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Most Expensive Item on Amazon

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Of course it has to be some kind of bling – it goes for juicy $180,000.00!!! Found something more expensive please leave a comment!!!
Since 1907, Kwiat, a New York based jewelry brand, has captivated imaginations with breathtaking diamonds and inspired diamond jewelry. Kwiat adheres to the techniques passed down from …

i Turn On Button Necklace (Cool Factor!)

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All of a sudden everything is hard!
When we saw this necklace, we knew it was perfect for our audience. It works both for straight-up Apple fangirls and also the girl who has to get under the hood of every gadget. For the former, this pendant is ready to go right …

Jewelry for Prostitutes and Callboys

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This way clients know when service is available. Sometimes they just want to hang out, you know!
When one door closes, another style opens! Wear this sassy pendant to share your mood with coworkers, pals and family. Consider it a friendly hint–and stylish statement. Designed by Kegan Fisher. Stainless steel reversible …

Pothdead Jewelry

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Crown the biggest pothead you know with it …
Designed for people in metropolitan areas, the Growing Necklace is a chance to take a little bit of greenery with you. Like any plant, the necklace will need to be watered and nurtured to be …

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