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22 May 2016

Trippin’ Without The Trip

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That’s what I love about being in a big city (preferrable in the Summer). You stroll around without having a plan and you discover something awesome? We just planned to take a walk at Montreal’s Old Port and saw signs for the Chromatic Festival. So we checked it out and …

10 May 2016

Making Dragon Beard Candy In Montreal

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While exploring Montreal’s Chinatown I saw in one corner of my eyes this sweets shop and I knew instantly we were in for a treat. I always wanted to see this in person, making Dragon Beard Candy right in front of me. She said the base mass was made out …

4 July 2015

Jinni Alternative: TRY CRITICKER

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Jinni has changed and it’s not the same movie recommendation site like it used to be. Which leaves many users stranded and in need to find an alternative to Jinni, so they can to watch new movies according to their taste.
Good news is, there is Criticker. It has been around …

20 January 2015

The Automated Cow Farm

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Moooo! We visited this cow dairy farm in Iceland. Where cows get fed and milked automatically. They even know to line up at the milking station when it’s their time. And to make up for the trouble there is even an automated Spa treatment for the cows after the milking. …

17 January 2015

Meet The Treadmill Runner

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Now I call this multi-tasking. But you can tell that he is super concentrated. One wrong hit on the drums: RESTART. One wrong step: BROKEN NECK! Check out the Treadmill Runner’s Youtube Channel. He has several different songs he is drumming while running.
– Travel Photographer Tumblr Blog

14 January 2015

Strange Bell Concert At Lake Lucerne

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Ding Dong Deng Ding. We heard this sound the moment we stepped out of the car to see the William Tell Plate at Lake Lucerne. At first we thought these were some kind of crazy cow bell concert. We loved this beautiful glocktower at this amazing lake.
Many more pictures: Lucerne
–Rent …

13 January 2015

Super Fast Street Marking Painter

Post Thumbnail of Super Fast Street Marking Painter

Wow, how do you learn to do something like this. I guess .. practice, DUH! Now I would like to know who the guy was following this guy around doing his super fast and exact paint work throughout some kind of Italian city. Was the painter annoyed or did he …

9 January 2015

Female Facial Shave

Post Thumbnail of Female Facial Shave

So there it is, the female facial shave. I gave Mike a straight razor for his Birthday he is still learning to master it. But he loves it and I have to admit that his shaves are extremely smooth.
But I would have never guessed there is a need to have …

9 January 2015

10 Weird Museums From Around The World

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-Download These Amazing Travel Books-
During our 4 years of being in different places around the world for our Travel Blog, we have seen some bizarre museums. From gross to fun! There are many other museums we haven’t seen yet. Which one should we add to our list?
#1 Under Water Museum …

30 December 2014

The Worst Movies Of 2014

Post Thumbnail of The Worst Movies Of 2014

Over at our movie recommendation site Criticker we crunched the numbers of all the movies being released in 2014 and started publishing our Year’s End Lists. Runner up are the “TOP” 10 Worst movies of 2014. Before you visit the list think about your worst movies you have seen in …

28 December 2014

Ebru – The Art Of Painting On Water

Post Thumbnail of Ebru - The Art Of Painting On Water

This is another post on our travel blog which gone somewhat viral. We took a Ebru painting class in Istanbul and learned the art of painting on water. It looks much harder than it actual is. And we produced some fun painting using that technique. If you are in Istanbul …

23 December 2014

Optical Illusion In Tokyo

Post Thumbnail of Optical Illusion In Tokyo

We went to see a baseball game at Tokyo’s Dome City and had couple of hours to kill before the game. Which wasn’t too hard. Tons of rides, a mall, play area, etc. But where we spent most of the time was it this rather simple Optical Illusion somewhere underground. …

22 December 2014

A Visit To The Underwater Museum In Mexico

Post Thumbnail of A Visit To The Underwater Museum In Mexico

So almost exactly one year ago I got my open water diving license Puerto Morelos. It was actually harder to get the license than expected and I do have a love hate relationship with diving ever since. I love it but at the same time it does freak me out …

17 December 2014

Birds Eye View Over Iceland

Post Thumbnail of Birds Eye View Over Iceland

When we moved to Iceland for our 91 Days there we didn’t know that our landlord was a pilot in training and needed tons of hours in the air. So we got to fly with him several times over the amazing landscapes of Iceland. In these 3 month I was …

14 December 2014

Slinky Master 2014

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Yes! Work that slinky without squeezing your pinky my friend. I’m sincerely impressed by that kid’s skills but then I started to think in how many hours he put in. Real life opportunities missed. But then on the other hand … will he get laid! Emm .. hell yeah!
–Movies For …

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