Visit Chicago

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I have been to Chicago couple of times and love my visit every single time. The last time we were there we did the Architectural Boat Tour and had a blast. I could totally see us staying there for 3 month for our For 91 Days Travel Blog. The video …

Blueprint 3D Online Game

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Always wanted to be an Architect or a Mechanical Engineer ? Then this game is right up your alley. But it also would be if you are just board and you need an hour of entertainment. You have to line up the sketches be moving the computer mouse until the …

A Rare Look inside a Private Savannah Mansion

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You know “The Book” changed so many things for Savannah and drove (and still is driving) tons of tourists to Savannah. Thanks to the detailed descriptions of the book it’s easy feel set right into the story when walking through Savannah’s Squares. The problem now is – that people think …

The Heart of Denver

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Looking for a Hotel in Denver?

Hello Folks! Taking the portraits yesterday were a great success and I already got some great pictures of Denver to get along with the photo-assignment. Here couple of images I won’t be able to send to my client but thought they were interesting enough for …

Ball Elevator – Globen Stockholm

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Looking for a hotel in Stockholm? 
Stockholm has a new landmark attraction called Globen Sky View. The Konverket fountain was already breathtaking but these outside railed globe elevators are truly something else!
The Sky view globe elevators run outside the Ericsson Globe which is currently the largest hemispherical building in the world …

A Monster – Calatrava’s new building in Oviedo

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You know Calatrava’s crazy architecture from Valencia, Spain:

City of Arts and Sciences
Prince Philipe Museum

He also got hired to designthe World Trade Center Transportation Hub. Anyways, right now he is building this huge monster right in the middle of Oviedo.
From far away it’s very distracting – it just …

Darmstadt Heppenheim = WOOT

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Hotels in Darmstadt and Heppenheim

You might have guessed – I was traveling again. Well, it was more like visiting family in Hessen and friends in good old Berlin. Get ready for some neat pictures from Germany in this and followings posts.
I’m starting off with couple of images I took …

1001 Arabian Nights in Granada, Spain

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One of the highlight of visiting Granada was the Alhambra and it Nazrid Palace. It was incredible – I didn’t even know something like this would even exist in Europe. The whole architecture was straight from 1001 Arabian Nights. People actually lived there, including Irving Washington where …

First Atlanta Pictures

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I’m back home now for over a week and I have been pretty busy and just finally found some time to upload the first set of Atlanta pictures. Atlanta was very strange and partly deserted and with probably the strangest downtown area I experienced in a US city. Don’t get …

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain

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Calatrava’s tourist magnet in Valencia is the City of Arts and Sciences, a collection of insanely designed buildings which cost a fortune a day just to maintain.
Never felt like taking tons of pictures of it, since everyone can take great pictures of these buildings. But yesterday I truly felt inspired.
Awesome …

Valencia Open Tennis 500

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Hello Andy Roddick, hello David Ferrer!!!!
I got accreditation to cover and take pictures of the Valencia Open Tennis 500 for our Valencia Blog:

The event will be the first event held in the fantastic new Calatrava building called Ágora. Which is just breathtaking – you will agree after watching the …

Outrages Toy: Huge Mansion for Kids

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This Auction is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction Bargains

Isn’t this insane? Your kids can move out now when they are 5! Also interesting for people who have to live in the streets.
Boasting rich architectural design, our Grand Portico Mansion has the classic styling of today’s most …

Barcelona Gaudi Park – Guell!

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Great Hostels in Barcelona

I have phases sometimes … I take too many pictures and I end up doing nothing with them. Same with the Barcelona pictures which I took 1/2 years when I got hired for photo job in Barcelona. Got some time now, so I thought I should …

Hello Kitty House in Shanghai

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!!!

Ohhh … Shanghai! Man, not sure what’s wrong with me but it looks like I need a vacation. Haven’t had one in 2 years. I’d give anything to go to Shanghai again. And I would even blog live from the Hello Kitty house, if access …

Open Doors – Sliding Online Game

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The perfect game for architectures who can’t get away from their blueprints. Actually, are blueprints still in use these days or is all the planning now digitally?
Game Link: Open Doors
– $3 Off Coupon Code for Sourcing Map

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