Hello Kitty Wiener Cutter

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Let’s put a smile on that sausage!
These cute bento and cooking tools will turn simple mini wiener hot dogs into cute Hello Kitties. There are two different styles included, one is just the Hello Kitty face, while the other is a Hello Kitty face with a heart. Fits wieners sized …

Hello Kitty Hotel

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The Hello Kitty House has been a huge hit. Now there is a Hello Kitty Hotel in Beverly Hills! What!??? Yes. We are going to stop every travel plan we had for our blog and check in there. Well, not really but when in town we are going to stop …

Awww – Hello Kitty Monopoly

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How much more Hello Kitty stuff can you take? Unless there is a Hello Kitty Crack Pipe your collection will be never complete!
Hello Kitty brings a sweet style to America’s favorite board game in this special Collector’s Edition of the MONOPOLY game. Enter Hello Kitty’s world as you buy, …

Hello Kitty Sushi Maker

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Why is everything from Japan so cute?
Making sushi has never been so fun than with this cute makizushi maker by the folks at Skater. It’s made out of a polypropelyne material, this set comes with 4 different tools a roller, rice scooper, and 2 boxes (one that’s larger and …

Hello Kitty House in Shanghai

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!!!

Ohhh … Shanghai! Man, not sure what’s wrong with me but it looks like I need a vacation. Haven’t had one in 2 years. I’d give anything to go to Shanghai again. And I would even blog live from the Hello Kitty house, if access …

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