Swinging French Bulldogs

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Oh man, this really makes me miss my French Bulldog. I haven’t seen her now for 1 1/2 month and we have the same amount to go until we are united. But to be honest I’m and she is actually too happy about this. Just imagining traveling with Chucky within …

Orangutan Baby of Rock

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Recently I’m on a monkey and gorilla run! The video is cure but I think the still snapshot I took of the video is much cuter. Just looking at it cracks me up. Just imagine daddy is off to see his new born baby and this fury thing shows up …

Cat Digital Camera–Say Meow!

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Pussy camera all the way.
With necono digital camera, everyone will be captured with a smile. There is no need for you to say “Cheese!” This camera does not have the pressure big and bossy cameras have. This little camera can capture natural and relaxed faces (actually the most difficult faces …

You want to take a bite of this Camera: CHOCOLATE

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Why just for the ladies!
Ladies gather around! Your iPhone may be great, but it certainly isn’t as cute as this keychain chocolate camera from Fuuvi Japan. With a 0.3 megapixel CMOS lens and a built-in rechargeable battery and built-in memory, the chocolate camera will take retro looking images as well …

Baby Scissorhands

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EDWARD … NO! Don’t come too close to the baby. Oh … you upgraded your one hand. In that case .. fine!
Turn Your Hand Into Baby’s Favorite Toy! It’s a rattle…it’s a teether… it’s a pull-toy and a squeaker. It’s a world of excitement for baby at your fingertips! Glove …


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Dogs are not just the humans best friend but they can also be trained to be the coolest and cutest skateboards out there. You get your fun and practice and the dog gets it’s necessary walk. You might scratch you head and you should but be assured no dog got …

Battery Salt and Pepper Shaker

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Shake out some energy with these stylish Salt and Pepper Shakers. Can be easily re-charged by opening the lid and pouring in more Salt or Pepper. Super easy and not even close to be cheesy.

Salt and pepper shakers shaped like D-cell batteries
See-thru "power indicator" shows how much salt and …

OMG – Rabbit in my Salad

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WTF – there is a rabbit in my salad. OH – em! Wrong .. in that case may I server you some lettuche?
Keep it green with our Rabbit Ear Salad Servers! Mix your salad together and keep the servers in the bowl for a great rabbit in the salad illusion! …

Guitar Cuteness

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This totally melts my heart. The thought have those kids practicing and missing on playground fun time is just so darling. It’s totally worth it and I don’t care about their childhood (kidding)! Next give them e-guitars and let them totally rock out. Kids, you have a rosy and very …

Cute: Sparrow Keychain with House

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Aww – Isn’t that cute!
Keep your keys safe and sound with the Sparrow Keychainand holder. Not only does this chirpy character provide a handy place to hang your house keys, but it also doubles as a whistle! Simply attach the Sparrow to your bunch …

Wild Running Beasts

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Wild running feather beasts running down the street is not a sight you always see. So enjoy it as it lasts because the truck coming round the corner with an important delivery is right around the corner. Awww – cute SPLASH! BBQ! Na … just kidding. But let me ask …

Super Foxy Fox

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This fox is super foxy and is not shy at all to show it. I never knew that foxes can be that cute. No I’m wondering – could you get a baby fox, raise him to be tame? Or are the instincts still too strong and would hate being a …

Third Time Happy Monkey

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What’s even sadder than a sad monkey – Three sad monkeys of course. Especially if one of them is a baby monkey. Sob, sob! But I got good news for you. It’s super easy to make the monkeys all happy. You just have to solve the puzzle / mystery in …

Mini Tape Gun

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Great – an other thing I have to collect now.
A fully functional tape gun that dispenses a standard roll of clear tape—and one FREE roll of tape is included! Based upon the same classic design as the warehouse tape gun, the Mini Tape Gun makes it fun and easy to …

Super Cute Sleeping Puppy

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This is the cutest thing I have seen all day long (so far) our little doggy has dreams too and makes similar sounds but this cute little fellow is a 100k cuter then our dog (sorry Chucky). I wish humans would move and make sounds like this in their dreams …

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