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3 April 2015

Personal Sub-Surface Watercraft For Two

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I love diving but even after diving for couple of times (especially loved the underwater museum) it still makes me nervous. This would be be a good solution for the days when you just don’t feel like it!

This is the partially submersible watercraft that provides above- and underwater viewing options, …

3 April 2015

Fallas in Valencia: The City Of Fire

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We survived our 4th Fallas in Valencia now. It’s a 3 week long festival which starts off on the last Sunday of February with a parade of super loud firecrackers: La Desperta

On that day the Valencians start with the Mascletas. Which is a firework fired off in the middle of …

18 February 2015

Our Tokyo Travel Book For Free Today Only

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If you are the slightest bit interested in Tokyo you should download our Tokyo Travel Book. We made it available for free today only and has tons of great articles and Tokyo photos and has over 300 pages. We spent 3 month in this incredible city and never got bored …

13 February 2015

Japanese Pancakes AKA Okonomiyaki

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During our For 91 Days in Tokyo we had the chance to taste and enjoy many different traditional Japanese dishes. This article will start a whole series of different meals we had and how they are being made. Today I’m going to show you Japanese Pancakes AKA Okonomiyaki. Which are …

5 February 2015

The Tesla Car Airbnb

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I just recently wrote about my Favorite Airbnbs but I’m not sure if I would add this property. Mainly I’m not sure if I even fit in the trunk! But I have to compliment this owner. The nights help to pay off the car (not sure if anyone stayed there …

26 January 2015

Little Storm In Australia

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What kind of awesome forest is this. Huge trees and palm trees in between. I want to take pictures there. But people be warned, driving around the Australian brush during a storm is dangerous. Nothing bad happened in this video but, well see for yourself.
–1001 Movies You Must See Before …

25 January 2015

Owl Cafe In Tokyo

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I’m not sure what caused the whole owl hype in Tokyo but there seems to be an owl cafe in almost every bigger neighborhood. Maybe it’s because of all the Harry Potter Movies. The owls very all cute and stuff and they also had a full grown eagle (which totally …

22 January 2015

12 Amazing Waterfalls In Iceland

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Iceland is amazing. During our 3 month on this volcanic island we saw tons of breathtaking things and today I want to share with you couple of famous and lesser known waterfalls from Iceland (the links will have more information about the falls and sometimes even includes a video). If …

21 January 2015

The Insane Beehive Firework Festival In Taiwan

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This is the craziest firework related video I have ever seen. It’s part of the Beehive Firework in Taiwan. And I want to go! NOW!!! I’m no stranger to really intense fireworks since we chose to live in Valencia, Spain. For example Street Mascleta, Color Mascleta, Beach Mascleta, La Desperta …

20 January 2015

The Automated Cow Farm

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Moooo! We visited this cow dairy farm in Iceland. Where cows get fed and milked automatically. They even know to line up at the milking station when it’s their time. And to make up for the trouble there is even an automated Spa treatment for the cows after the milking. …

18 January 2015

Tokyo Cappuccino Latte Art. Today: Cute Panda

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During our time in Tokyo we noticed that EVERYTHING IS CUTE. Well, at least strange. For example how people are dressed, candy, or here is an entire post dedicated to… why is Tokyo so Cute?!
Because everything is so cruel? No we didn’t think so. It’s just adorable. Now sit back …

14 January 2015

Strange Bell Concert At Lake Lucerne

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Ding Dong Deng Ding. We heard this sound the moment we stepped out of the car to see the William Tell Plate at Lake Lucerne. At first we thought these were some kind of crazy cow bell concert. We loved this beautiful glocktower at this amazing lake.
Many more pictures: Lucerne
–Rent …

12 January 2015

Holding A Puffin

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Puffins are such a unique looking bird and we saw tons of them during our time in Iceland. They are absolutely gorgeous and as we found out even cuddly. We didn’t believe our eyes when we got introduced to the house puffin of the Aquarium on Heimaey Island.
Read all …

9 January 2015

10 Weird Museums From Around The World

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-Download These Amazing Travel Books-
During our 4 years of being in different places around the world for our Travel Blog, we have seen some bizarre museums. From gross to fun! There are many other museums we haven’t seen yet. Which one should we add to our list?
#1 Under Water Museum …

4 January 2015

The World Is Angry In Iceland

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Grrrrr! You wouldn’t think that Iceland is a place where people can happily live. But I can ensure you, they do. During our For 91 Days In Iceland we met many happy people and a lot of angry world. From geysers, hot springs, boiling mud and crazy steam coming out …

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