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19 January 2015

This Mexican Jewelry Is ALIVE – The Makech

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We spent 3 month in The Yucatan and heard from several people about this bug you can buy as live jewelry decorated in all kinds of shiny things. It took us almost the entire 91 days to find a guy selling one. Not really our thing but the whole legend …

19 January 2015

Take A Closer Of The Sun

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You’re looking good today SUN!

Its etalon allows hydrogen-alpha wavelength light to pass through safely for viewing the Sun with the naked eye while filtering out otherwise harmful light. As the Sun is an ever-changing star—it is currently approaching Solar Maximum, the end of its 11-year solar cycle—some of its features …

16 December 2014

The Tea Tongue

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Let it hang it all out!!! I really hope there is no tongue flavored teas!
Steeping your tea has never been more enjoyable and eye-catching. Great for making tea in the office or at home!
Great gift for any Rolling Stones fans or tea enthusiasts.
Buy it here: The Tea Tongue
–My …

31 January 2013

Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas 3D Light Show 2012

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This stuff was crazy! First of all the whole Rockefeller Center Plaza was just plain out of control! You can see some of the pictures here: Christmas in New York City. It’s even harder now to say since why the hell am I writing about Christmas but … what’s up …

27 August 2012

4 Hours At Yellowstone Park

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I have lived in the USA for over 3 years, visited it many times and saw most of the major cities of it. We are out west now and I have to admit I’m blown away! A United States I knew exists but could never comprehend it’s sheer beauty. I’m …

16 July 2012

Star Wars Keyboard With LED TouchPad

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Now! I call this keyboard a keyboard I would like to own!
Whether engaged in deadly space combat in your starship or executing a critical mission on Coruscant, the rapid-actuating slim keys allow for shorter travel distance so you can reach key-binds and macros more efficiently. This keyboard features complete anti-ghosting …

20 December 2011

Unraveling Knitted Calendar Scarf

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This calendar doesn’t belong around your neck but hung up at a wall. Let the year pass by – easy! Just pull that thread!
An unraveling sweater is not a very good thing, but this unraveling calendar scarf designed by Patrick Frey is genius! As the year progresses, you can pull …

12 December 2011

Next Stop Sri Lanka

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Our time in Sicily is coming to an end. Well almost, we have an other month here but with the holidays coming, etc …. it kind of feels like we are already gone. Well kind of, we still have tons to do and to explore. In case you are curious …

18 October 2011

Quantum Levitation

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This is just the proof that science is just trying to mess with me . How do they do that? Being trapped in time without taking effect to gravitation. Mind boggling? Yes. Freaking me out, double yes. Perfect use for that would be for a fashion shooting. You can pose …

1 July 2011

Zombie Awesome Giveaway

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What? Random Good Stuff is running two giveaways at the same time? Yeah and guess what I have two more coming up this very week (so keep your eyes peeled).
This giveaway is from the awesome people from Neatorama, introducing their first set of exclusive Zombie products. I think they are …

26 May 2011

Erie Cardboard Mask Puzzle

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Fascinating but haunting!
Make your own creative journey across the geography of the human face with this extraordinary, decorative mask kit. Inspired by the traditional masks found in many ancient cultures, this mask is split into thin, topographical segments. Each precise contour is then laser-cut from non-toxic, environmentally friendly cardboard.
The 87 …

25 May 2011

Freschetta Bamboo Cutting Board Winners

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We left now the country of creasy fatty but hearty and yummy pizza and are in Bolivia with tons of great stone oven pizza but super slow internet. That’s why it took so long for me to announce the winners. Without further delay here are the lucky winners:


Congratulations to the …

14 May 2011

Venice of Argentina: Paraná Delta

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Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Howdy! We are back from our one week vacation no internet time in 5 years. I thought I could never survive a week without being online but I realized it was a well needed time just to relax and don’t do anything. We read books, grilled, drank, …

19 April 2011

Hip Hop Dancing French Bulldog – Underwear Alert

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This dude only has to post this video on Date Online Site and he will get swamped with people wanting to meet him. So cute – so hot! A quick update on our French Bulldog Chucky – we soon have to say good-bye to her. While planning our next 3 …

17 January 2011

Angry Birds Sound Plush

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Ever since I got the Viewsonic G Tablet (Android and still uber awesome!) I’m hooked to Angry Birds. They should outlaw it since it’s more addicting than heroin! Now set up your own levels with blocks or similar items in the real world. Shoot and aim these plush Angry Birds …

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