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25 July 2012

Putty Skin Dude

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Watching this video totally freaks me out. Makes me uncomfortable and I just wanted to slide my head back into my turtle shell. By all means he can make himself shut up by pulling his neck skin over his lips. Woah! Woah! Woah! Now there are other people claiming to …

24 July 2012

Rainbow River Aka Stream of Blood

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Great names to describe this lake but it is really called Caño Cristales and is located in Serrania de la Macarena, Colombia. To me that river doesn’t look very rainbowy but rather like a stream of blood. Well, you can find yellow colors as well but doesn’t really live up …

19 July 2012

Hand Feeding a Dragonfly

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Watch it until the end .. that dragonfly really gets a kick out of it munching the ants like this. That Video got uploaded over a week ago and now I’m wondering if that Dragonfly is still alive, flew away or died. Yes! Mother nature can be so cruel. I …

11 July 2012

Kitten Riding The Turtle Express

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Cute little kitten! You are so cute and clever but you better put on the seatbelt before the police catches you or you have an accident. And it’s important to learn early to follow the law and all. We surely don’t want to scrape off some Kittensauce from the busy …

9 July 2012

Should You Get Lasik Eye Surgery?

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Glasses For Only $39 – FOR REAL!

To answer right away … YES. And you especially will love your surgery if you decide to get it done in Korea! I mean! So we are on our last 3 weeks in Korea, Mike turned 35 2 weeks ago and I thought since …

6 July 2012

Morphing Soldiers

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Look at this Eye Candy! All that without any cheap computer tricks but the work of precise humans. Now little soldier, focus and concentrate because you don’t want to be the one who messes up this performance. Not sure what would happen to that soldier. Just so you know that …

5 July 2012

How To: Girls Night In

Post Thumbnail of How To: Girls Night In

Couple of years ago I would always choose to go out than to stay in. This changed! And I would have never guessed it would. Not sure how Boys Night In is different from Girls Night In but that amount of glitter she uses in the above video makes me …

27 June 2012

Don’t Eat Rotten Eggs

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We all have been there … opening the fridge half starving and eager just to stuff your mouth with basically anything. Best case scenario is to find a pack of bacon and eggs. With the bacon it’s all good, expiration date will be printed on the package. Well, as well …

26 June 2012

Cutting Connecting Bagel Rings

Post Thumbnail of Cutting Connecting Bagel Rings

Ready for a Mathematically Correct Breakfast? Let me think? When was the last time I had a bagel … probably over 5 month ago! And that cutting sound of that bagel makes my mouth water … DROOLING all over the places. I can’t help it. And I would stuff that …

16 June 2012

Booger Boy!

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Little boy you probably you won’t be able to understand that this video probably just changed your life. You will be Booger Boy for the rest of your life! You will be invited to talk shows to do your Booger thing. Don’t be a shamed because you will be rich …

13 June 2012

The Dachshund Power Smile

Post Thumbnail of The Dachshund Power Smile

That dog needs to get hired to shoot toothpaste or toothbrush commercials. The perfect pearl white smile by command. What a good doggy! And that dog is not shy to show it. Talking of white teeth! Bleaching teeth is all fine but I’m shocked when I see when people are …

11 June 2012

Arm Wrestle Dog

Post Thumbnail of Arm Wrestle Dog

Doggy! Fine! Ok! Stop it! You Won! Fine! You are the stronger one. I give up. So fine … I will be sleeping in your stinky basket and you will sleep in the bed. But tomorrow I decide how we going to decide who sleeps where. And I think I’m …

8 June 2012

Real Zombie Attacks in the United States

Post Thumbnail of Real Zombie Attacks in the United States

Good thing this is just a prank. But what a PRANK! Man! This is prank which will get you shoot. Especially right after the that real Zombie munching off an other man’s face not too long ago. If I would be in Miami I would be on edge too. Now …

5 June 2012

Meet me at the Carrot Party

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And yes you are invited too. And besides .. carrots are super good for you. Here are just some health benefits of eating carrots .. apparently beta-carotene will reduce the risk of different types of cancer, lung cancer in particular. This should be already enough reasons to much a carrot …

3 June 2012

Human Ventriloquist Puppet

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I’m very stage shy and getting called up on stage would be my nightmare. This is probably the only phobia I have. Good thing is that I just can refuse to get on that state and yes I have refused many times so far in my life. For some reason …

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