Umbrella Messenger (Douche) Bag

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Thieves could you even give you a good tickle before they run off with your bag.
Weather any storm with this functional messenger bag that holds your open umbrella. Stay dry or shaded while keeping your hands free. Bag’s holder adapts to most compact umbrella styles (curved or straight handles) and …

Plastic Bag Dryer

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Who would have ever guessed that there is a market for a plastic bag dryer? Will it dry douche bags as well?
Crafted from sustainably harvested birch and ash woods, our Countertop Bag Dryer makes it easy to dry and reuse plastic bags. Folds for storage.
A review:
I bought a bunch …

Goldfish Trash Bags

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Use these trash bags and you will be talk of the whole neighborhood. Hmm … boob trash bags, next!!! Or even better cojones trash bags.
Make the boring chore of taking out the trash more artistic. Now you can bring a little more happiness to your curb on trash day with …

Grill a Ham and Cheese with your Toaster – No Mess!

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This is the greatest thing since the moon landing.
Turn your toaster into a grill with ToastIt Toaster Bags. Slide a sandwich into the non-toxic, non-stick bag and toss it in your toaster. Within minutes, you’ll have a perfectly toasted and delicious sandwich. Ham sammies, grilled cheese, paninis, pitas, garlic …

Airport Friendly Laptop Bag

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Zipping right through security … yeah right!
Designed to meet requirements set by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, this carry-on eliminates the hassle of removing your laptop from the bag and hastens airport security screening. The bag’s laptop compartment folds down, lies flat on the X-ray machine belt, and has …

Sleeping Bear Pack

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With this sleeping bag you can camp out anywhere without being scared someone will harm you. Other bears might try to mate with you though! Hopefully you will have catastrophic health insurance if the worst actually happens.

Art by: Eiko Ishizawa

Hot Water Bottle Bag

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Can you fill this bag not with hot water or not to give you extra warmth during the cold winter months?

Warm up your wardrobe with this truly unique bag made from a reclaimed hot water bottle used during the 1960s by the "Bundeswehr" (Germany’s Federal Defense Force). Tough and utilitarian, …

Super Cool Man Bag – Baseball Tote

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Throwing off point of views how men should be (henching Men in Tights) here the probably coolest man bag out there. A small keg would even fit. NICE!

The hit of the season`s, our drawstring tote is crafted with a contrast stitch to recreate a baseball. Man-made materials; poly/cotton lining. Tote …

DIY iPhone Airplane Holder

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I saw this on an other blog couple of days ago and asked the fellow blogger if I could republish the images on RGS.
A big thank you to Hodenmumps who made this post possible.
Who doesn’t like free stuff for your gadgets. Here I will show you how to turn …

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