Freakin’ Brandy Pipe

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May I hold your brandy pipe? Sluuuuuuurrp!
Presented in a foam lined gift box, this unique liqueur glass makes an ideal gift for anyone that appreciates a stronger drink. Based on the original sipper glasses from the 17th century, the Brandy Pipe follows traditional glass making techniques to help drinkers get …

The 5 most expensive Beer Brews in the World

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Expensive doesn’t mean it’s good! Especially with beer – Just can’t imagine to spend 270 Euros on one bottle of beer. How could can it taste? Well on the other hand what do I know – maybe it is worth that much dough.
Jacobsen Vintage #3 for $350 by Carlsberg

Crown …

Wine Tank Glass

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This glass makes me just drunk just by looking at it. Since we moved to Spain we got big wine drinkers not just because a glass of wine a day does you good but also because Valencian wine is just too good and cheap ;).
The device consists of a …

DIY Liquor Maker

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They don’t really say if you can really use it or if it’s just for decoration.
Designed in Barcelona, Spain, this finely crafted home distiller illustrates the nuances of English that are often lost in translation. The still’s copper frame is engraved with Missisipi Destil Co.–an honest, if poorly translated, …

Absinth without the green fairy

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This Absinth without the green fairy was keeping me away from blogging. Well kind of – can’t stand the taste off it but it does look cool. I’m on my last day in Germany to celebrate a big birthday of a very good friend of mine. It’s my last hours …

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