12 Amazing Waterfalls In Iceland

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Iceland is amazing. During our 3 month on this volcanic island we saw tons of breathtaking things and today I want to share with you couple of famous and lesser known waterfalls from Iceland (the links will have more information about the falls and sometimes even includes a video). If …

The Soup Monster Called Nessie Ladle

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The cutest ladle ever! You have to see it to believe it, especially with lake monsters. And in this case it’s such a real and cute sight.

Believe it or not, out of the deep pot comes Nessie! Diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use,
a legendary time …

WhatsApp For Desktop / Web

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There it is! Finally the desktop version of WhatsApp. I have been waiting for it a long time. When I was sitting at home at a desk working, it kind of annoyed me communicate on two devices. But now the wait is over. Make sure to update to the latest …

The Insane Beehive Firework Festival In Taiwan

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This is the craziest firework related video I have ever seen. It’s part of the Beehive Firework in Taiwan. And I want to go! NOW!!! I’m no stranger to really intense fireworks since we chose to live in Valencia, Spain. For example Street Mascleta, Color Mascleta, Beach Mascleta, La Desperta …

LED Under Bed Nightlights

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With motion sensor. I want one of those in every single room! They look awesome.

These are the motion-sensing night lights that activate when you step out of bed. Ideal for safely illuminating the way to a bathroom, telephone, or doorway without disturbing a sleeping spouse or stubbing your toe, the …

The Automated Cow Farm

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Moooo! We visited this cow dairy farm in Iceland. Where cows get fed and milked automatically. They even know to line up at the milking station when it’s their time. And to make up for the trouble there is even an automated Spa treatment for the cows after the milking. …

DimeMond = The Diamond In A Dime

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This would make a very nice tip in a restaurant. The waiter would be at first like .. HE .. Cheap Butt! But then he/she realizes it. This real US currency has been legally altered with permission of the US Mint. DimeMond was designed in 2004 by artists Tobias Wong …

This Mexican Jewelry Is ALIVE – The Makech

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We spent 3 month in The Yucatan and heard from several people about this bug you can buy as live jewelry decorated in all kinds of shiny things. It took us almost the entire 91 days to find a guy selling one. Not really our thing but the whole legend …

Take A Closer Of The Sun

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You’re looking good today SUN!

Its etalon allows hydrogen-alpha wavelength light to pass through safely for viewing the Sun with the naked eye while filtering out otherwise harmful light. As the Sun is an ever-changing star—it is currently approaching Solar Maximum, the end of its 11-year solar cycle—some of its features …

Tokyo Cappuccino Latte Art. Today: Cute Panda

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During our time in Tokyo we noticed that EVERYTHING IS CUTE. Well, at least strange. For example how people are dressed, candy, or here is an entire post dedicated to… why is Tokyo so Cute?!
Because everything is so cruel? No we didn’t think so. It’s just adorable. Now sit back …

The Dog Mullet

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Your dog is not hip enough? Add a mullet!

Let your dog celebrate his freedom, with the Mullet on the Go, Dog Mullet! Yeah man! he’ll be rocking the Andre Agassi look circa 1990’s on the court, with the attitude of an American free spirit that would make Leonard Skynard proud! …

Meet The Treadmill Runner

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Now I call this multi-tasking. But you can tell that he is super concentrated. One wrong hit on the drums: RESTART. One wrong step: BROKEN NECK! Check out the Treadmill Runner’s Youtube Channel. He has several different songs he is drumming while running.
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Retro Arcade Wristwatch

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Forget Smart Watches! This will get you the attention.

Its face enclosed by a miniature cabinet that bears all the nostalgic design elements of its full-sized forebears (including a non-functioning joystick), this watch pays homage to the space battle games that once lined the walls of arcade parlors.
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The Beer Crate Slide

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Are there any crates of beer in the US. I keep thinking but I think not, or? I can recall kegs and 24 packs and such but a crate of beer? I would say almost every beer drinking German has one of those at home. And one of those bottles …

Big Teeth Dog Toy

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You throw the ball and in return you will receive the Lulz!

It may be far fetched… but we think if they could your pup would be showing you their pearly whites all the time! You know they’re smiling at you with that happy tail wagging! Alas, …

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