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  • Dog Snoot Challenge

    There seems be a challenge for everything these days. The latest is the Dog Snoot Challenge where you form this little circle with your hand. Which in other countries can be very offensive if pointed towards a person. The dog doesn’t care and it triggers for some reason an instinct to place there nose inside […]

  • First Row Wale Splash

    Just imagine you’re on the boat and were fondling inside your camera bag. Looking down and searching for your zoom lens and this happens and you totally missed it. Oh man I would be so angry, missing to take the picture of my lifetime. And that dude behind you got it on video via his […]

  • That Happiness Boy

    OMG – poor little kid you’ll feel so unhappy seeing this online, when you’re older. It will turn the happy penis to an unhappy penis. This very short clip is just too funny and cute and what are the chances that he can’t pronounce this word, turning it into something totally different. Imagine the parents […]

  • Make A Bumble Bee Your Pet

    Thinking of it, I haven’t seen any Bumble Bees in a long time. But if you come across one you can make the little Bumble Bee your pet friend by putting some honey on your hand and transferring it from a flower to your hand. That little insect will be in such a honey rush […]

  • Just Trying To Help Selling Candy

    It’s either the one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the internet or the most genius reverse effects candy marketing campaign. Trale Lewous just wants to help to see candy by making his own commercial which includes Butterfinger and Twizzlers. But then comes the rather upsetting letter from them Twizzlers – so everything […]

  • Opossum Banana Mass Feeding

    How does an opossum eat banana? Ever wondered, cared? Well, watch the video and then you know. Feel happy that this pressing question got finally answered? The problem for me personally now, it raises new and ore questions. How does an an opossum eat a kiwi, carrot, mango, cucumbers, beef jerky? I need to find […]

  • Shooting Macro Has A Whole New Meaning With This Probe

    When I first watched the video below, I thought FAKE! This can’t be for real. How is this possible? But it turns out, it is legit and these images you see are really taken by the probe, shooting out of that camera. This will open up an entire new genre in Photography. It’s not just […]

  • This Kid Is A Ukulele Superstar

    The rise of the Ukulele over the last few years got on my nerves to be honest. Everywhere you go, someone pulled out an Ukulele to demonstrate their talent and then expect for everyone around them to praise them and clap themselves into ecstasy. Not me though. Instead of a drum roll they got an […]

  • New Fetish: Cutting Sand ASMR

    With a lot of fantasy I could MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE imagine that cutting cheese would be some kind of fetish to some (please take my word, I’m not into that) but cutting sand? And people watch these kind of videos by the Millions? But I have to admit, after watching couple of these videos, I’m totally fixated […]