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Puking on the Rollercoaster

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I love rollercoaster and going to the Cedar Point amusement park was unforgettable. But getting puked while riding one would be even more unforgettable. Hmm, dude I’m glad you had a great fun night out with your girl friend yesterday but that I who is sitting in the last …

NSFW El Guincho "Bombay"

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I love EL Guincho and sadly missed to see him at his concert in Valencia. Love the video and basically anything you do! Rock On!
More from this Artist: El Guincho

Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

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I thought these shadow installations were super creative. Loving it and I hope you will love them too.

Link to Artist: Kumi Yamashita
– Art for 1 Dollar

Nude Painting by Numbers (Maybe NSFW)

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So Hawt! Let your fantasy run wild … em no you can’t do that, you have to stick with the numbers. No artistic enhancements  allowed!
Painting by numbers for adults; the most fun you can have with a paintbrush, just follow the numbers and create your very own foxy …

Barack Obama Naked – The Action Figure

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Yes, I have been waiting for this. YES, YES, YES!
Everything from Obama masks to Obama bobble heads are available and now comes this awesome Action figure of President Obama from Hot Toys (known for their Movie Masterpiece series)! At 1/6th the scale, the figure has over 38 points of …

WTF Broken Wear

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I honestly hope that this will set off a new fashion trend all over the world.
– Cheap Butt Fashion

J-List is a peaceful island of Japanese pop culture for you

Naked People

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Emm – Up for some good morning wood eye candy? Check out this neatly made photo gallery featuring  … well … naked people. Pretty interesting and Dude relax there are girls too.
Link: Naked People
[via: andrew sullivan]

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