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Make Stan giggle

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Make him sing – let him look sad – put him in a box. I had to stuff my ears though while he was singing ROXANNE!

Mauritius aims to be first wireless Nation

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“This tropical island off the east coast of Africa is best-known for its white-sand beaches, its designer clothing outlets and its spicy curries. But tiny Mauritius is about to stake a new claim to fame. By year’s end, or soon afterward, it is expected to become the world’s first nation …

Nun possesed by the devil! Only one way out!

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A Romanian nun has died after being bound to a cross, gagged and left alone for three days in a cold room in a convent, Romanian police have said.
Police say the 23-year-old nun, who was denied food and drink throughout her ordeal, had been tied and chained to the cross …

Pokernator 3000 – Helps you win

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This site helps you to win at the online poker tables. Free of charge and no downloads necessary. LINK

My most favorite Poker Room

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Absolute Poker it is.

They give you $10 just for signing up an account. You just have to register an account ….. go to deposit and fill out your adress…. nothing else… you don’t have to give them you credit card
After that just email support with you account ID
and ask them …

2 Disturbing Pictures

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The combination of the two makes me feel very uncomfortable

Triumph VS Jacko

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It was one of funniest clips I have seen in a long time. My favorite part was the Vagina thing. Go watch it on Ifilms:

Drivers not required – Grand Challenge

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Today I went to the Volkswagen Touareg Grand Challenge press conference in Germany. There they demonstrated how the Touareg can drive without a driver, which was quite impressive. I even had the chance to sit in one and take a ride. It was weird to see nobody on the driver’s …

Do you speak Engrish ?

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Please put it on your BUST – For Swimming, Dancing, and T – Shirt Time.
‘Nippless’ – for those most embarrasing moments (such as T-shirt time). They get hard – you tape them over.
Other fun english usage in Asia please visit

Do it yourself cocaine kit

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That would make a nice Birthday present.

Please molest me – NOW!

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Getting molested by him must be like winning a olympic gold medal.
Many readers have indeed been asking whether the above-displayed photograph, which accompanies an entry in Ohio’s Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification (eSORN) system, is for real. According to the eSORN entry, the picture depicts one Brian Peppers, registered …

Remember the date in History – 06/13/2005

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Watch the intro to MJJSource Website:
It’s funny and scary at once.
He is innocent!
Via: I am bored

Sorry …. but need to

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Sorry …. but need to post this one again… it’s my duty as a good webmaster.

Lastminute Auction – Bargain Hunter
This Site provides a new way to hunt for great bargains on, by searching for auctions which meet the strict and simple criteria:
1. The auction ends in 1 hour.
2. The …


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This site lists links for when you’re feeling bored. You probably need a whole life time to go throug all links. The site also features a RSS FEEDs

Alternative to I Tunes

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All of MP3
Here you can legally download songs starting at $ 0.06 a song. A whole Album for example Moby’s newest Album “Hotel” is there available starting at $2.30.
It depends on lenght of the song and the quality of the file.
It’s a russian site with full licenses for the songs. …

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