Exhaust Pipe Docking Station

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I call this great recycling! Take old exhaust pipes, bend them, polish them and add some tech and done. You are good to nature and probably get rich. It’s a win – win situation. With the right apartment these phone docking stations could actually look pretty good.
Check them out: Ixoost …

iPhone Christmas Lights USB Charger

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For the Grinch in the office.

Now you can tell the floor-monitor to festively stick that OSHA clipboard where the Christmas lights don’t shine, because these are powered by USB. If you can plug a cable into your computer to charge your phone while you’re at work, you can string these …

Tape To iPod Converter

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Wondering if I could walk around with that setup and play my music all retro style?!
This is the device that converts audio tape cassettes into MP3 files and stores them directly onto an iPhone or iPod touch. It accepts most iPhones and iPod touches, and normal or chrome cassette tapes. …

Nano Block Phone Docking Station

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Love it! But of course it’s only for the iPhone. BTW I can stop saying it … the recent outcome of the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit really annoys me! The jurors gave ZERO fucks, the US patent law needs a serious overhaul and why does Apple think they can patent …

iPhone Fan

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Not talking about an Apple Fanboy … no a real FAN!
The iPhone Dock Fan from TalmeTM.. Plugging into the docking port of your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad which would be rather unwieldy to use), it taps into the iOS device for the juice needed to keep it powered. …

What Phone Should I Get? Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy S3?

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It’s time for me to get a new phone. I’m still using my super old iPhone 3G with a broken screen! The initial plan was to buy new phones when we are in Korea. Which turns out it just super hard as a foreigner. Everything here is very controlled and …

Flip iPhone Case

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Because some pople just miss their little flip phones! This is flippin’ ….. !
Named after the French for stainless steel, Inox is ultra-thin and lightweight, yet durable enough to provide insurance against scratches and drops. Its 304 stainless steel exoskeleton is the same material used to make the Gateway Arch …

Chocolate Scented Smart-Phone Case

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Hey! Stop eating my phone!
But the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case just doesn’t smell like chocolate, it actually looks like chocolate. Ok, so it looks like chocolate if it passed through the head of a cartoonist, but that’s ok. The chocolate bar on the back of the Chocolate Scented iPhone …

Mega iPhone Horn

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So classy and comes in handy very often! Perfect for traveling if you travel in First Class and can check-in 3 suitcases or something.
If you want give your iPhone’s audio a bit more oom-pah-pah, without the hassle of separate speakers, plug it into theMegaphone. Managing to look thoroughly modern and …

EARonic Case Will Make Your Phone See-through

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Well not really but still pretty cool and you always look like The Thinker when using the phone! An EARefutably EAResistible iPhone 4 case. (sorry, couldn’t resist). Fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. The hard case snaps on and protects the phone from abrasions, scratch marks and fingerprints. Now if …

The Book Which Rules Them All!

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Talking into a book makes you look smart, kind of!
The BookBook for iPhone is a genuine leather case that not only protects your iPhone, but serves as a wallet too. With sections for credit cards, a clear window for your photo ID, and space to hold notes it has everything …

Iphone Table in White

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This auction is brought to you by: Lastminute Auction

What you see here is a huge iPhone in white which is a side table and TV at the same time. Before I continue, it doesn’t have the touch function and can be controlled by mouse or wireless keyboard. The display can …

Machine Gun Thing Attachment for your Iphone

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Add some brutality to you boring game life!
Once locked into position your iPhone’s camera becomes a ‘sight’ complete with overlaid crosshairs and game info. Better still, whatever your blaster is pointing at becomes an alien background. ‘Look out, mum, there’s an alien on the washing machine!’ The environment is fully …

Baby Monkey and an Iphone

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I have to be careful that Random Good Stuff doesn’t turn into a Monkey blog! But I can’t help it, monkeys (especially baby ones) are just so darn cute. This little dude got the touching part down but he doesn’t really know what to do with it. But with time …

iBoobies Case and Stand for the iPhone4

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Please don’t suck on ‘em! I said don’t! Too late and everyone is watching again. Oh well, continue if it pleases!
Finally… a phone case you want to get your hands on! The iBoobies Case and Stand for the iPhone4 not only helps protect your expensive device from damage but works …

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