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Brain Eating Zombie Clock

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The Pirate Clock I just recently featured on Random Good Stuff was pretty cool but this brain eating Zombie clock is something else. Eating brains at first seems weird but brain is actually used in some sausages in Germany, well at least they used to. It’s called Gelbwurst which translates …

Zombie Hat

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Zombies, Zombies! They are never going out of fashion. Now zombie, put an other hat an so you don’t under-cool your brains. Oh .. yeah, you are already dead. So it doesn’t matter too much. But we warned wearing this Zombie hat. You might get shot by some kind of …

Zombie Bottle Opener

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Anything Zombie makes a cool gift .. ANYTIME! So no matter what you buy if it’s Zombie (Zombie Tampons, Zombie Hair Dryer or even a Zombie Deep Fryer) the person receiving it will be always psyched. Unless it’s a real alive dead Zombie going after it’s brains. Not a good …

Brain Winter Hat And Other Musings

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I call this brainy a smart design decision and super geeky on top of it. Yeah my lady, scratch your brain and watch how nobody is going to do anything against it. The bearded winter hat was a huge hit on Random Good Stuff but this brain hat takes it …

Real Brain Farts

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Told you! Now it’s not just a saying, it’s the real deal. That fart pillow is the ultimate prank which will adds an extra giggle to the pranked ones. Now bring it with you to school or office and you will be the class clown or star of the office …

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