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5 September 2013

Only in Amsterdam: Tricycle Stunt In The Red Light District

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I was … well I’m still in Amsterdam (plane leaves this afternoon) and I must admit this city is incredible. Love the canals, the people and the fact that you can enjoy weed. Not saying that I smoke or anything like that but well I’m just saying.
Amsterdam now is …

16 July 2013

Where Was I? And Where Am I?

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What a ride! The last couple of month just have been crazy and fueled with crappy internet. But I’m back for now and posting again regularly on Random Good Stuff. We are currently in Iceland about out to publish our For 91 Days In Iceland blog but if you are …

28 February 2013

MeCam, the hands-free wearable video camera

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One of the most telling things that Drew Martin learned while living in New York and traveling the world is that life’s best moments don’t wait for you to grab a camera to capture them. \
Being able to catch these spontaneous, memorable moments with a small, hands-free video camera was …

8 February 2013

Eco Electricity – Pocket Socket

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Perfect for traveling!!!
There is nothing worse than being stuck five miles from the Safe Zone with a dead phone, air mattress pump, radio or flashlight. This Pocket Socket Portable Hand Generator ensures you are never in that situation again. It features one two-prong U.S. standard electric outlet that with the …

8 February 2013

Probably The Best Zoo in Europe

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Zoos are depressing and sad … and did I mention that they are sad and depressing as well. Well not in the Bioparc in Valencia, Spain! The best zoo I ever went to. They opened up 5 years ago right after we moved from Ireland to Valencia. We loved it …

4 February 2013

Next Stop Istanbul

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Photo Credit: Matthias Rhomberg
Yes, I’m posting more on Random Good Stuff but not nearly enough. Too many things going on. The new site FreeBook Sifter and now selling photographs as well. It’s getting too much. But we have to plant little seeds here and there. For our retirement, you know! …

31 January 2013

Emergency Camping Energy Generator For USB

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Ohh. This is perfect when we are next time stuck in the jungle!!!
Whether you live in an isolated area, love camping or feel a strong urge to prepare for a zombie apocalypse, you need a way to cook your chow. Thanks to its unique design, the BioLite Camping Stove can …

25 January 2013

More New York Photos

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Yupp! No time to waste.. here is the second set of New York Photos… In case you missed it here is the first set of New York City Photos from earlier today. I love this picture above. It’s like the guy who trapped a cloud in a room. I wish …

25 January 2013

New York City Photos

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I’m way behind posts I wanted to publish on Random Good Stuff! I’m finally gotten around to touch a up a bit the New York Photos from our trip there in December! Horrible. Get ready from some Christmas themed New York Photos. But mostly you will get some awesome and …

28 November 2012

Trailing Of The Sheep Festival In Idaho

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Now everyone heard of the festival …. RUNNING WITH THE BULLS! You don’t have to cross the Atlantic to have an encounter with wild running animals. Just visit the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival in Idaho. Fascinating landscapes, great food, fun folklore and music and of course sheep! When we …

18 October 2012

Following The Foot Steps Of Prostitution In The United States Of America

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What rhymes with Mining Towns? Well, yes .. Whores, prostitution and all kind of other skanky stuff like Buffalo Burgers for example. Now guess in what year the last brothels in Wallace, Idaho closed. Well, what do you think? Here is the answer 1988! Woot! So we visited this Bordello …

4 October 2012

Woof! Dog Hotel!

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We stopped by this super awesome Dog Hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho. Well it’s more a B&B and it’s just wan party to own per night. Up in the snout is a little hang-out area. In it’s body is the bedroom and the kitchen and how convenient the bathroom it’s towards …

17 August 2012

Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm in Ohio

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Nearby: Hartman’s Rock Garden

On highway 68 just south of Springfield, in the college town of Yellow Springs, you can’t miss Young’s Jersey Dairy — a massive fun park for families, putt-putters, ice cream junkies and goat feeding fans. Whoever thinks visiting a farm can’t be entertaining, probably hasn’t been to …

15 August 2012

Airplane Window Picture Frame

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Fear of flying? No problem? Add airplane travel flair to any room!
There’s something relaxing about gazing out the window of a plane flying to far off places.  It gives you a chance to take a break from the everyday. Now you can get that feeling in your own home, plus, …

14 August 2012

Hartman’s Historical Rock Garden

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Springfield, Ohio Hotels

In 2011, a Gallup poll gave Springfield, Ohio the ignominious title of America’s unhappiest city. Well, this town of 60,000 is where Mike’s family lives, and we’ve spent a lot of time here. We wouldn’t exactly spend 91 days here, but there are some great parks, beautiful houses, …

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