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Paris–Say Cheese: Part 1

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Great Hostels and Hotels in Paris

Back in Valencia and counting down the days before we are leaving for Palermo, Italy our next destination for our Travel Blog. While in Paris I got hired by a huge German Business magazine to take photographs in Spain right after that assignment in. And …

Next Stop Buenos Aires

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For our travel Blog For 91 Days we already have been to Oviedo, Spain and are now past our first month in Savannah. Just couple of days ago we decided that our next stop will be Buenos Aires. I know I got couple of readers from Argentina – so I …

Staple City

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And once last staple city skyscraper is built you came just a little bit too close with your mega earth magnet and create a huge staple ball – then you smile at the builders and wait for the beating of your life. Is finally someone please building a donut mega …

Photographer in Vienna

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Hostels in Vienna – Hotels in Vienna – Flights to Vienna

Vienna? Wien? It’s all the same! I already shared with you a great Vienna moment, the “Arse Bar” and it seemed like the RGS went nutz for it with 28 retweets!
Vienna was incredible – I love the food, …

Rectum Bar in Vienna

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I just got back from a photo assignment in Vienna and thought this would be a appropriate post to welcome you back to more frequent Random Good Stuff posts This is an actually a real bar set in an anatomically correct digestion track. How charming. I bet …

Skiing in the City

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No no … it has nothing to do with the snow you snore up your nose.
– Weird Festivals & Strange Celebrations

Parkour: Just straight up walking

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Bwoah @ minute 0:42! This guy is amazing. Those parkour guys are the best thieves. Open window at the 4th problem … not safe!
Video Link: Amazing Parkour
– Neglected Gems: An Autumn Tale

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