Booty Beanbags

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From photos of that old rumpus room in your uncle’s basement to the wistful memories of listening to your first 8-track tape, beanbags are no longer confined to the land of memories and nostalgia. Sure, beanbags have been around – they’ve seen the death of disco and the rise of …

Good Sponge – Bad Sponge

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Look at this, a sponge set with split personalities! Reminds me a little bit of the Butt/Face Towel.
To wipe out germs you have to sink to their level. Perforated shelves direct water away from the other sponge. The stainless steel Spongester banishes bacteria with two shelves to separate your …

Working BatPod on eBay

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This auction is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction

Looks a little bit like big boy Lego… but still very cool. Even Batman would like it.
The frame and all tubing were built from hardened steel and welded together for an unbelievable rendition of this famous vehicle. The covers and arm …

Sébastien Tellier – Look at the BOOTY

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I’m a big Sébastien Tellier fan and most male will be too after this video.
– 1 Dollar CDs

Best Optical Illusion

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Ha! Gotcha! Isn’t the brain funny. It over lays wishful thinking over reality. I’m a sucker for optical illusion, have you seen any recently? If so feel free to post them in the comments.
[via twitter user: ekday]
– These Bargains are no illusions

Nightmare Jeans

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Slip into a pair of winkers and let your booty talk. And I thought these are the worst Jeans ever.
Video Link: Worst Jeans Ever Made
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ATM = Ass Touching Machine?

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Sorry for the odd posts so far today – but I’m in some kind of weird kinky prank mood. It must be the heat 😉
Video Link: Booty Snatching Prank
– Michael Schumacher changed his mind, now he is not racing in Valencia! Surprise?

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