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12 April 2012

Visit Chicago

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I have been to Chicago couple of times and love my visit every single time. The last time we were there we did the Architectural Boat Tour and had a blast. I could totally see us staying there for 3 month for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. The video …

29 March 2012

Sending A Telephone Around The World

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We are ,as most of you know, on the road traveling as well and having fully charged equipment is essential to us. I’m really looking forward when technology let’s you charge your phones for example just one time a year. But the problem than is locating your charger after that …

25 March 2012

Draining Water At The Equator

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Before we went to Buenos Aires I was thinking about it but once arrived I never paid attention or noticed anything when I flushed the toilet. Now I wish I would have. I would have loved to flush for the whole …

18 March 2012

Pickpocket Preventing Shorts

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Knock on wood but we haven’t gotten anything stolen so far during our travels. But we got scammed just recently. But will talk about it soon on our Travel Blog.
These are the shorts that secure valuables with up to three levels of protection while traveling. The two front pockets have …

15 March 2012

Dude! What Are You Looking At Net?

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Hunting for bargains or pretty ladies? Well, either way … you just look fly! We have been in Sri Lanka in some pretty hefty mosquito areas. We needed a net several spots to sleep in peace but these blood sucking beasts somehow still gut in. We also used so far …

13 March 2012

Our Next Stop: Busan – South Korea

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Photo Credit: United Nations Photos
We are now almost 1 1/2 month now in Sri Lanka and are loving every minute of it. Time really flies by here and we had to decide on our next 91 Days so we can sort things out for next destination. So we chose Busan. …

10 March 2012

Fork/Knife Combo Tool

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Hey .. where is the spoon. Almost perfect for our travels!
And here’s what makes this Hobo Knife so lovely. First, it’s not bulky – the fork and knife are very refined looking, yet super strong. Also, we really loved the rose-wood handles; they give the Hobo Knife a sense of …

27 February 2012

Iceberg Tsunami

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I’m honestly surprised what little Ice dropping can create in waves. Man, if I would have been in these Kayaks I would have peed ice cubes. Those waves are huge. I also love how the guy filming just says WOW! This is Amazing! Instead of stop filming and helping the …

26 February 2012

My First Burger-Less Cheeseburger

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I would love share one weird food moment I had here in Sri Lanka. Well, we are here over 3 weeks now and we normally always eat local stuff like curries, Chinese are very common. But after 3 weeks I felt like having a burger. Which now taught me to …

25 February 2012

Elephant Tongue Touch

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The highlight of our stay in Sri Lanka was definitely our visit to the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela. It wasn’t easy to go around the waiters who are on your back for tips the whole time but we managed to get very close to this little fellow. At one point …

21 February 2012

Giant Bats

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We thought we are going to take a nice walk through one of the most beautiful botanical gardens ever which is located right in the center of the Sri Lanka. First thing we got presented with was a poisonous scorpion, one sting and you are probably dead. Good thing I …

19 February 2012

Human Bait! Chased by a Hippo

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I would have never ever guessed that Hippos are such fast swimmer. In the long version of the video the dude says that Hippos are the number 1 human killer in Africa and after watching this video I totally believe it. Good thing that Sri Lanka doesn’t have any Hippos …

13 February 2012

Self Leveling Pool Table

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Am I seeing this right or am I drunk? This table adjusts itself so it always stays leveled for undisturbed pool playing fun. I really would like to see when the table gives up. Or maybe that table can handle giant waves after all. At rough see I would just …

11 January 2012

Crosswind Landings

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I love flying, well let’s say I used to love flying. Somehow between my first flight and currently flying “the magic” about traveling by plane has gone or better said flown far far away. It’s just too much hassle and pain. Flying these days is only fun if you can …

4 January 2012

Boxer Shorts For Travel Bloggers

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Because when you travel everything is possible. I especially like that they are smell and em you know what resistant!
It’s hard to get excited by practical underwear, but once you experience these travel boxers from SeV you’ll change your mind. The boxers feature two outer pockets. The front (3 in. …

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