Nympho Cat And Other Musings

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Watch out for those Nympho cats? They are vicious! An even more vicious animal we encountered while visiting Idaho … COUGARS. Once they lay an eye on you across the bar they will attack. No doubt about that. Not sure how many attacks we had to dodge but let me …

Toasty Toast Hand Warmer

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This melts my heart and not my hands!
Keyboards these days can get really cold. Whether you’re typing up a memo in the office, or finishing that overdue assignment in class; typing can be a chilly business. But you don’t have to be a survivalist to …

Frank’s Hair Trick

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Meet Frank and watch him how he does is crazy hair wig wobble trick. I’m pretty sure that this is his real hair but I’m wondering who is the lucky one he is trying to impress. I wish I would have such strong locks. I did blog not too long …

High Fashion Christmas Tree

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Oh no! First Christmas post of the the season 2012! Sorry readers!
This is the prelit 5′ Christmas tree befitting a habitué of high fashion. This tree eschews the geometric lines of typical conifers, taking its shape instead from a classic couturier’s dress form. The high collar, long sleeves, wasp waist, …

Hepex–New Online Game

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This game is awesome and really gets your brain going. It starts off super easy and above game board is nothing compared to the ones I saw further on playing Hepex! This puzzles game wants you to color in tiles by running your mouse over them. But there are certain …

Bloody Skull Candle – Halloween 2012 Is Going To Be Awesonme

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I was too fast with my Halloween Guide for 2012… this should have been included right on top! Oh well, now the candle gets it’s very own post.
At first, you’ll just have a normal skull candle. Place it on a heat-resistant plate, because in a while, you’ll need it! Light …

The Galaxy S3 Copy And Paste Problem (CRASH)

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2 month have past since I purchased my new baby aka Galaxy S3. I’m still very happy with is BUT there is a bug with some of the SIII including mine. It happened now twice. At one point Copy & Pasting stops working. It first locks the the application I …

Following The Foot Steps Of Prostitution In The United States Of America

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What rhymes with Mining Towns? Well, yes .. Whores, prostitution and all kind of other skanky stuff like Buffalo Burgers for example. Now guess in what year the last brothels in Wallace, Idaho closed. Well, what do you think? Here is the answer 1988! Woot! So we visited this Bordello …

Origami Clock

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Every minute an other shape!
This is the wall clock that folds and unfolds like a dynamic origami shape as it tells time. A living sculpture, its metal hands are each wrapped with one end of a half-moon of pliable polyethylene that has a solid pink background on one side and …

May I Introduce Rapper Krispy Kreme To You

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Two days ago (or so) I watched my new favorite show TOSH.O and there he was Krispy Kreme and he changed my life. Plus Krispy Kreme thinks I’m cute. It’s OK Krispy Kreme I think you are cute too. Is he for real? I think nope but KK is s …

Brain Candle

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Great for hunting ideas!
This hand-sculpted brain candle is suspended in gel wax, so it looks just like a laboratory specimen. Thankfully, it doesn’t smell like formaldehyde. Actually, it doesn’t smell like anything since we couldn’t agree on what brains should smell like. Pop off the lid, light it up, and …

Sawblade Frisbee

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People like to throw and catch things: it’s why rocks were invented. But rocks hurt: that’s why fake rocks were invented. Throwing circular sawblades would be fun, if it weren’t so dangerous. And that’s why the Sawblade Throwing Disc was invented. It’s foam, so it’s safe. But …

Woof! Dog Hotel!

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We stopped by this super awesome Dog Hotel in Cottonwood, Idaho. Well it’s more a B&B and it’s just wan party to own per night. Up in the snout is a little hang-out area. In it’s body is the bedroom and the kitchen and how convenient the bathroom it’s towards …

Can I Be Your Qwirkle All Night Long?

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This game is awesome!!! We bought it couple of weeks ago. It does look kind of childish and way too easy but this game rocks! Look at the picture above and you will get the basic idea. It’s a color and shape matching game. A little bit like UNO and …

Super Moonwalk

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Wouldn’t it be fun to take walks like this? Up and down the shopping mile, giving Zero F**** what’s in the window displays. This way you would even safe tons of money and you can cover a much bigger area. A lot of people seeing this video say it’s a …

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