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Kindle Paperwhite VS Galaxy Note 2

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Ready for more Kindle Paperwhite content? Yesterday I talked about An Awesome Kindle Paperwhite Flip Case! Today I’m going to talk about using the Galaxy Note 2 as and eReader VS the Paperwhite. I love ready eBooks on my Galaxy Note 2. It’s easy to hold, read, flip through pages …

What To Do With Hiccup? Answer: Hiccup Stick!

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There are people with chronical hiccups! I honestly this stick helps them too. Wondering why people are not just biting on a toothpick and drink water. Wouldn’t it be the same? Oh there is a video via the link below. Not it makes sense!!!
Safe and simple to use for …

Awesome Flip Case For The Kindle Paperwhite

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We got ourselves one of those Kindle Paperwhite eReaders. Since traveling so much we gave up on logging around a bunch of hardcovers and are opting now for the electronic kind. You probably know I have a fetish for gadget cases! And I just can’t have a gadget without having …

The Shoe Shoe Slip

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This totally confuses me … what’s the point then to even wear shoes????
These are the shoe shields that slip over footwear, keeping shoes clean when used outdoors or keeping floors clean when used indoors. Made from lightweight EVA foam, the shields protect slippers or dress shoes when retrieving the paper …

Bent Boy Gif And Other Musings

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DUDE .. ouch! Your knees! I hope your health insurance is never going to find out about your extreme Limbo Moves! They might going to increase your monthly fee or kick out all together. Yeah, you are laughing now but don’t come running when no insurance want to insure you. …

Cracked Up Mug

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Evil, evil dishwasher .. oh .. that’s supposed to be like that? COOL!
The Cracked Up Mug is all it’s cracked up to be. If you fall to pieces without caffeine or your morning meeting inspires you to HULK SMASH, this is the mug for you. Even though it looks shattered, …

Doggy Dogs In Germany

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I don’t even know where to start with this video! I took this one when we were visiting family and friends this December! I used to be a dog owner (sniff) and I loved how you could take your dog almost everywhere with you in Germany. Restaurants, pubs, trains, trams, …

How To Find All Free eBooks On Amazon?

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Now you know why it has been so quiet on the blog lately. We’ve been working on a brand new website. It’s similar in function to our Lastminute Auction site, and kind of looks the same as well. Without further ado, here is our new baby: …

Electric Windshield De-Icer

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So high-tech it makes you bleed!
Here a review: I bought this scraper for my grandson for Christmas. The first one didn’t work at all but the seller sent me a new one with no problems. My grandson likes the scraper, although we’ve had a very mild winter this year & …

Make wine at home

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A DIY my friends will want to get their hands on!
Make wine. Drink wine. Show off wine. What else do I need to say? This winemaking kit comes with all of the equipment and ingredients needed to make 10 bottles of wine. It also comes with a book explaining each …

Zoomballoons – Online Game

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Bloody Zombies! Now they are attacking the human race via Hot Air Balloons! WTF! Is this for real. Apparently it’s not … since it’s a game! Duh. Now! No reason to freak out here my friends. Wipe the foam off your face. Or people might thing you already caught the …

Give The Gift Of An Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Why not! Howling Wolf Shirt and Big Face Bear Fashion already went super popular. Next will be those rather not so tasteful Christmas Sweaters. Wow..! Look at the sweaters below. The deer are ready for some jolly pokin’! What would be your reaction if you would get a sweater like …

Miniature Cooking From Japan

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I have seen many weird things from Japan since hunting for content for Random Good Stuff on the internet. But this is truly bizarre. I just don’t get the point of it. Why put so much effort into producing tiny dishes you can’t even eat? Maybe to show off your …

Porsche Race Trick (For Kids) (For Real)

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Do I want this??? Yes, and maybe can afford it if I win the Power Ball Lottery tonight!!! It’s over a 100k Bucks!
This is the full-sized Porsche 917 replica that conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Painted in the same color …

Trailing Of The Sheep Festival In Idaho

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Now everyone heard of the festival …. RUNNING WITH THE BULLS! You don’t have to cross the Atlantic to have an encounter with wild running animals. Just visit the Trailing Of The Sheep Festival in Idaho. Fascinating landscapes, great food, fun folklore and music and of course sheep! When we …

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