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  • Play Me The Trump Tumpet

    Do you have rhythm? You know how to hold a tune? Then please go ahead and play me the Trump Trumpet. I don’t want to get too much further into any kind of political “issues” but I wanted to share with you this little webpage (see link below) which let’s you play a little trumpet. […]

  • Election Day – Kids As Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

    Election Day – Kids As Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton

    Today is election day. Yeah, without getting to political I’m just saying I would have like to see two other people on the ballot but it is what it is. But on the brighter side we got these kids as Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton dressed up on Halloween. They totally nailed it and they […]

  • Grab them by the P***Y T-Shirt

    Why is everyone so surprised that Donald Trump talks like that. It has been clear from the beginning that he’s a sexist and what he thinks of women. I created this T-Shirt so we all remember what brought him down. I’m not saying you should wear this shirt and prance around town with it but […]