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Are you looking for some cheap online advertisement?

Random Good Stuff is mostly financed through random advertisement placements throughout the site. Recently I have been asked to sell advertisement spots to smaller companies and websites and I was thinking that it was time to do page on RGS to sell advertisement.

Before I loose your interested – you can advertise on RGS with as little as $5 for a text link – but first some reasons why you should advertise here:

Random Good Stuff has a Google Pagerank of 6, an Alexa Traffic ranking of 63,397 and the RSS Feed subscriber trend (currently over 3500) says it all:

The drop was when I moved from Moveable Type to WP!

The drop was when I moved from Moveable Type to WP!

Random Good Stuff has been mentioned on couple of big blogs:

Boing Boing
Coolest Gadgets
Pink is the new blog
The Device
Andrew Sullivan

And many, many more. I would really like to link every single site who helped me in the past.

One more thing before I start talking about various advertisement options and pricing – did you know that you can get free traffic from RGS to your site and blog?

Every Friday I will sent some Linklove to every single site and blog who picked up a story from RGS and placed a credit link to my site. It doesn’t matter if you got a huge or tiny site (please email me that you linked to RGS if you are only sending a little traffic) – if you link to me I will link to you. If you want it or not.

Options and Prices

Post Sponsoring:

Ok, let’s start with sponsering posts on Random Good Stuff which is very cost and traffic effectiv.

For only $5 I will post one straight link to your site which will be located towards the end of a new post (we can also talk about adding a link to an existing post – price might vary):

Visitors will be tempted to click

Visitors will be tempted to click

For only $10 I will place one 468×60 banner linking to your site in a new post (we can also talk about adding a link to an existing post – price might vary):

You will receive way more visitors if your site, blog or product relates to one of my posts. First come first served – so I strongly recommend to subscribe to my RSS FEED.

Blog wide 468×60 Banner:

$50 a week will cost you a placement of a banner on each permalink on top of each post. RGS has now over 4000 permalinks and tons of people find their way to older posts on RGS thanks to Google:

Best Deal and most effective:

Is a paid review – For only $100 I will write a post with about 300 words. If you want I can include videos, images and and of course a link or two. I will state thought in the that post that I got paid to write about your site or product. If you send me a product for review and I might do that review for free.

I will add more advertisement options for my Games and Video site in the near future.

There is yet no automated system to buy so if you are interested in any of these advertising options feel free to get in touch with me via email (jogi21 at I reserve right to changes prices and and not accepting your advertisement reqeuest for no specific reasons.

Payments for now are only being accepted via Paypal.

I also manage the advertisement slots on our movie site Criticker – you can email me about it as well.

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