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3 October 2006

Oh no ! It’s Halloween

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Well soon .. I like the whole partying part of it, but I do really hate the whole getting scared thing – like totally. And yes, they do celebrate Halloween in Ireland – I guess that’s where it’s from.
On Prank Place they have pretty funny costume … I like the …

1 September 2006

Ghost and Bats Projector for Halloween

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Whooo Spooky – But if I would be the neighbor, I would be not too pleased.

Instead of spending hours up a ladder attaching lights to your house, take a few minutes to set this weatherproof light projector on your front lawn and transform your homes entire facade into an illuminated …

21 September 2005

Halloween – I would go as…

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Batman would be my choice. But it is really expensice $799.99 at BuyCostumes..
Other cool costumes:

This cracks me up.. Pet Costumes:

Find other cool stuff on their site:

29 August 2005

He-Man MOTU Halloween Costume Rare

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This auction already ended but I posted it anyways, because I thought it was cool.
This He-Man costume includes rubber mask, two rubber hands, two rubber boots, a fiberglass torso/chestpiece, and a pair of tights and an upper body piece which are both sculpted from foam to look like the oversized …

28 November 2012

Porsche Race Trick (For Kids) (For Real)

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Do I want this??? Yes, and maybe can afford it if I win the Power Ball Lottery tonight!!! It’s over a 100k Bucks!
This is the full-sized Porsche 917 replica that conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Painted in the same color …

26 November 2012

Pixel Head Costume

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Yeah .. would be also an easy DIY Project .. oh well! Just buy and you won’t have to mess with paint !
Don’t try to paint straight lines; get a Minecraft Mask instead! These masks were produced by 8-bit robots in our very own factory in the Nether. (Why yes, …

4 November 2012

Nympho Cat And Other Musings

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Watch out for those Nympho cats? They are vicious! An even more vicious animal we encountered while visiting Idaho … COUGARS. Once they lay an eye on you across the bar they will attack. No doubt about that. Not sure how many attacks we had to dodge but let me …

4 October 2012

Sawblade Frisbee

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People like to throw and catch things: it’s why rocks were invented. But rocks hurt: that’s why fake rocks were invented. Throwing circular sawblades would be fun, if it weren’t so dangerous. And that’s why the Sawblade Throwing Disc was invented. It’s foam, so it’s safe. But …

2 June 2012

10 Scary Contact Lenses for Your Next Special Event

Post Thumbnail of 10 Scary Contact Lenses for Your Next Special Event

Whether it’s for a Halloween party, a costume party, or a fun experience with your friends, nothing can support your new identity better than scary contact lenses. Today’s safe, easy- to-wear contacts can transform anyone from a normal human being into a freakish ghoul, a terrifying alien, a blood-thirsty vampire, …

28 May 2012

Zombie Hat

Post Thumbnail of Zombie Hat

Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

13 March 2012

USB Memory Stick Wants To Be a Big Boy Hard Drive

Post Thumbnail of USB Memory Stick Wants To Be a Big Boy Hard Drive

It’s so cute I want to adopt it. This little tiny 8GB Flash Drive dressed up especially for Halloween (well kind of early little friend) to mime a big fat Hard Drive. And I must admit his costume is succeeding. He just looks like one of those big guys. And …

26 January 2012

Asimo Robot Costumes *Cool!

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Really sad that Halloween is so far in the future because this costume is the must have for everyone just being slightly geeky. I imagine a whole army of them invading the streets programed to hunt down the best candies. Dressed up as the Asimo Robot also opens tons of …

29 November 2011

Pac Man Plush Hat

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Best Christmas gift to give or to receive in 2011
We can’t decide if this is a hat, a hood, a mask, or all of the above. What do you think? Either way, we think it would look spiffy as a Halloween costume, a cold weather accessory for the kid-at-heart, or …

20 November 2011

Thunder Pussy Gifs

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Kid, this happens when you eat too many leftover Halloween treats and play with that weird cat from the even weirder neighbor. Well, it looks like good times though and the following gifs will even put you in a better mood. And no worries, cats are not the only animals …

2 November 2011

LOL Pictures: Beer Belly Art

Post Thumbnail of LOL Pictures: Beer Belly Art

Now I call this art, a detached beer belly. It looks so attractive I want to lick out the belly button and bounce on it while I have a beer. And one I’m done bouncing I want to hug it and snuggle all night long. Ach ja, I love modern …

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