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13 June 2012

The Dachshund Power Smile

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That dog needs to get hired to shoot toothpaste or toothbrush commercials. The perfect pearl white smile by command. What a good doggy! And that dog is not shy to show it. Talking of white teeth! Bleaching teeth is all fine but I’m shocked when I see when people are …

11 June 2012

Arm Wrestle Dog

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Doggy! Fine! Ok! Stop it! You Won! Fine! You are the stronger one. I give up. So fine … I will be sleeping in your stinky basket and you will sleep in the bed. But tomorrow I decide how we going to decide who sleeps where. And I think I’m …

8 June 2012

Real Zombie Attacks in the United States

Post Thumbnail of Real Zombie Attacks in the United States

Good thing this is just a prank. But what a PRANK! Man! This is prank which will get you shoot. Especially right after the that real Zombie munching off an other man’s face not too long ago. If I would be in Miami I would be on edge too. Now …

5 June 2012

Meet me at the Carrot Party

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And yes you are invited too. And besides .. carrots are super good for you. Here are just some health benefits of eating carrots .. apparently beta-carotene will reduce the risk of different types of cancer, lung cancer in particular. This should be already enough reasons to much a carrot …

3 June 2012

Human Ventriloquist Puppet

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I’m very stage shy and getting called up on stage would be my nightmare. This is probably the only phobia I have. Good thing is that I just can refuse to get on that state and yes I have refused many times so far in my life. For some reason …

26 May 2012

Michael Jackson Cotton Candy Man

Post Thumbnail of Michael Jackson Cotton Candy Man

Who would have ever guessed that making cotton candy can you get laid. This dude is a creative, a talented dancer (maybe doesn’t have the looks) and is raking in a lot of dough. This equals into being super successful and being a interesting person. Which equals getting laid every …

21 May 2012

Work Hard – Party Hard in Korea

Post Thumbnail of Work Hard - Party Hard in Korea

In our almost 3 weeks in Korea we learned 2 things. Koreans work hard and they play hard! So this guy was out with his friends in a coffee shop and falling asleep. They just left and let him continue to snooze ( they probably thought he totally deserved this …

18 May 2012

1 Trunk 4 Kids

Post Thumbnail of 1 Trunk 4 Kids

Watch until the end. I don’t know who it a potential higher traffic offender! The dad or mom bunking the kids in the trunk for a fun Sunday after noon ride. Or the guy filming and holding up all the traffic behind it. What do you say, should I set …

17 May 2012

The Korean English Lesson

Post Thumbnail of The Korean English Lesson

Get down on your knees and learn some English. Over two weeks now in Korea, learning some Korean basics so we can at least order food we are able to digest. I bet I have said similar things to Koreans. Ha! But this video really made my day. I haven’t …

16 May 2012

How To Cook Bacon Perfectly?!

Post Thumbnail of How To Cook Bacon Perfectly?!

Even the worst cooked bacon is good bacon, that’s what my mother always says! But if you add some water you will have the perfectly cooked bacon. Nothing burned, juicy and perfectly crispy. I mean just listen to that sound when the bacon cook fantastico takes a bite of the …

14 May 2012

A Fly As A Pet? Epic!

Post Thumbnail of A Fly As A Pet? Epic!

Let’s just say, I’m totally freaked out! Didn’t know that flies have elephant like trunk tool. Well, I did knew but was not thinking about it. Now I’m totally freaked out and went on a fly killing spree! Oh, wait! No! Look how cute that fly is giving paw and …

9 May 2012

Sleepy Ice Cream Battle

Post Thumbnail of Sleepy Ice Cream Battle

The urge for licking that ice cream cone wins. Even though this guy is totally passed from giving it all at the playground he has to lick it. Now parents watch out because the sugar rush will hit. I doesn’t look like it right now but trust me it will …

6 May 2012

Boy Catches His First Fish Ever

Post Thumbnail of Boy Catches His First Fish Ever

Kid your career is all set you will be the most famous fishermen. The show “The Deadliest Catch” will give you a contract and you will have to take part of you want or not. And when you are a full grown man .. Moby Dick’s of the world seas …

4 May 2012

Boy Mopping

Post Thumbnail of Boy Mopping

So, what’s wrong with me! Every time I go shopping I never see stuff like this. What am I doing wrong? Shopping in the wrong hoods, wrong time of the day/night. We just have to hope that Granny Coolz never by …

1 May 2012

The Weird Swim Moment

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Hello from Kuala Lumpur Airport. We left Sri Lanka now after 3 month of excessive traveling behind. During our time we stayed mostly on budget places, guesthouses or homestays. So for our last night we rented this awesome apartment in Colombo. What a treat! We basically relaxed, caught up with …

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