Vienna: For the music, Thank you!

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Mega promise – this is the very last Vienna post. So we walked into this café/restaurant to escape the rain to grab a glass of wine and there he was. Charming, Austrian and spoke tons of different languages. He even took requests to play songs from other countries. Incredible guy.
This …

Over the ALPS

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Filmed with the Sanyo VPC – CS 1 (super tiny) available here: USA, UK, Deutschland and Spain

You almost made it – second to last Vienna pictures. Back in the days I LUVED flying. It was great, it was the best – so much fun. I think differently now. But flying …

Pug Handbag

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Vienna just doesn’t stop giving. Now a very fashionable pug handbag made out of 100% Pug Plush. I’m not a handbag kind of guy but if they bring out a French Bulldog Handbag I’m wearing it.
The last 2 hours has been super stressful – I just found out that …

Rectum Bar in Vienna

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I just got back from a photo assignment in Vienna and thought this would be a appropriate post to welcome you back to more frequent Random Good Stuff posts 😉 This is an actually a real bar set in an anatomically correct digestion track. How charming. I bet …

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