Your Phone Can Be Snoopy’s House

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Plug it an Snoopy will be with you where ever your phone is!
Snoopy’s adorable earphone jack accessory has finally been released! Not only will it prevent an earphone jack from getting dust, it will also make a perfect decoration for your smartphone. Choose from 2 different …

Heated Outdoor Cat House

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Can I move in? Please!
This is the only heated outdoor cat home that keeps felines warm and comfy in cool temperatures. A removable 20-watt heater inside the floor of the house generates radiant heat that warms the floor yet is not hot to human touch. The waterproof floor is lined …

Cute: Sparrow Keychain with House

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Aww – Isn’t that cute!
Keep your keys safe and sound with the Sparrow Keychainand holder. Not only does this chirpy character provide a handy place to hang your house keys, but it also doubles as a whistle! Simply attach the Sparrow to your bunch …

How to find a Housesitter or become one

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Most of you know that we gave up our home in Valencia to become digital nomads. After Oviedo, Spain and Savannah we are now in Buenos Aires and have over 2 more month to go of our For 91 Days here. I just found out about the site My …

Halloween Music Spectacle

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How was your Halloween? Hope you had a blast. Even though we are here again here during that holiday – we didn’t get into the Halloween Spirit this year. We have be traveling from Denver to KY to OH within 20 hours and Trick or Treating here in Ohio was …

The Cubicle House

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Luckiest office guy on earth – wondering if his wife and kids can move in too.
[via: a welsh view]
– The Beach of Silence

Hello Kitty House in Shanghai

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The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!!!

Ohhh … Shanghai! Man, not sure what’s wrong with me but it looks like I need a vacation. Haven’t had one in 2 years. I’d give anything to go to Shanghai again. And I would even blog live from the Hello Kitty house, if access …

Big Birdie is Watching You

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Know the feeling that someone or something is watching you? Tweeting big brother birdhouse.
This nesting box secures your privacy and our feathered friends at the same time – in the gardens and everywhere! The birdhouse can be mounted on the wall with the included mounting parts.

More info: Birdhouse Big …

Cave Home – Weirdest House

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This auction is brought to you by Lastminute Auction:

I want to live there  this is awesome. Makes you feel like Batman the second you moved in.
Property: 2.8 scenic, partially wooded acres provide excellent privacy and the feel of the country right in the middle of town, just …

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