selling male sex toy in the world. The amazingly detailed vampire mouth and …

26 May 2010

Fanny Floss

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 NSFW         1 comment

Not just for horse teeth.
Is your Fanny insured? Well maybe it should be, and of course you need to keep it in tip top shape. After all it does for you: such as cushion your falls, make it easier to sit, trigger cat calls, and stop traffic you should …

11 February 2010

This iPhone Application Stinks

Post Thumbnail of This iPhone Application Stinks

For some reason I saw this one coming – Why would I ever be interested who just pooped and what it looked and smelled like. So, emm .. where is that download link again?
If you’ve ever been told that pooping in 30 different locations does not merit a reward, …

25 January 2010

Birthday Cake with a Surprise

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My Birthday is just around the corner and now – penis cake like this is not what I’m looking forward to.
[via: yes but no but yes]
– 2010 Sundance Film Festival Underway

13 January 2010

Amazon tells a little secrets about priests shopping for wafers

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I love stuff like this. Poor little priest does has shopping online … finding a good deal on communion wafers and since he saved the church couple of bucks he buys him a little treat as well:

See your yourself: Amazon Wafers, pssst it’s a secret!
– 10 Weird …

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