Germany – Heidelberg And Gay Weddings

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FRIENDS! I’m back. I’ve been away from Palermo for over 2 weeks. The first week we spent in Germany and the other week I went to Orlando for a photo job (Orlando pictures will be posted tomorrow or so). Being back in Germany, in my hometown was tons …

Happy Gay Time: Hand-Blown Beer Boot Glass

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Ready for the Summer hit of 2011? Here it is – The Beer Boot song! First time I paid attention to the Beer Boot Glass was when we visited the Schnitzel Shack in Savannah. Das Boot! What kind of beer is that? And this!!!! Dance – DANCE I SAID!
Das Booooot! …

Probably Gayest Public Announcement Ever

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Skip to minute 2:04 when he starts speaking English. WHY do you have to sound so gay? Man! Dude … I’m gay myself but don’t sound like this, emmm I hope!
– Penguins Chase Butterfly

Gay Reichs: Was Hitler Gay?

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Loved it! It’s old but I totally missed that Daily Show clip – Jason Jones, can I be your groupie?
– Kayaking Hunks

Male Barbies

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And I thought Guidos were the top of the line.
– Gay Movies

When is it OK to use the N Word?

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N Word for the White Guy – watch more funny videos
My question though is: when is it ok to call someone a faggot. I use that F word all the time? Am I homophobic even though I’m gay myself! What did you say? What? SHUT UP FAGGOT!

About the book:
The genius …

Bento: Rice Art

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I never had Bento but I would feel too guilty just to eat up those little art pieces.

Image source: Reiko27 – Geekologie – FaceFood – Trendhunter – That Girl Site – GaloreBot
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RGS says NO on 8

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A very concerned Random Good Stuff reader wrote me that he won’t continue reading this blog because I endorse those evil anti gay marriage campaigns and taking their money. I was very puzzled and confused because most of my readers know how I swing, especially after the first morning in …

First Morning in Ohio

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No posts yesterday – sorry folks but we left for our trip to the US. It took us 24 hours to get here. It took a little longer than expected but we had bad weather in Philadelphia and tons of flights got canceled and delayed. We are very lucky that …

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