Attract Birds With a Sweet Beak

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This idea makes it also a very easy DIY project!
Birdseed is fine for most of your flock, but if you want to attract birds with a sweet beak–like orange-loving orioles–you’re going to have to bring their favorite treats to the feeder. Use this sculptural copper feeder to entice discerning birdies, …


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No! Not Geo Orgasm! What would that even mean. Would that have anything to do with Geocaching? Is there an App for that? I doubt it but but who knows. Now back to the game. Here it’s all about teamwork, combining jelly and taking advantage of each other. Because each …

Canned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

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Just for the yummies even if they don’t look like it, honestly.
A Candwich Canned Sandwich is one tasty DIY treat, just waiting for you to crack it open. When you pop the top of your Candwich Canned Sandwich, you’ll hear an audible hiss of magic, and out will spill the …

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