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Happy New Gifs Day: Flabber Face Says Hello

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Oh .. I can almost smell the year of the Dragon. It’s right around the corner. Right in the moment when the clock hits midnight tomorrow I want to make this face and you should too. For good luck, health and money stuff. Will it work? Who knows? So what …

Dark Sided Gifs

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I’m currently discovering the dark side of animated gifs and I’m liking it. Just kidding! Not sure what it is with gifs, they are somehow better than a video. Am I the only one. They are just bringing it to the point right away, done… assuming you have a good …

Thunder Pussy Gifs

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Kid, this happens when you eat too many leftover Halloween treats and play with that weird cat from the even weirder neighbor. Well, it looks like good times though and the following gifs will even put you in a better mood. And no worries, cats are not the only animals …

Collection of Cool Gifs–Not So Creepy

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Who is excited for Halloween. I’m kind off but there will be no classic US Halloween but on November 2nd will be the day of the death, so it will be somewhat creepy I hope. Maybe the next animated gif dump will be funny Halloween scare reactions. Talking of Halloween, …

Random Gifs: Pink Hungry Dolphin Queens

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Random Good Stuff needs to become way more trashier. Trash is good, trash is healthy and trash will make your life. From now on I will be posting one or two time a week a DIF Dump if you want it or not. But what I can promise you, you …

GIFs for your Brain

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Be warned though. Some of those gif might cause seizure!
Now, get ready to challenge your brain and just as a reminder. Following are just pixels!!!

[via: dvdp]
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Humping Dog Animated Gif

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This is maybe the best one I have seen right after best fail dog ever. ROFLMAO!
Can’t stop laughing.
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