Scream TV–Happy Halloween Y’all

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Happy Halloween!!! How is everyone doing? What are the plans and how are you dressed up? Here are couple of videos of some kind of haunted house somewhere in the US, of people crapping their pants from being scared to death. To be honest. I could never ever walk through …

Ghost Mini Lamps

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This would be a great gimmick for a Halloween Costume if the lamp is not getting to hot and you have a long enough extension cord so you can move around.
You too can prevent that canary criminal from eating you out of house and home. Use us to lend …

The invisible Ball

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Too much cocaine?
– 1 Dollar Drugs

Real Ghost Detector

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Before you can be a Ghostbuster you have to be a Gost Hunter.
The KII-Deluxe is the exact same model the TAPS team uses on the Syfy show "Ghost Hunters," and that’s why we chose this model to offer to you. We don’t want you using cheap, blinky, keychains advertised …

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