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17 August 2012

Young’s Jersey Dairy Farm in Ohio

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Nearby: Hartman’s Rock Garden

On highway 68 just south of Springfield, in the college town of Yellow Springs, you can’t miss Young’s Jersey Dairy — a massive fun park for families, putt-putters, ice cream junkies and goat feeding fans. Whoever thinks visiting a farm can’t be entertaining, probably hasn’t been to …

15 August 2012

Airplane Window Picture Frame

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Fear of flying? No problem? Add airplane travel flair to any room!
There’s something relaxing about gazing out the window of a plane flying to far off places.  It gives you a chance to take a break from the everyday. Now you can get that feeling in your own home, plus, …

14 August 2012

Hartman’s Historical Rock Garden

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Springfield, Ohio Hotels

In 2011, a Gallup poll gave Springfield, Ohio the ignominious title of America’s unhappiest city. Well, this town of 60,000 is where Mike’s family lives, and we’ve spent a lot of time here. We wouldn’t exactly spend 91 days here, but there are some great parks, beautiful houses, …

8 August 2012

LG Science Hall in Busan, South Korea

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On our last week in Busan we visited the LG Science Hall. We thought there was only one in Seoul but were happy to find out that there is also one in Busan. When we arrived they first wanted to turn us away since foreign visitors are asked to make …

24 July 2012

Rainbow River Aka Stream of Blood

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Great names to describe this lake but it is really called Caño Cristales and is located in Serrania de la Macarena, Colombia. To me that river doesn’t look very rainbowy but rather like a stream of blood. Well, you can find yellow colors as well but doesn’t really live up …

4 June 2012

Next Stop Boise, Idaho

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Photo credit: nick
Time flies! Man! It has been now one month since we arrived in Busan. We just published our self-interview asking ourselves about our impressions here. One month also marks when we decide on our our next 3 month stop for our travel blog. Decisions are made and we …

21 May 2012

Work Hard – Party Hard in Korea

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In our almost 3 weeks in Korea we learned 2 things. Koreans work hard and they play hard! So this guy was out with his friends in a coffee shop and falling asleep. They just left and let him continue to snooze ( they probably thought he totally deserved this …

1 May 2012

The Weird Swim Moment

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Hello from Kuala Lumpur Airport. We left Sri Lanka now after 3 month of excessive traveling behind. During our time we stayed mostly on budget places, guesthouses or homestays. So for our last night we rented this awesome apartment in Colombo. What a treat! We basically relaxed, caught up with …

28 April 2012

Super Cute Turtle Babies

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We are on our last two days Sri Lanka. I just can’t believe how fast time goes by. I will be blogging about our Sri Lanka highlights shortly but for now I would like to draw your attention to those super cute baby turtles. We visited one of the hatcheries …

13 April 2012

Magical Rainbow Clouds

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So today on the Friday the 13th is also the Sri Linkan New Years Day. Which to me just seems way too bizarre. I’m just not in the mood to celebrate New Year’s day twice a year. Especially since the Sri Lankan New Year doesn’t have a count down. It …

12 April 2012

Visit Chicago

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I have been to Chicago couple of times and love my visit every single time. The last time we were there we did the Architectural Boat Tour and had a blast. I could totally see us staying there for 3 month for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. The video …

29 March 2012

Sending A Telephone Around The World

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We are ,as most of you know, on the road traveling as well and having fully charged equipment is essential to us. I’m really looking forward when technology let’s you charge your phones for example just one time a year. But the problem than is locating your charger after that …

25 March 2012

Draining Water At The Equator

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Before we went to Buenos Aires I was thinking about it but once arrived I never paid attention or noticed anything when I flushed the toilet. Now I wish I would have. I would have loved to flush for the whole …

18 March 2012

Pickpocket Preventing Shorts

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Knock on wood but we haven’t gotten anything stolen so far during our travels. But we got scammed just recently. But will talk about it soon on our Travel Blog.
These are the shorts that secure valuables with up to three levels of protection while traveling. The two front pockets have …

15 March 2012

Dude! What Are You Looking At Net?

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Hunting for bargains or pretty ladies? Well, either way … you just look fly! We have been in Sri Lanka in some pretty hefty mosquito areas. We needed a net several spots to sleep in peace but these blood sucking beasts somehow still gut in. We also used so far …

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