Slinky Master 2014

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Yes! Work that slinky without squeezing your pinky my friend. I’m sincerely impressed by that kid’s skills but then I started to think in how many hours he put in. Real life opportunities missed. But then on the other hand … will he get laid! Emm .. hell yeah!
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Desk Lamp Candle Holder

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Combination of modern and olden days. I like it.

The holder’s fixed neck keeps a candle level, two flexible spring-loaded tension joints adjust to any position up to 24″ H, and its weighted base provides stability, providing an ambient glow ideal for studying a manuscript or telling tales.
More info: Desk …

Crazy Cat Temple In Tokyo

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Meow! This temple is technically in Tokyo but from our apartment in Koto-Ku it was almost more like a day-trip to get to this cat temple. The first time I saw this temple was on the Amazing Race and I knew I wanted to go there to if we ever …

The Almost Perpetual Motion Marble Kit

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One Day! One Day!

Easy to put together with some solder, glue, and tools you have at home, you’ll have a super keen solar powered device on your desk. Working with original designer Martin Raynsford, Solarbotics has developed this keen kit. Once built, the Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit will collect …

Play Marble Temple

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Collect jewels and put the marble right into the hole. This fun free online game is like a mini golf game with a mystical touch. Place the marble, click and aim and soon you will be the master of this skill game with tons of different levels.
Play it here: Marble …

Blinky Winky Bag

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Ready or not here it winks!!!!

Get ready to strut your stuff with this Hi-Di-Hi 3D Aqua & Dark Purple Winky Crossbody Travel Bag! Every time you take a step on your next adventure, a stunning green eye in hologram will give you and all those around you a flirty wink.
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Hip Hop Kids In Miami

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This is a video I uploaded a while back to Youtube during a short visit to South Beach but haven’t gotten around to post it on RGS.
You never know what you see while taking a walk on Ocean Drive. And on that day I wasn’t disappointed yet again. Group …

Hang Santa From Your Chimney

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LOL for the entire and whole family. Just don’t fire up that fireplace. Awww poor Santa! Now just imagine that you have some kind of string system set up, so when the kids come to see the presents you pull the string and let the good old man disappear. This …

My New Favorite Online Shopping Site

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I’m getting more and more fed up with the biggest online retailer with the orange “smile” and made it a thing not to use it that often anymore. Since it’s so dominant it kind of puts other pages in a bad position. Especially in terms of shipping and taxation.
It took …

How To Take A Donut Selfie?

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Now, I’m not a big of selfies and all but I have seen many out in the wild who are. So I wanted to share this tutorial on how to take a Donut Selfie. Which takes the whole Selfie thing on to a new level, including nice slow-motion when your …

R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase

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Security, crew and everyone on your flight will love you if you travel with this carry-on luggage.

The Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage is the best carry-on bag you could ever hope for. As R2-D2 protected Luke, so will this Star Wars R2-D2 Carry-On Luggage protect your underwear, shirts, socks, toothbrush, …

Free Barnes & Noble (Nook) And Kobo eBooks

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Our Freebook Sifter website has been a smash hit. It has been featured on USA Today, Freebies, Boing Boing and on Kim Komando page.
At the beginning we have been focusing on Amazon but now added Nook and Kobo free eBooks! And we are going to add more sources very …

Self Watering Animal Planter

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The only plants surviving after a long vacation, I guess!

These lovable ceramic creatures carry straws in their mouths, miniature herb gardens on their backpacks and they perch comfortably on the edge of any glass or mug. When their plant is in need of a drink, the thirsty animal takes a …

Weird Humming Bird Moth

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We spotted this little guy after a long day of hiking in Macedonia. At first we thought it was a baby humming bird but figured pretty fast it must be something else. It moves like a Humming Bird but it’s a totally independent specie. Enjoy the video!
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Making Money By Selling on Fine Art America

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To give a quick answer: YES! I have been with them for 1 1/2 years and sold 9 photographs in total and made about 260 USD off it!!! Not bad at all and feels good when you know that someone is appreciating your work and willing to hang it at …

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