Submarine Camcorder

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Wish the tabled would be water tight as well!
This is the remote operated submarine that sends live video to an iPad from 100′ underwater. Ideal for viewing marine life or inspecting a boat below the waterline, the sub is tethered to its receiver on deck with a 100′ video cable. …

Porsche Race Trick (For Kids) (For Real)

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Do I want this??? Yes, and maybe can afford it if I win the Power Ball Lottery tonight!!! It’s over a 100k Bucks!
This is the full-sized Porsche 917 replica that conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful to the iconic Le Mans raceway. Painted in the same color …

Circus Letter Lights

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Love how they look. But they are kind of pricey!
Now you can celebrate the power of font and letter whilst youlight up your room with this hand-made 60cm tall Circus Letter Light, (plugs straight into a240v socket). It’s beautifully hand-made from powder coated aluminium by the same letter-artists that created …


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I would be too nervous to find the right and correct way to sit on it, otherwise ouch!
This is the stationary bicycle that uses an epicyclic transmission system that provides magnetic resistance for intensive spinning workouts. Inspired by 19th-century monowheels, its 36" diameter flywheel is driven by a chainring system …

Most Expensive Item on Amazon

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Of course it has to be some kind of bling – it goes for juicy $180,000.00!!! Found something more expensive please leave a comment!!!
Since 1907, Kwiat, a New York based jewelry brand, has captivated imaginations with breathtaking diamonds and inspired diamond jewelry. Kwiat adheres to the techniques passed down from …

Robot Bionic Bumper Cars

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Ok, either a new car or a set of Bionic Bumper Cars! They should have these at Walmart!
These are the motorized boxers controlled by two drivers who battle to deliver chin-lifting uppercuts for victory. Similar to bumper cars, a driver up to 300 lbs. sits inside the robot’s protective steel …

Grass-It Bookmarks

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Looks cool but they are really expensive! Wonder why!!
Just slip them between the pages and stick them to mark the spot you want to return to later. On your shelf it will look like grass is sprouting from your library! This set features THREE packs of Green Markers, each with …

Crazy Butt Kids Toy: Pirate House Ship

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You decide – awesome kids playground or a new car!
This is the wooden playhouse that suggests a 23′ high weather-beaten pirate sloop has marooned itself in the backyard. With a hearty cedar and redwood exterior, it is festooned with classic pirate-age decorations that compel exploration: a cutlass-bearing skeleton lashed to …

The 5 most expensive Beer Brews in the World

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Expensive doesn’t mean it’s good! Especially with beer – Just can’t imagine to spend 270 Euros on one bottle of beer. How could can it taste? Well on the other hand what do I know – maybe it is worth that much dough.
Jacobsen Vintage #3 for $350 by Carlsberg

Crown …

Your Private uBoot

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Hate swimming/diving but still want to experience what the underwater world has to offer? Please keep in mind that this personal submarine won’t fit in your carry on luggage.
This is the two-person submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000′. Providing access to underwater features such as coral …

Personal Dragon Pedal Boat

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And I thought the Deluxe Kids Mansion was outrageous.
Rising like a serpentine dragon 6′ above the water’s surface, this is the same statuesque pedal boat found at amusement parks. Ideal for leisurely cruises on ponds or lakes, it seats two riders and operates using a direct-drive twin pedal system …

Most Expensive Kids Toy: The Superplexus

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WTF SON! Look a little ( or at least pretend) bit more excited – this thing cost me $ XX,XXX !!!! So outrages you have to see for yourself!
This is the three-dimensional spherical labyrinth that challenges the limits of your manual dexterity and spatial understanding as you maneuver a …

Snoring not allowed: The Power Nap Capsule

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It costs tons of money at the beginning but will / might pay back in productivity of your workers.

Inspired by NASA studies demonstrating that napping can improve reaction time by 16% and concentration by 34%, this is the power nap capsule that provides a spacious, semi-enclosed sleeping environment ideal for …

Put a smile on a child’s face: The Hand Crank Locomotives

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Add some extra tracks and your child could hand crank themselves to kindergarten.

Each of the two included locomotives is made from cast aluminum with stainless-steel crank handles, and supports a single child up to 100 lbs. Minimal effort is required of children as they crank, so each train glides easily …

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