Now Clean Baby

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Looks like mommy and daddy wasn’t home and the mean babysitter or I don’t know had it’s fun with the baby and the dog. Cute and funny yes. But healthy and hygienic probably not so much. If mommy/parents find out about this video. They are either giving him a raise …

Zombie Toe Sandals

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Hey … who wants to suck on my Zombie Toes? Neither my real toes or my disguised zombie ones I can recommend. Anyways – these sandals are great conversation starters and will get you Aaaah and Oooohs – or rather Yikes and Puke! Wearing these will get you tons of …

Gross Virus Stress Ball for Doctors

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This looks something from the hazard trash bin.
People deal with stress in different ways. Some of us prefer shouting curse words. Others go out for a smoke. Still others head to the kitchen for a snack. All of these are bad habits, of course. We have a solution for the …

Spider Crunch Snack

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Passing on this snack. The giant leafcutter ant snack looks a tiny bit more emmm yummy!
Right now you’re wondering if this tarantula is real. Yup! Every Oven-Baked Tarantula is baked in its native Cambodia, and collected from monitored sources (to protect the tarantula’s natural population). Each one is baked, crunchy, …

Halloween Decoration 2010

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Change of season is happening right as I blog and Halloween is right around the corner. Some people consider Halloween the best holiday of the year. In the next couple of days I will feature great new Halloween products. One of the most popular Halloween products of 2009 I featured …

Nose Flute

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Perfect for the first date – the more snot comes out of your nose the better. Very impressive my Lady!
Make music that Beethoven and Mozart could NEVER touch. Imagine yourself in the Metropolitan Opera House, standing on the stage, moments before showtime. Millions of dollars worth of instruments around you …

Fries with your Hamboogers

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German Soccer Coach Eats Booger – Watch more Funny Videos
National soccer trainer Joachim Löw at the recent World Cup soccer match against England going for a DIY snack on the sidelines.
– Almost Free Boogers

Rectum Bar in Vienna

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I just got back from a photo assignment in Vienna and thought this would be a appropriate post to welcome you back to more frequent Random Good Stuff posts 😉 This is an actually a real bar set in an anatomically correct digestion track. How charming. I bet …

Chewing by Numbers

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Once finished please spray with antiseptic so I don’t get your flu. Thanks!
Sick of getting yelled at for leaving your waded up chewed gum on the bottom of the conference room table? Instead, just spread your used gum onto the Chew-By-Numbers art board. Throw your conference call on mute …

My First Goatse T-Shirt

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I’m getting better with inkscape but I’m still a bloody beginner when it comes down to designing T-Shirts or comb long curly hair.
Dude above is so obsessed with them moment he saw his first goatse that he wears his goatse shirt proud and loud.
You can change the shirt styles …

Top 10 Most Disgusting Halloween Masks

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Don’t you hate when it’s Halloween and you have no idea on how to dress up? Pick your costume early this year and choose to go .. emmm gross!
Blurp Charlie Mask

Ghoulishly gruesome–full head latex mask makes it look like you’re birthing another freaky head. Complete with blood, tendons, and …

Healthy Snack for You and Me

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Forget about greasy potato chips or any other junk food …. emm .. on second though hand me some Cheetos.
Not a joke! These are real, roasted crickets that are totally edible & safe to eat. Set includes one box each of 3 crunchy flavors: Salt n Vinegar, Bacon & …

Gross Christmas Present: Owl Puke

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Ohh fun – Merry Christmas to you too!

Owl digestion. Who hasn’t wondered about the process? I mean, come on. It’s fascinating. Check it out – one of those nocturnal flying Ninjas swoops silently out of the sky, snatches up some poor vole, and swallows it in one gulp! Mmm, tiny …

Pimple Candy – Don’t pop them until they are ripe

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Sorry – I know this is gross but I have to admit that I’m very close to press the buy button. Gross but how will they taste?

Well, sick minds think alike, because some troubled candy company has come out with ZIT POPPERS CANDY! They’re so gross, they might be worse …

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