Hang Santa From Your Chimney

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LOL for the entire and whole family. Just don’t fire up that fireplace. Awww poor Santa! Now just imagine that you have some kind of string system set up, so when the kids come to see the presents you pull the string and let the good old man disappear. This …

Trapped Dog Gif And Other Musings

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Trapped like a Wackeldackel. What would you do in it’s situation. Let it all loose and fall in the bucket of very wet water? Scream for help or hang out like a messed up poodle dog? Now imagine this tub filled with hungry Piranha! Evil ! Evil! I know but …

This Squirrel Feeder Will Make Your Day

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Who needs a TV with this Big Head Squirrel Feeder? Wonder how it looks like when other animals stick their heads in.
Nutty-looking feeder makes squirrels appear to have a hilariously huge head, so you can feed them AND humiliate them at the same time! Fill the inside with feed and …

Baby Face Of The Month

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I don’t know what it is but this face! This little boy has such a unique and mature face! Can’t stop staring at it and I know if I don’t stop staring it will haunt me for the rest of my …

Human Ventriloquist Puppet

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I’m very stage shy and getting called up on stage would be my nightmare. This is probably the only phobia I have. Good thing is that I just can refuse to get on that state and yes I have refused many times so far in my life. For some reason …

Hamburger Sweater And Other Musings

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This is a sweater everyone wants! This is the sweater people will start to munch on your and this will be the sweater you want to wear while going next time to your local fast food joint. Now is there is a detergant with hamburger smell/flavor? This would add little …

Hate Nosy Guest? Lock’em up!

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There is nothing worse than receiving a surprise visit from unwanted nosy guests. Lock them up! Ha! That’s of course a joke … it’s for pets but you can easily use it to limit the area your guests can hang out.
Indoor or outdoor pet gate The freestanding design, wide feet, …

Worst Blind Dog Ever

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Why are dogs doomed to fail all the time. This blind dog is the latest fail dog making me LOL. I just can’t help it. Man, I wish I would have ever found my dog something that stupid. But I guess French Bulldogs are at least that smart that they …

Zombie Sleep Mask

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For The LOLz when flying!
Want to take a nap and not be disturbed? Just slip on the Zombie Sleeping Mask and no doubt you’re in for a little peace and quiet. Unless of course, just your luck a creature of the living dead practicing cannibalism decides you’re a midnight snack. …

Ice Cream Made Of Children And Other Musings

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A cannibal delicatessen. And how innocently it’s been presented. Displayed right next to Zabaione and Chocolate flavor. I really hope the children have been grown all organic and stuff. I wonder how children ice cream tastes. Is it more hearty, salty or just plain sweet? Can anyone help me .. …

Double Set of Teeth And Other musings

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This is so strange it must really hurt that little person with two sets of teeth in the mouse. I wonder if they can ever fix this. But maybe there are no problems at all, now pain but just double the munch fun. Well, after they fixed up that one …

Thunder Pussy Gifs

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Kid, this happens when you eat too many leftover Halloween treats and play with that weird cat from the even weirder neighbor. Well, it looks like good times though and the following gifs will even put you in a better mood. And no worries, cats are not the only animals …

Real Brain Farts

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Told you! Now it’s not just a saying, it’s the real deal. That fart pillow is the ultimate prank which will adds an extra giggle to the pranked ones. Now bring it with you to school or office and you will be the class clown or star of the office …

Parents Eat All Halloween Candies

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This video is so much fun and shows one of the reason why you should have kids … so you can tease them. Especially the two boys at the end. Man, the kid on the right is such boss and the smaller brother put me straight into tears. I could …

LOL Pictures: Beer Belly Art

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Now I call this art, a detached beer belly. It looks so attractive I want to lick out the belly button and bounce on it while I have a beer. And one I’m done bouncing I want to hug it and snuggle all night long. Ach ja, I love modern …

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