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19 February 2012

Human Bait! Chased by a Hippo

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I would have never ever guessed that Hippos are such fast swimmer. In the long version of the video the dude says that Hippos are the number 1 human killer in Africa and after watching this video I totally believe it. Good thing that Sri Lanka doesn’t have any Hippos …

13 February 2012

Self Leveling Pool Table

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Am I seeing this right or am I drunk? This table adjusts itself so it always stays leveled for undisturbed pool playing fun. I really would like to see when the table gives up. Or maybe that table can handle giant waves after all. At rough see I would just …

11 January 2012

Crosswind Landings

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I love flying, well let’s say I used to love flying. Somehow between my first flight and currently flying “the magic” about traveling by plane has gone or better said flown far far away. It’s just too much hassle and pain. Flying these days is only fun if you can …

4 January 2012

Boxer Shorts For Travel Bloggers

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Because when you travel everything is possible. I especially like that they are smell and em you know what resistant!
It’s hard to get excited by practical underwear, but once you experience these travel boxers from SeV you’ll change your mind. The boxers feature two outer pockets. The front (3 in. …

30 December 2011

How to Promote your Not Free eBook?

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We turned now our last year of traveling into 4 separate Travel eBooks. So from each past 3 month stays (Savannah, Oviedo, Buenos Aires, Bolivia) we produced books available now as Mobi, PDF file and available as an eBook on Kindle. That’s all good but how do you get people …

22 December 2011

Bed Bug Cocoon

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Thanks to our travels we are sleeping in all kinds of different beds, the bed bug cocoon does look cozy but not sure if I’m a cocoon kind of guy.
This portable sleeping cocoon is made specially woven fabric that is impervious to bed bugs. The sleeping cocoon’s tightly wound polyester …

19 December 2011

Chocolate Tools – Wrenchy

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Las week we went for our first long road trip since we have been on Sicily. We went to the fantastic town of Syracuse stayed over night and then went to the baroque gem Noto. We only have been gone out of Palermo for 36 hours but the amount of …

18 December 2011

Hello Kitty Hotel

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The Hello Kitty House has been a huge hit. Now there is a Hello Kitty Hotel in Beverly Hills! What!??? Yes. We are going to stop every travel plan we had for our blog and check in there. Well, not really but when in town we are going to stop …

11 December 2011

Super Cute Hot Water Bottles – It’s Winter You Know!

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Snuggle up with a sheep hot water bottle. You will be ZzzzzZZZzzing in no time.
A yutanpo is a traditional hot water bottle from Japan, a great way to keep warm during the long, cold winter nights. A traditional and environmentally friendly way to warm your bed without wasting unneeded electricity. …

10 December 2011

Never Miss a Flight Again with the Scootercase

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Need this! Not too much would fit but would make our travels easier.
his is the only suitcase that conveys a rider on an integrated scooter. Ideal for easy transport within airports, the case has two 4 1/4" diam. in-line skate wheels built into the bottom while its fold-out, non-slip footboard …

9 December 2011

Swimming Caravan

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91 Days in a Caravan or 91 Days on a Cruise Ship – we’ve been thinking about to do something like this for our Travel Blog.
Along with a removable roof, the Schwimmcaravan comes complete with a cooking-washing module, cooler, heater, table and two benches that can be converted to enlarge …

6 December 2011

USB Toast Hand Warmer

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You have to see the other pictures – they are cute, kind of want to bite into them.
USB Toast Handwarmers are squishy and adorable, but the genius is when you plug them into the nearest USB ports and switch them on. In just a few moments, your hands will be …

5 December 2011

Crazy Traffic in Vietnam Time Lapse

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This is maybe the best Time Lapse Travel Video I’ve ever seen. Filmed in Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon! It took 10.000 Raw images to create this incredible video and a lot of time was involved as well. We only have a little bit over a month left in …

25 November 2011

Villa Full With Monsters

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We went on an incredible day trip to Bagheria ( also a film named after the town very much worth watching: Baarìa) not too far from Palermo. The highlight of this trip was definitely the visit to the Villa Palagonia with it’s gardens filled with weird and eerie looking statues. …

23 November 2011

R2-D2 Folding Arm Chair

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For The King!
t’s heartwarming to see the droids in the Star Wars universe obeying their human masters. So many sci-fi movies show the worst case scenario with robots, so we’re always happy to see helpful robots and droids. Even if they’re helping the bad guys.
This R2-D2 wants nothing more than …

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