Next Stop Boise, Idaho

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Time flies! Man! It has been now one month since we arrived in Busan. We just published our self-interview asking ourselves about our impressions here. One month also marks when we decide on our our next 3 month stop for our travel blog. Decisions are made and we …

Next Stop Buenos Aires

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For our travel Blog For 91 Days we already have been to Oviedo, Spain and are now past our first month in Savannah. Just couple of days ago we decided that our next stop will be Buenos Aires. I know I got couple of readers from Argentina – so I …

Criticker – 30,000 Users Strong

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Most of you already know about our movie recommendation site Criticker (which Mike and I run) which is now online for about 5 years. We got now features on:

Make Use of
Read Write Web

And many other awesome websites mentioned us.
We cleaned up the layout and made it much easier to …

Patatas Bravas in Navajas Story And News!

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Man – I’m so in love with Patatas Bravas a Spanish Tapas dish. We went hiking on Saturday in a small town 1 1/2 from Valencia. The hike was fun until we got lost but even better was the treat above after.
So, there is an other change in the way …

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