Very USEFUL Mp3 Hat

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This hat is like true magic – it will draw you into the middle of everyone’s attention. Be cool .. at once!
This cap has a built-in MP3 player with speakers that eliminate the need for headphones or earbuds. Housed securely in the bill of the cap, the MP3 player …

ROCK out with your Cube out

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Only way cooler the above photo could be is with a beard winter hat.
Know what we hate? We hate companies who think they know best for their employees and lock down computers to the point that they’re nearly useless. Now granted, there are SOME PEOPLE for whom this is …

Super Tiny Mp3 Player

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Comes right in time for the Amazon $3 free Mp3 Deal…
When you’re looking for the bleeding edge of techno gadgets you need go no further. The Micro Sport Player is two sugar cubes worth of electronics into which somehow is crammed 4GB of memory and a rechargeable battery. Amazingly …

$3 Amazon Mp3s with this Code

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There is nothing better than a great deal or two right before Black Friday.
Amazon gives you free music!
Link: Click here to enter code and for more info
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– Star Wars Sleeping Bag

James Bond Gadget: LG Touch Phone Watch

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The watch to make your James Bond booty calls.
LG Electronics has developed the Watch Phone capable of the world’s first 3G VT Service & GSM Quadband Network with sophisticated philosophy of ‘Simple & Easy connectivity’ by applying the world’s best wireless technology merged with miniaturization and large scale integration …

Headphones Not for your Ears

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This is super handy. Don’t be selfish … share your music.
This ones not for your ear, it’s for everyone to hear! This larger-than-normal 3" long earbud is a speaker for your mp3 player. With handy keyring clip and headphone jack. WARNING: Choking Hazard – small parts. Not for …

Bomb Speakers

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Kind of lame to say that these speakers are the bomb. Truth is .. they are.
Blast out your tunes with The Big Bang Speaker. We’ve seen loads of iPod and desktop speakers in our time but NONE of them have looked as cool as this. It looks like an …

Flashlight Loudspeaker

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Rock out while you bike out.
This handlebar-mounted gizmo blasts out your favourite tunes so you can rock and roll without tangling with potentially dangerous headphones.
As you’ve probably guessed, the Lavod Speaker is USB-friendly. Simply plug it in and drag your songs onto its 2GB onboard memory. Easy, and you …

iPod Baby Bouncer

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Funnel Mozart in a Baby’s ear the easy way.

Combi’s innovative iPod Bouncer features unique bouncing leg design with rear-mounted electronic controls for the built-in sound and vibration unit. This plugs right into your iPod with the MP3 input for your customized music. It also has a removable collapsible canopy, toy …

Christmas Disco

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Sick of the same old same old Christmas songs? Why don’t disco to some of the classics. Maybe not the best music out there but free. And makes a good present when downloaded and burned on a CD – for people who need a little bit more funk in their …

Party Park Bench

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boombench from michael schoner on Vimeo.
Blast your sound from your Mp3 player via Bluetooth through the park. Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow! Meet new people and rock out until the batteries run out or the police comes.
Designer: Michael Schoner
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Mini Mp3 Player Jukebox

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When I think sound quality – I don’t know but it does look awfully cute.

This mini Wurlitzer replica lets you play all of your favorite tracks digitally in style, but while still staying true to the classic look of a jukebox down to the last detail.
In fact, among its …

Very Odd Skull Belt Buckle

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Buckle up and hide show off this scary looking fashion belt buckle.

Large skull belt buckle with square slot to hold a media player or LED light module.
Just when you thought belt buckles were a thing of the past, we have forged for you a new cast metal one with …

35 free songs from emusic

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This is a special T3 Offer … the regular offer from emusic is 25 free songs to download for testing their service.

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