Most Expensive Item on Amazon

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Of course it has to be some kind of bling – it goes for juicy $180,000.00!!! Found something more expensive please leave a comment!!!
Since 1907, Kwiat, a New York based jewelry brand, has captivated imaginations with breathtaking diamonds and inspired diamond jewelry. Kwiat adheres to the techniques passed down from …

i Turn On Button Necklace (Cool Factor!)

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All of a sudden everything is hard!
When we saw this necklace, we knew it was perfect for our audience. It works both for straight-up Apple fangirls and also the girl who has to get under the hood of every gadget. For the former, this pendant is ready to go right …

Pothdead Jewelry

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Crown the biggest pothead you know with it …
Designed for people in metropolitan areas, the Growing Necklace is a chance to take a little bit of greenery with you. Like any plant, the necklace will need to be watered and nurtured to be …

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