Stress Mushroom

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This hand motion releases a lot of stress but not in connection with a plastic mushroom, I think. But releasing stress either way is a good thing!

Twist them, stretch them, pound them on the desk. Embrace Japan’s favourite anger management solution and let these soothing shrooms ease the rage caused …

The World Is Angry In Iceland

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Grrrrr! You wouldn’t think that Iceland is a place where people can happily live. But I can ensure you, they do. During our For 91 Days In Iceland we met many happy people and a lot of angry world. From geysers, hot springs, boiling mud and crazy steam coming out …

The Oral – B Triumph 5000 Electronic Toothbrush

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So this toothbrush was my big present for Christmas 2014. Which was a big surprise. Never thought I need or wanted one and at the first moment when I unwrapped it I was like: Hmm, ok! Guess my teeth need better cleaning.
So after over a week of using the toothbrush …

Turn Signal Cloves

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Just in case your New Year’s resolution was to stay save, this is for you. A wonderful new year to all RGS readers!!!

Zackees™ Turn Signal Gloves™ features an ambient lights sensor which boosts visibility during the day and extends battery life at night.
The Ultrabright Rechargeable Pack delivers more power per …

The Worst Movies Of 2014

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Over at our movie recommendation site Criticker we crunched the numbers of all the movies being released in 2014 and started publishing our Year’s End Lists. Runner up are the “TOP” 10 Worst movies of 2014. Before you visit the list think about your worst movies you have seen in …

Smartphones Get Bigger – Thumbs Are Too

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It’s quite surprising that the phones are getting bigger and bigger. Even Apple brought out a phone with a huge screen. 2 1/2 ago I bought the Galaxy Note 2 and I’m still extremely happy with it (my current phone) but I remember the outrage and screaming when family and …

Ebru – The Art Of Painting On Water

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This is another post on our travel blog which gone somewhat viral. We took a Ebru painting class in Istanbul and learned the art of painting on water. It looks much harder than it actual is. And we produced some fun painting using that technique. If you are in Istanbul …

Tetrizz Light Sculpture

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It kind of reminds me of my youth. I have no idea why!

The lamp’s practical, whimsical interpretation consists of seven similarly shaped blocks that can be stacked in any order to create a unique light sculpture. The colored blocks illuminate when in contact with each other, and the whole lamp …

Alfred Hitchcock Birds Drama In Springfield Ohio

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We are visiting family in Springfield, Ohio over the holidays. Just couple of days ago there was a murder of crows of about 50.000 in town. And when I saw these birds in the video from further away I thought they were crows. But it turns out they were just …

4 Things You Need To Do After Christmas!!!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful time with your family and friends and received some amazing gifts. In this post you will find out 4 things you should do after Christmas.
1. Received a tablet, eReader, Kindle?
Funnel your device with thousands and thousands of free eBooks via our site Freebooksifter. We offer …

Charge Your Phone With Boiling Water

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If your only heat source is a gas burner this doesn’t make too much sense but if you have tons of wood around you! Go for it!

Thermoelectric technology. Sounds complex, we know. So let’s start again: a heat source and a pot of water. That’s all it’ll take to charge …

Optical Illusion In Tokyo

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We went to see a baseball game at Tokyo’s Dome City and had couple of hours to kill before the game. Which wasn’t too hard. Tons of rides, a mall, play area, etc. But where we spent most of the time was it this rather simple Optical Illusion somewhere underground. …

Smartphone Mini Boombox

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Do it like it’s the 80ies!

Make some noise by turning your smartphone into a miniature boombox with the Touch Mini Boombox Speaker. Simply slip your MP3 player or smartphone into the Touch Mini Boombox Speaker and crank the tunes. Be the hit of the playground again and impose your musical …

A Visit To The Underwater Museum In Mexico

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So almost exactly one year ago I got my open water diving license Puerto Morelos. It was actually harder to get the license than expected and I do have a love hate relationship with diving ever since. I love it but at the same time it does freak me out …

Sushi Socks No Soya Sauce

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The sock sushi look extremely yummy, I have to admit but now I can’t help but think about people with a sock fetish and LOVE sushi …. this must be a feast!

The colorful leg wear fit almost all sizes and are based on actual popular sushi. This is a set …

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